Did I Watch Ichiro's Last At-bat?

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After a late meeting at work, I drove through traffic and snuck into the house as quietly as possible. The kids were asleep already. I greeted my wife, who was reading in bed. Not quite ready to call it a day, I sat down in the living room and turned on the TV (volume muted). Watching sports for a few minutes relaxes me, especially if I don’t really care about the teams that are playing.

It’s rare that one tunes in to a random game and watches history being made. That’s happened to me on rare occasions when I start watching a game that becomes a no-hitter, for instance. Most games are less memorable.

On this particular night, the only game still on was the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics. That was fine, since I love baseball, even the occasional American League game. This one was already in the eighth inning, so it would be over in a few minutes if someone scored to break the 2-2 tie. Seattle had a runner in scoring position, but couldn’t get it done.

Since I like to know how a game has developed, I looked up the box score on my phone during the break between innings. I learned that Seattle’s starting pitcher, James Paxton, had recorded 16 strikeouts, which may well have been the highlight of the game. Unfortunately, I’d missed that, but a 2-2 game should provide at least one more highlight.


On to the ninth. The visiting A’s were up first. Edwin Diaz was pitching in relief. First up was Mark Canha. He swung on a 1-0 pitch and launched a bomb to left field. Over the fence, it cleared the small scoreboard, a clutch home run. The A’s had done it, a 3-2 win if they could hold the lead. Piscotty, Lucroy, and Smolinski then made outs without reaching base.

Fast forward to the bottom of the ninth, Seattle’s last chance. Blake Treinen, the A’s closer, was on the mound. Kyle Seager led off Seattle’s half of the inning, working Treinen deep into the count before grounding out. The next hitter walked. When I saw Ryon Healy come up, I thought he might be motivated to stick it to his former team that had traded him away. He singled to put runners on first and second with one out.

Ichiro Suzuki laughing with teammate Robinson Cano. Getting ray, but still having fun. Source: AP.

Striding to the plate was a familiar face. When he was introduced, the crowd gave him a nice cheer. I was glad to see Ichiro Suzuki in a Seattle Mariners uniform again.

Beginning his career in Japan, Ichiro played nine years over there, and is universally considered to be the best hitter that country has ever produced. He then came to the United States to play, signing with the Seattle Mariners. He played for Seattle from 2001-2012, where he won a Most Valuable Player (MVP) award and two batting titles, led the league seven times in hits, and made the All Star team 10 years in a row. After a personnel transition, Seattle traded him to the New York Yankees and he spent parts of six years in New York and Miami.

Ichiro played the longest stretch of his career with the Seattle Mariners. His first team was the Orix Blue Wave in Japan. After leaving the Mariners, he had stints with both New York and Miami before returning to Seattle. Sources: Japanese BBM baseball card; Creative Commons via Wikimedia.com by Thousandrobots (middle); AP.com (below).

Ichiro Suzuki is not just the best Japanese hitter of all time; he owns the all-time hits record for any hitter in professional baseball. When combining the hits he accumulated in both Japan and the United States, Ichiro has more hits than anyone who has ever played the game. There is an argument to be made that Ichiro is the best hitter of all time, period. He’s certainly one of the elites that anyone mentions when discussing pure hitters.

Did I mention that he holds the MLB record for the most hits in a single season (262) and the most seasons (10) in which he had 200 hits or more? And Ichiro only came over to the U.S. after nine years playing in Japan. That’s how much better he was, for so many years, than just about anyone who has worn a uniform. Consistency, thy name is Ichiro. And that does not even consider his amazing skills as a defensive outfielder and as a runner.

But he’s going to turn 45 later this year. Over the last few years, Ichiro has seen his role diminish. While he was hitting for an impressive batting average well into his 40’s, he’s lost a step or two and been relegated to a part-time role. At this point in his career, in his 18th year in the North American major leagues (after another nine seasons playing in Japan), Ichiro is part coach, part player. He’s still hitting just above .200, but must be conscious of the fact that he’s not adding value like he once was. In the dugout and in the clubhouse, he’s probably doing everything else: leading, inspiring, mentoring, coaching, and showing younger players how a future Hall of Famer goes about getting ready for a game and facing an opposing pitcher. Plus, the fans love him.

The wizard at work: Another day, another hit. Source: Creative Commons via Flickr.com by keithallison.

I hadn’t watched Seattle yet this year, so this was the first time since 2012 that I’d seen Ichiro wear a Seattle Mariners uniform. He definitely looked like he belonged as he strode to the plate to the cheers of fans in his team’s home park. Unfortunately for the Mariners, Ichiro did something you never would have seen even just a couple of years ago: with two runners on base and the game on the line, the mighty hitter struck out on four pitches.

