Bounty Hunter Report and Preview of our Website

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Thank you to everyone trying out the bounties.

Bounties are a way to reward your readers to comment on your post, whether you are running a contest, want a question answered or are just want encourage more interaction. You can simply send any amount to @steem-bounty with a post url in the memo and after the payout of the post, the bounty will be distributed to everyone that put up a comment and received upvotes. Of course the amount of votes matters and the sender has 80% of the voting weight.

If you are new to the concept check out how bounties work here with this link . There are tutorials in various languages.

News about this report

  • We have launched a new version of steem-bounty. The data is stored in a new database that will allow us better to have the bounties shown via a web-ui. The existing bounties will still be paid out as before and all the new bounties will be picked up by the new functionality.

  • It has been almost 7 days, so from now on we are only going to include bounties from the new version.

  • fortunately we are getting close with the website. I think in 2-3 weeks it should be done and then finding bounties will be much more fun and easier. Here is a sneak peek..
    Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 6.54.12 PM.png

  • We have a brand new telegram channel. If you have any question or need some help this will allow us to respond more quickly. You can join here:

  • We are currently trying to update this report every other day. Given that bounties run 7 days mostly this should be a good frequency and balance between spam and giving everyone a chance to participate in each bounty.

  • Minimum bounty size we will include in this report to 0.1 STEEM or SBD. There may be many bounties cheaper than this, however in the interest of spam avoidance we decided to exclude them from this list here.

  • New bounties come currently with a 1% fee. We do this to test if our fee system is working and may switch this on and off during the beta. We hope the 1% is small enough for no-one to care if it is on or off.

  • Over 500 bounties have been created. We are delighted that so many people have used it. In our next version we will be able to give more detailed stats as well.

Check this report to find bounty-post

Since there is no easy way to search for bounty posts, we will create these lists of bounties on a regular basis, so make sure to follow the @steem-bounty account. When our website is ready this will much better.

Some posters use the "bounty" and "steem-bounty" tag, so you can look for those as well. If you create a post an plan to use a bounty, make sure to add a bounty tag and ideally announce in your post or via the headline that you are providing a bounty.

Remember in order to qualify for a bounty reward you must write a comment to the bounty post, which needs to be a top level comment (direct response to the post).

Newer Bounties 5-7 or later

Scheduled PayoutAmountUnitURL
5/14/18 5:340.5SBD
5/14/18 3:460.07STEEM
5/14/18 8:540.05SBD
5/14/18 13:200.15SBD
5/14/18 15:2710STEEM
5/14/18 15:190.1STEEM
5/14/18 16:460.1STEEM
5/14/18 5:450.07STEEM
5/14/18 18:361SBD
5/13/18 19:220.001SBD
5/14/18 19:011.001SBD
5/14/18 21:341SBD
5/14/18 14:450.143SBD
5/15/18 0:530.01SBD
5/15/18 2:080.08SBD
5/15/18 3:095STEEM
5/15/18 3:571SBD
5/15/18 4:381SBD
5/15/18 5:530.5SBD
5/15/18 8:150.1SBD
5/15/18 7:510.2SBD
5/15/18 9:310.3SBD
5/14/18 15:270.12SBD
5/15/18 11:090.1STEEM
5/15/18 11:140.01SBD
5/15/18 15:200.015SBD
5/15/18 22:382SBD
5/15/18 23:140.5SBD
5/16/18 0:520.005SBD
5/16/18 0:590.1SBD
5/15/18 12:133SBD
5/16/18 5:460.237SBD
5/16/18 6:311STEEM
5/16/18 6:455STEEM
5/16/18 7:220.1SBD
5/16/18 8:000.05STEEM
5/13/18 16:570.02SBD
5/16/18 16:410.1SBD
5/16/18 18:510.02STEEM
5/16/18 19:370.1SBD
5/16/18 19:371STEEM
5/16/18 20:330.5SBD
5/16/18 21:311STEEM
5/17/18 2:510.75SBD
5/17/18 1:575STEEM
5/16/18 17:480.2SBD
5/17/18 4:210.1SBD
5/17/18 5:300.501SBD
5/17/18 10:001.2SBD
5/17/18 11:191SBD
5/17/18 13:070.01SBD
5/17/18 17:064SBD
5/17/18 17:351SBD
5/17/18 18:461.5SBD
5/17/18 23:250.1SBD
5/18/18 2:241SBD
5/18/18 5:160.791SBD
5/17/18 15:440.02STEEM
5/18/18 8:522STEEM
5/18/18 9:420.02STEEM
5/18/18 9:330.5SBD
5/18/18 12:020.02SBD
5/18/18 13:101SBD
5/18/18 16:350.5SBD
5/18/18 18:150.896SBD
5/18/18 20:310.1SBD
5/18/18 12:090.5SBD
5/19/18 4:480.1SBD
5/19/18 5:050.853SBD
5/19/18 9:450.5SBD
5/19/18 11:240.01SBD
5/19/18 11:481.5SBD
5/17/18 3:195SBD
5/19/18 9:523SBD
5/19/18 18:360.2SBD
5/19/18 17:440.2SBD
5/19/18 12:430.5SBD

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Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 6.00.03 PM.png

Or use steem-connect to vote directly for us as Steem witness!

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Thank you @Knircky for your evaluable work, we will always support you

With the new steem-bounty website, searching for bounties will be much easier.
Great job.

I like your web site you put their a several good kind of information that help me to work on steemit. Thank you

Cool! Preview looks good and clean. You guys are really pulling this off. If you would be interested I could give you some in-depth feedback on the website once it it live. Just let me know :-)

Informative post

Congratulation steem-bounty! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 24min with 21 votes.

Muy buena informacion gracia, sera mas facil con la pagina web, espero que este lista muy pronto, un abrazo

Haaaa. Mine is in the front page pic. I love it. You guys are awsome.


I can second this!
Awesome people making awesome tools!
Mine is on that snapshot too buy the way :)

This is a great idea @steem-bounty. I don't know if you also have it as part of your project to educate new entrants on how to fare well on steemit, but I have some ideas on how we can do this if you would want it. Thanks.

Hi Bounty, do you have Discord? I wanted to talk with you regarding your witness efforts and simply getting to know you since we are both witnesses.

My team and I are building a new Steem based platform at the moment for which I might need help from witnesses later.

My account on Discord is valorforfreedon#1158

I congratulate you for the support you provide, your success will also be ours, because through your growth many of us are benefited within this platform. Ahead.