Steem trading launches on Huobi Exchange

in steem •  9 months ago

We got some awesome news today, and an immediate reaction from the market :)

One of the largest Chinese exchanges, Huobi has added support for trading Steem against Bitcoin, Ethereum and USD Tethers!

So far they have enabled Steem wallets for deposits, and live trading will start at 13:00 on April 26th 2018 (GMT+8) .

This is now on the front page of Huobi

Here's the announcement

Huobi Announcement Source

The asset information page for Steem


Huobi is the 4th most popular exchange worldwide by 24hr trading volume


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A very great news! I cannot ask for more. All the talented writer, youtuber, developer, engineer are coming to make Steem the number 1 blockchain in the world of Crypto. Great bringing this news

To the moon


My dear friend best of luck on steemit.

Wow, great news dude.
One more step on the ladder for Steem/Steemit.
Let’s hope more exchanges follow this example and start trading Steem, onwards and upwards buddy.

Very good news indeed.

Is Huobi planning on adding support for SBD?

Great news! I was just wondering what caused the sudden spike...and you answered.


The market seems to think this is not the case... SBD's are lagging behind... perhaps soon...


SBD should be lagging far behind!

That is really some great news man.

Great news! There's no stopping STEEM !

This is a very good news.Thanks for sharing with us


STEEM which was originally scheduled to start trading at 13:00, April 26(GMT+8) will be postponed. Kindly do monitor the announcement page for updates on the new trading date and time. Sorry for the inconvenience may cause.



Another ride in store for the price when it does finally happen?!


It sure is looking like it ...


STEEM/BTC, STEEM/ETH and STEEM/USDT trading at Main Zone has been rescheduled to start on 12:00, April 28(GMT+8). We are sorry for the inconvenience caused as a result of the trading schedule delay.




Thanks for the update!
Both of you 🤝🤝

Wow, great news.Thanks for your update sir.

This is great news for Steem! The more that offer Steem trading the better.

Is this why the SBD price on busy went a wonky?

This is good news,your post is always different i follow your blog everytime,your post is so helpful.I always inspire of your post on my steem work.Thank you for sharing @ausbitbank

That's some really great news. Steem getting more and more into Chinese exchanges and markets. Could that be the cause of the 19% spike in the price of Steem some hours ago @ausbitbank


volume has been spiking for a while antually. specifically in korean markets

Great news for Steem! I think we can expect some more developments soon as these epic announcements seem to come in pairs or groups. I wonder what else is around the corner?

How much is the minimum deposit?

Cheering news. Ride on steem. Pray you stay at the top.

This explains the price hike! Great news.

Good news everywhere and everyday. Long live STEEM

Excellent. So much of the trading has been concentrated on South Korean exchanges. This diversification is powerful news for Steem.

What amazing news. Is this first time steem is being traded against ETH? I seem to only recall seeing btc/steem pairs when looking on exchanges.

Glad to see another exchange jumping on board before SMT hits. I can only hope this momentum builds and more exchanges starting getting in on the action. What an amazing week it has been for steem!


I believe Binance does a Steem/Eth pair as well, but huobi should be much higher volume :)


That’s what I’m excited to hear! Skyrocking trading volume and them fighting it out for all the steem not locked down by the holders!


That is be good then

Good news for all Steemians. I know that this will further spread 5th Good news about STEEM. Congrats to us

Very great information really very high height
I expect to make profit and interest
Thank you

Very good information, your votes are important for the community, keep doing things well and helping everyone who can. Best regards @ausbitbank.

Please help. My account @faisalus is blocked on PAL with an unconscious error. Can you help ? Please help. Thanks @ausbitbank

Woohoo :) tipuvote! 0.1

Looks like everyone will be STEEMing before long.

That may explain the latest price jump. Korea still seems to love Steem. Its all good, but we need to see more reasons to use Steem to sustain this. EOS could win if ONO goes viral. Interesting times


What's ONO Steev? Got link?


Not sure it's live yet. Launching in China first then worldwide later. @stellabelle is working for them and posting about it


Interesting ... so this isn't Dan's fabled Steem 2.0?


I don't think so, but I've not looked too deeply into it

Hoping some Japanese exchange will accept Steem too. They are still struggling after the big hack from the beginning of the year. Ok Coincheck for example you could only buy Bitcoin these days, but really encouraging to get into Crypto, governmental regulations are getting tighter. Could be something could to increase mass acceptance but if I consider where it’s drifting here, it doesn’t look too good. Seems like they want to control it completely

very good news for all of us, Steem is getting more and more into the Chinese market.
hopefully we are getting ahead, thanks to your posts, I am very happy to hear the good news.
I always support your good work

It just keeps getting better! Some good growth already this month. This could keep Steem up for a much longer term. Are they doing SBD as well?

The interface of Huobi is good. I think this will make the price of steem even more stable.

Awesome news, thanks for sharing it with us!