Sad that his ninth inning at bat had been all too quick, I thought about how Ichiro must feel. He’s always played the game at the highest level and done it with such passion, such intensity, and such focus. He takes pride in every at bat and still plays the outfield with dignity, continuing to make good plays on balls hit his direction. But with the gray hair, he’s lost a step or two, and he’s there mostly to provide star power and mentoring. This is an extremely proud man who expects to perform at a high level. How long will he keep going when he’s falling below average in terms of his production on the field?

I watched the rest of the inning. Seattle made it interesting. One play was really exciting, in fact. With two outs and runners on first and second, Dee Gordon appeared to ground out, but that guy can run. If he was out, the game was over. But the play at first base was challenged and the ump’s call was overturned. Safe at first, bases loaded, with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning, in a one run game. Clutch time. But Treinen got Jean Segura to ground out and the umpires found it more convincing, so that was the end of the game.

If I had to pick a highlight of the game, I’d probably choose the go-ahead home run that ended up being the difference in the game. And I might include the 16 strikeouts that the Mariners’ starter had recorded in an effort that ended up being futile in the A’s 3-2 win (even if I’d tuned in late and missed that pitching performance). I would not have thought that a hitless performance from Ichiro (0-3) would be notable in any way, though he did draw a walk and come around to score a run in the game. I certainly would not have thought that his ninth inning strikeout would have qualified as a highlight.

Some thought he was done after last year. Others still think he has more in the tank. Source: AP.com.

But less than 24 hours later, I saw the headline on a sports new site: the Seattle Mariners announced that Ichiro Suzuki would transition to a front-office role. He was done playing “for 2018” and would stay working with the team in some as-yet undefined role. He might coach, he might mentor, he might scout, and he might simply walk around being Ichiro for the players and fans – even that might be worth his salary.

The press release made clear that Ichiro would not play again in 2018. Analysts reading between the lines since then have pointed out that the Seattle Mariners are scheduled to begin the 2019 season by playing a series in Japan, and that the language of Ichiro’s role does not forbid the possibility that he might play in those games (which would be largely a ceremonial appearance if he does so).

Theoretically, he could be signed by another MLB team next year or could go back to Japan to play pro ball for a team there. Those are future possibilities, but Seattle seems to be done with him, and if he’s hitting just .200 at age 44, it may even be the proud player’s own decision to transition to a non-playing role with the team. It looks like the great Ichiro Suzuki’s playing career has come to an end.

Next stop, Disneyland again? Source: ocregister.com.

It was then I realized that I may have witnessed Ichiro’s final at bat. I’ve tuned into random games before that turned into no-hitters or had some historic moment, but I never expected it from this game. Ichiro’s last at bat and strikeout was a highlight of the game after all, representing the end of his Hall of Fame career. He already knew it and the team knew it, but they didn’t want to spoil it by telling anyone until the next day. No ceremonies and tributes until later; just let me play until I’m done and then I’ll walk away.

If Ichiro is done, then sayonara to a true wizard. I’ve watched this game my whole life. I’ve never seen anyone play it with more class. And nobody has played it better.

Top image credit: Creative Commons via Wikimedia.com by davesizer.

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This is one of my favorite player while he is still playing in Japan. Aside from we have the same name Hiro, haha. This man is truly belongs to the hall of fame. I have a jersey of Ichiro and we truly loves seeing him playing, great post @donkeypong

I also love to watch a good game after a long day.
Yesterday evening, I spent hours watching W.W.E and slept off on the coach🤣


Watching a good show and falling asleep on the sofa = a perfect end to the day!


Lol, yea it is.
Twas getting kinda boring.
There were over 10 wrestlers in the ring and no one wanted to fall off or get thrown off.
Plus the blows seemed fake; no blood or broken noses.😁


It's all fake. :)


Lol, I thought as much.

It's so depressing how age always takes its toll, but Ichiro went about it with class. While I don't follow baseball much myself, I know when I was younger I had classmates who were big fans of him and the Mariners (after all we were in Seattle). Good to see that Ichiro is building up a lasting legacy, though - hope to see him around the city some more!


It's a great city. With all the great players who have been through Seattle in the last couple of decades, it's unfortunate the Mariners have never won a championship, but at least the Seahawks did not too long ago.


So the Mariners are Asene Wengered! Bad to compete without trophy but one day, they'll make things happen. Thanks @donkeypong for the shared memeories.

My friends are hating on me that I don't like baseball :(

Hello @donkeypong

Well baseball isn't popular in my country. We watch football. Premier league and Champions league are the most popular sports in my country...

