Just Breathe

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Try breathing in, not just what you do every day, a real, cool, nice, deep and relaxing breath.
Breathe in confidence
Breathe in positivity.
Breathe in all the good vibes
Breathe in all the energy you can find
Breath in all the strength available to you.
Breathe in love, No!, breath in all the love, and show, not just yourself but everyone that you are capable of loving with all your damn heart.
Breathe in the courage that they think you do not have.
Breathe in all the beauty that some people just can not see
Breathe in all the happiness the world has taken from you
Breathe in all the beauty, Mother nature has to give
Breathe in the independence that you have lost over time.
Breathe it all in.
When you breath in, most definitely you have to breath out
So breathe out all the disturbances and things that have clogged your airways(life), that do not allow you to move at a pace you should!
Breath out the low self esteem you have been suffering
Breathe out your pain,
Breathe out your anxiety.
Breathe out all the doubt you've been feeling, all the guilt and insecurities.
Breath out the negativity
Breathe out all the anger that you have bottling up inside
Breathe out the hopelessness,
Breathe out the hurt
Breathe out the sadness
Breathe it all out!!!.
And watch your wings open up, your lips widen into that beautiful, gorgeous smile, your face gladdens.
Feel yourself rising, rising above the stars, rising into the fate of greatness, rising into the galaxy up above. And you'd be so proud of the most important person...............You.

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Damn such an amazing pictures, thanks for sharing this great write up with us, the world needs more of this.....

Nice piece

Breathe... You got God..
Plus beautiful pictures


Thank you dear

The photographer really work hard to take this your picture

Beautiful one up there.. Thanks for sharing


Thank you

I'll try and remember all of these. It's a beautiful piece. I think you should have used motivation or inspiration as one of your tags


Okay, I'll tag accordingly next time
thank you