In the past it was only a few major exchanges that were trading steem, the other interesting thing was when Poloniex was acquired when circle, what the deal would be with Steem. It will be very interesting when the fiat gate way is limited in it's damage & when we have decentralised exchanges that are used friendly, allowing easy transfer of steem. Could this news, with a rise in market be the reason we are seeing a sharp increase?

Oh, yes. Now I know what the reason of course moving today 😎☺😁😀

Thank you ABB - this explains the rise today.


Hallo! Interesting blog i would like yo see more of your posts, enjoy :D


Man this is excellent news!! I noticed the spike as soon as I logged on so thank you for taking the time out to explain the reason behind it, I'm in the UK so this is a great start to the day :D Thanks @ausitbank

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Awesome news @ausbitbank, thank you for sharing!

The only thing that surprises me is that, Steem has a great use case and yet it is still below $10. While tokens that don’t have great use case are over 10 usd. That just sucks.

Awesome news!

A tiny step for mankind, a big step for steemit.
It's heading in the right direction.

Woot Woot! :)

Good news for all Steemians. I know that this will further spread 5th Good news about STEEM.

@ausbitbank your ingenuity is superlative. Keep doing great things for steem and humanity.

What? This is really great, there are better times for Steemit, I really love this news. Thanks for making it come to us.

Every exchange that adds us is great news

Great!! our currency continues to strengthen

This is hopefully just the beginning. I couldn’t find the US sign up. I’m assuming this isn’t US friendly?

good information for steemit member.

Gotta love how they lead with as an example to what apps are built on the blockchain. :) Glad to see steemit being second to last on that short list since it's not that great in my opinion.

I also participated in steem for 3 months, I hope to get your support, I also read a lot of posts. and have followed you,
Great article

You have a good blog, I followed you. I hope that you follow me, let's develop Steemit together and develop even…

Exciting news, @ausbitbank, that Steem can now be accessed off Steemit!

Past months, I've invested all my measly savings into this platform (as well as more time and effort) in order to put my money where my mouth is.

Also, all my earnings in these past few months I've been powering up. May Huobi exchange be a boon for all, here, and the much higher volume help bring us to the next level :D


wowow great news \o/ thank you for sharing it with us \o/

It's an exciting time to be a Steemian!

I wonder if being marketed on a Chinese exchange will lead to more farmers on the platform.

So this is the reason why the steem is going up so aggressive !! and it will be increasing more and more !! Good news for all !!

This could catapult the steem to 10$ + as it happened last time

Totally agree with this post...Help and support each other and the world as a whole--a better place...
creative job @ ausbitbank, thank you for sharing.

It's a good news!

Awesome news for steem!

Unfortunately, it is postponed

Still I am waiting for decreasing the price to ~ $1 for buying some Steem! :D

How come I don't see Houbi on this list? Seems like the majority of steem is traded on Upbit, Binance, Bittrex and Poloniex..

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 11.46.43.png


If Houbi is the "4th most popular exchange worldwide by 24hr trading volume", you would think that it would show up in the list..


Oh My Gosh!!!

The revolution is here already!!!

This is fantastic.
Huobi's support for steem will bring about more investors which will increase the demand for steem.

The mooning trilogy is on.

This is going to be great. More available platforms to trade in

This is good news, now steem is being traded alongside BTC ETH and USD Tethers, this is an opportunity for chinese investors to invest in steem than ever before, this is good news

amazing, investment coin steem at this moment is the right decision

Congratulations @ausbitbank!
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Bittrex need to get their act in gear or be left behind

I have a question about that, because they always add only to Steem and not to SBD because they do not add them to the 2 coins together? Could not?

Awesome news! No wonder we saw such a jumpin price. :)

What's up? How are you! thanks for supporting me in the openmic the support will be reciprocal! accounts with a helping hand! also congratulations for your post, very good job

This is really good news for steem lovers.

good news for our steem

Now steem is known and slowly but surely soaring high. Hopes of our hope, the support is gone wild ahead :) thank u for letting us know sir @ausbitbank

Thank you for sharing this great news! Thank you for your support for my unique travel blog too! Have a great day! From Buenos Aires Argentina! -Dan "World Travel Pro!"

Huobi has seen the future of Steem. Hence trading Steem against other coin is the long awaited breakthrough. More investors will be looking towards the direction of Steem.

I wish I can vote twice, I would have re-vote you witness. Well done Sir. Expecting more Good news coming our way

A very encouraging news from China, hopefully some other countries can follow langkah as well as an official trading place, but also able to put the price of steem itself to be better, thank you for preaching this good news

This is yet another good news. Congratulations to all Steemians. I am optimistic that this is going to positively affect the price of STEEM and SBD

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Thanks for the information about this exchange. I am amazed at all the great things about Steem like fast transactions, zero charges, affordable price and the Steemit platform based on the blockchain, which rewards users and producers of content. I am new, so I am still learning. You have my vote for witness.

This was bound to happen as all the talented creative people are heading to Steemit. For me, a writer of fiction & poems, Steemit is an amazing place to explore and post my content.

Huge news for ur community! The more exchanges the better!