However, For you to have praised one Ichiro in the manner you did, he must have been an exemplary player...

Ichiro Suzuki is not just the best Japanese hitter of all time; he owns the all-time hits record for any hitter in professional baseball. When combining the hits he accumulated in both Japan and the United States, Ichiro has more hits than anyone who has ever played the game. There is an argument to be made that Ichiro is the best hitter of all time, period. He’s certainly one of the elites that anyone mentions when discussing pure hitters.

Ageeing is part of our natural responsibilities. And Ichiro turning 45 and still playing is no small accomplishment. And the fact that he coaches at the same time makes him stand out among his colleagues.

As he stood out doing what he enjoys most, so you too are standing out here among this community. And everyday, a lot of us look forwards to attaining this lofty position in our different fields of choosen.

This post is inspiring. It is a reminder that one has to work hard to achieve anything worthwhile in life.

Do have a nice day.

@eurogee of @euronation community

Thank you, Ichiro, indeed.
I became a fan late, while he was in Miami playing for Mattingly.
Really like him.


He had a few good years in Miami (with Bonds as his hitting coach for one of them). I'm glad you got a chance to watch him play there.


Much respect to him.
Remember rushing home trying not to miss a TV live visual of his #3,000.
Ended up being his third at bat of the game that I got to see--which was the hit, a triple no less. Fun stuff.

I love to watching game not a home. I want to see live experience via stadium stand up pavilion. Then I can give massive cheer to my supporting team. Baseball huge attraction to me. Better review of baseball star Ichiro. Thanks for all updating @donkeypong.

I do not really follow much about baseball,but from your description..its a great game and its great you witnessed history being made.

Watching sports for a few minutes relaxes me, especially if I don’t really care about the teams that are playing

Relaxing is an important part of life, for me i sometimes go to clubs or bars to listen to the loud music(yes just the music and not drink!!).

We need to live i every moment as you did,always be there and savour the moment!


Music is another great way to relax. Yes, savor the moment.

Mr. Suzuki has been one of the most influential players of the time, with more than 3k hits is among the most important players of this last decade.

the first Japanese who made his debut in the American League, a great responsibility and a great career, in my opinion, the retirement is the most evident with occupying an administrative position.

A legend of our time and a pity this news.


No one can beat time. If this is it for him then he's had a very good run.

The one thing I would like a baseball fan based in the US to tell me in the comments is this thing about the Baseball World Championship when we outside of the Land of the Brave and the Home of the Free think you are the only nation playing baseball. But moving on, no sports fan can deny that baseball is BIG. Even people living in sh#thole countries know who Tom Brady is. (And not because he married Giselle Bündchen). I religiously watch the SuperBowl and even though I have no idea of the actual rules of the sport, I scream my lungs out on another continent.


It's poorly named, I agree. There is a team in Toronto, so that's two countries. At some point, they must have been thinking of expanding, but it's still a pompous name. Actually, a lot of people don't follow the NFL in other countries either. It's hard to find a sport that is universal around the world; soccer (world football) is probably the closest thing.

Queeeeee! No sabía que Ichiro se había retirado! Que noticia.

Gracias por publicarla, excelente post! Saludos desde Venezuela.

Did you record the game? It'd be something to have around to remind you of a beautiful play coming to an end. I don't watch much baseball but it's definitely a sport with class.

To still be of value at 44 shows how much Ichiro has contributed to the sport and even if he retires from playing, there will still be numerous opportunities out there for him.


No recording or souvenirs. Just memories, which sometimes are just as good. He may not need many opportunities, since he can endorse products and sign autographs for the rest of his life and make a good income (plus, he's probably made more than he can spend already). :)


Yeah that is so true. Hope he is well invested? Should probably get some tips from Joe Lacob or the players at Golden State Warriors.

@donkeypong, That's very interesting gaming. I love baseball too much coz my friend. Ichiro indeed excellent hitter. I have seen his baseball game and most attractive his style. But 20-20 cricket my favorite game also. Do you prefer to watch Indian Premier league 20-20 Cricket?


Unfortunately, I have not developed a taste for cricket, but the two games have many similarities.

Wow I don't know but anytime I am watching baseball I do sleep off after a shot time. For me the sport looks boring. Good one


Most games will put me to sleep also. Luckily, I started this one late. :)


@donkeypong your great man.


Nothing will make me sleep if it is Arsenal FC playing. I love football

I like baseball and also like cricket.
I spent sometime to watching this sports.
Thank's a lot for your excellent post @donkeypong

It seems that you are a great baseball fan.I also like baseball.Thanks for this updatefull post.

