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Ok, so the Steem price seems to be in a channel between ~$0.90 and $1.50 (or so). I'm still very bullish on the technology, but it seems to have stalled some what and hasn't caught much attention in a long time except for a few days with the SMT's were announced.

Some observations:

  • It takes a week to create a new account
  • The user interface of Steemit.com is far inferior to other social media sites and has no "wow-factor".
  • Dev updates aren't regular. We wanna know how our fav platform is growing and becoming better! (Augur does a great job of offering a weekly blog post to keep everyone on the same page. It gives me so much confidence)
  • Commenting and vote bots make new users think it's "unfair"
  • The tagging can't be changed after a post is submitted
  • It doesn't feel like much has changed on Steemit.com in the past year. I could be very wrong here, please feel free to correct me in the comments.
  • Profiles are limited

Here's a few screen captures that I think deserve attention and consideration. The first two women came to my Steemit presentation in Chiang Mai, Thailand and were inspired to create accounts and join the community. Unfortunately, it was too difficult for them.

In your opinion, what needs to happen for Steem (Steemit.com) to catch the type of mainstream attention that we all know is possible? If this is a revolutionary change in Social Media (which I think it is), then what is holding it back from growing, scaling and replacing some of the current platforms which dominate?

What can we do to help Steem reach it's full potential?

Thanks for reading and commenting. Steem on!

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Full UV and resteemed. We want answers.


thx man. We def want answers. I've tweeted at and tagged Ned several times recently, no reply.


Really frustrating how hard it is to get into contact with the developers.
Also, how is it possible a platform with so many users is so wildly inactive on Reddit? I joined a couple Steemit chats using Rocket chat and on Slack but didn't see any developers talking there either, was just people trying to promote their articles for the most part.

Glad to see friends and Steem supporters thinking critically about the platform and price.

I personally really like the main Steemit site as is for desktop, it is simple and clean. The wow factor comes from the blockchain tech in my opinion. Posting and settings could use work on behalf of the newb sauces out there.

My #1 suggestion would be to create better content and encourage others to create better content. The front page of Steemit needs to have AWESOME CONTENT, above and beyond what the other platforms are offering. And it starts with all of us.

Also don't forget about @dtube, I think there is a lot of potential in a video app for Steem.

@hilarski who is running the official Twitter profile? That string of posts is rather unprofessional.
"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt." - Mark Twain


there's plenty of potential for this project..dTube and dSound and even Minnowbooster shows this. I'm still bullish, but thinking about powering down some of my SP and investing in to EOS.

more on this. Where are the promotion videos? Is there a marketing budget? Where's the community outreach? Are any ads being run to target social media?


you should be their marketing advisor Ashe! ;)

First, great post. And second, we need to get some PR happening - a PR person with tech skills, LOL.


Thank you :) And we need a marketing push. Buying ads, targeting bloggers and trying to get some attention here. Other social media blockchains will be built to compete with Steem if the user experience doesn't improve.


I agree. It can take me a week to put together an article. I don't format my posts. I haven't got time. We want Steemit to grow, because we're all invested. The user interface could definitely be improved :)

At first I liked the Steem then I thought it was kind of a scam and now I go back and forth. There has to be something out there thats better than Steem, if not, there will be unless they get moving.


it's not a scam...just abt to see if these guys can code AND build a business.


Scam as in the best content doesnt really get rewarded, the people with the biggest platforms outside of steemit get rewarded and then they cash out that steem for btc ha


At least people are putting things up like www.busy.org which attempts to improve the user experience. But you're right. I'm surprised someone hasn't cloned Steem itself and made a version with just a little more focus on UX. The good news is, as counterintuitive as Steemit is, it may actually be the best UX in cryptocurrency. Wait, that might actually be bad news.

Yup. They need a designer.



Great Post , Thnx for posting


you may be a bot, but you are welcome :)

Great observations! Someone should certainly take note!

Calling @originalworks :)
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you are absolutely right Ashe. serious work has to done at Steemit.


just outsource it. Create a few ads and a few audiences on Facebook and drive some freakin traffic. Make the onboarding process faster and let's go. The freaking moon is waiting!

Some good points there! I joined recently and to me steem looks like a mix of reddit and medium with the crypto thrown in. Still a bit confusing how everything works. Bought some steem power, but my rank still shows 25?

I've noticed a bunch of automated accounts and vote exchange groups, and they seem to work for the participants as their posts get more attention, even if they do not provide much benefit, which is not a great sign for a community.

But the steem community seems strong and growing rapidly. I think the price is low just because people are easily distracted by the more recent and flashy coins, and the exponentially growing number of ICOs.


Steem had some attention the other day w/ the release of SMT's, but it hasn't had much attn grabbing headlines besides that. I'm rly curious what's been in dev for the past 6 months. They say that there's >10 devs (i could be wrong) on the team...what are they working on?