Sir,baseball is not popular Inn my country. So,I am playing cricket and watching cricket

I’m in Seattle and Ichiro is one of the all time greats. If that’s the last at bat, thanks for the memories, Ichiro!

Don't know if you are going to see this:
I also loved Ichiro - he did everything at the highest level. He was a great fielder as well, won the Golden Glove 10 times, and had a laser arm, throwing out many base runners which always filled me with wonderful bliss.

I was lucky to see this man hit two inside the park home runs live. Legend.

ichiro is one of the few legendary players who stayed in the big league together with albert pujol.
the record that ichiro has of player of the year, rookie of the year, champion of batting of the league america in 2001 in his first year difficult to overcome
These achievements will be very difficult for another player to do again, undoubtedly ichiro ira for the cooperstown hall of fame

If it were football, as in soccer, I can relate, but this ☝🏿...nah!

Anyways, the quote in your post that says:
"As professionals it is important to provide a good show...and not just hits and runs", well that comes across like entertaining is given priority ahead of results. Now that's no longer the name of the game in this time and age.

Results is the name of the game, whether it was gotten shabilly or by a stroke of luck! Ditch entertainment!! You see, that's why the sport seem not to be interesting any longer, the games become too mechanical.

I hope you have watched a great game this yesterday evening,, and a perfect ending in the days falling asleep on the sofa 😂😂 That's Great dear @donkeypong..Hope you enjoyed one of the best baseball games in the yesterday evening. . Ichiro is the best hitter of all time. . Wonderful player.

You sure do like baseball ⚾ a lot and I think you're gonna make me start falling in love with it.... Lol

Ichiro is doing so good, I think he's building so much for himself.
He should last long....

's happening -- Ichiro Suzuki is heading back to the Pacific Northwest after reportedly agreeing to a one-year deal with the Mariners. The 10-time All-Star spent 12 seasons with the Mariners, and now that he's coming back, we wanted to take a trip down memory lane with some of his most memorable moments in Seattle.
I love this type of game. Baseball is my favorite game. I really like this gane. Thanks for share @donkeypong

Ichiro Suzuki is great and happy, baseball player pride Japan. thank you already share information about Ichiro Suzuki

Good game yesterday. It was such a nice game worthy of one’s time . Nothing good or bad last forever, great athletes had come and go, age is a factor we can’t run or avoid . He had a good carrier and he’s sure managing age with style. He’s a million dollar arm


Seattle's first game in 2019 is in Japan. He's going to stay in the front office and have a monster MLB/Japanese sendoff as a player for that game for the fairytale ending.

Very nice post and very nice game..

I love to watching game at home. I want to see live on TV,in a sofa with popcorn. Then I can give massive cheer to my supporting team.Cricket has a huge attraction to me.

Very well written by you about the game.
The game dust at leisure is really great. Continue writing. I am with you.
thums 0up.jpg

sir @donkeypong

your post is nice
This is one of my favorite player while he is still playing in Japan. Aside from we have the same name Hiro, haha. This man is truly belongs to the hall of fame. I have a jersey of Ichiro and we truly loves seeing him playing, great post @donkeypong

Geat post sir..i love watch a game ..my favrote game is cricket ..thanku for tha sharing..@donkeypong

I'll watch the baseball game my leisure time.

Ichiro has been humming the game news as of late.

I personally like baseball. I know many famous players of baseball. But I didn't know Ichiro. You have prevented your post like a drama. Hope more from you.

Hi, @donkeypong Baseball is not popular in our country. But I like this game very much. I see this game in TV. but i can not play the game due to sports element is not found in my city. in our country we play cricket. its very popular. baseball is also a popular game in the world. i hope it will be more popular in next decades. its same like cricket. i am very glad to know that you like baseballbsblamr1.gif
Source : image

So beautiful sports Compton.
On the same day that the Mariners honored their former right fielder and current Marlin with a bobblehead, an emotional Ichiro homered in his final at-bat on Wednesday, blasting an Evan Marshall pitch over the wall in right

Lots of great trivia about baseball! So much history in the sport that you could fill untold number of pages on all of the quirky things that have happened! I grew up in a border town so I have to say the thing I love about the World Baseball Classic is getting to see all the Canadian MLB players on one team playing together. And of course my fondest memories is the Jays winning the '92 & '93 World Series!I am a lover of Baseball, but did not have enough informations about the details guidelines sorrounding the game. Now that you have explained a lot at on the game, I commend your efforts. I follow and upvote.

yes thank you ichiro. i love the NY Yankees . i dont foget it.

I love watch a game ..thanks you sir ..very special post everybody Resteem This Post

I want to watching amusement not a home. I need to see live experience by means of stadium stand up structure. At that point I can give huge cheer to my supporting group. Baseball colossal appreciation for me. Better survey of baseball star Ichiro

sehr schade ,er war wirklich ein guter spieler

Ooo wow this is definitely a memory to cherish.
Not too much into baseball, it's not so much a popular sport over here but I know a good sportsman when I see one.

Ichiro Suzuki looks like one.
I can guess he is a man loved by many.

baseball is a craze in US as cricket is in India

love to watch interested games and entertainment program. i spend hours to watching matches of boot ball hockey cricket WWF and other programs

Oh, it is a pity such talents have to quit doing what they love doing one day.

Like I mentioned in my previous comment under your post, every game have their heroes, like for example: football which seems to be my own best sport ever, Messi and Ronaldo are dominating others with their skills and talents, but they will definitely call it a quit one day just like Ichiro Suzuki did.

We have many heroes in the past, though I did not watch most of them play, but hearing their names all over the places shows how exceptional they were during their plying days.

"Ichiro Suzuki" been your favourite baseballer, I'm glad you were able to see him play his last game.

With every records he own to himself, he is such a legend and he should be adored for that.

I hope I don't miss the last game of Messi and Ronaldo too, the day they will call football a quit would be a shock to the world of football too.

Your all posts are so much important for sports lover @donkeypong. actually Ichiro's batting is so good, i like his bating.

Baseball is is my very favorite game. A player at Ichiro could change the situation at any moment.

He has worked very well and hard from where he started his carer in Japan and still did well with mariners. He has a Good story and could be a good mentor for young baseball players ⚾
In fact if he coach he could still get good results and take mariners to better position

I even love baseball game for giving such huge chance with that his age (got white hair already ) it's scarce for other sports allowing aged players like him playing

Sport is very good for health. The body and mind are good in it. I play every day.

like i said in a earlier post. i am a mariners fan so its sad. glad he is staying with team in some capacity.....also not sure you got my last response when you replied

Great write up. Ichiro is my favorite player of all time. I was very sad when I initially read that he would not be playing the rest of the season.

I think of baseball as constant comfort. I remember coming home one night years ago and the mets and braves were locked in a 19 inning snoozer. I loved every second of it as it went deep into the night.

It's cool that you saw Ichiro . I saw an offseason piece on him training in Japan and wondering if he'd get signed. It's very sad because if you see the piece you find out that baseball is all he has. It's who he is. I'd like to see him stick with the club and play in the series in Japan. I think it will be a tough transition if he leaves the game entirely but he is a very proud guy so in what role he will be happy i don't know. Maybe a hitting coach somewhere.

Sometimes, a legend becomes more legend is times of lasting goodbye.

The peak of the sports career is quite short. And when you choose your way to sports, you should be ready to leave the field in time. With dignity and in a blaze of glory. I know many examples of a sports career that ended ugly for athletes. They still continued to participate, as if everything was fine. But the fans have noticed that there is no previous agility. With age, skill and agility, speed and lightness inevitably fade away. By the way, the coach's career is the best option in this situation. This is worthy, in my opinion. And it's definitely better than the flashy bravado.
Many athletes can not accept the end of his career and go into depression. They end up in alcoholism, shouting at the talk show, advertising on TV. And this overshadows all of their wonderful sporting achievements. So is happening with my favorite figure skater Evgeni Plushenko.

Believe it or not... a Japanese friend once commented I look like Ichiro lol.

Watching a game and sleeping off on the sofa shows how much entertainment you got and how tired you could be .
I watched only soccer and does not have much to say about this game of yours😛😛 but I know and have read about ichiro, few of my classmates then that are ardent fans of these sport talks highly of him alot

Ichiro has been a phenomenal hitter since the day he entered the league. I remember how much of a big deal it was when he transitions to the majors. So many people at that time thought he would struggle with “good” pitching. He quickly squashed those thoughts and has been a perennial dominant hitter ever since. I thatvhe might have a chance to flirt with .400 but only really came close the one year. I am glad to see him retire back in Seattle where it all began. I have kind of always been a closet Mariners fan. Growing up Ken Griffey Jr was one of my favourite players (talk about a great hitter) and watching Tandy Johnson was always fun. The team will be lucky to have Ichiro staying on board to help with the younger players.

Never understand how the baseball is played and I thought that was a lame game, until I got to play the machine-tossing baseball game and I can't even hit that damn ball for once.

I saw an offseason piece on him training in Japan and wondering if he'd get signed. It's very sad because if you see the piece you find out that baseball is all he has. It's who he is. I'd like to see him stick with the club and play in the series in Japan. I think it will be a tough transition if he leaves the game..


Baseball is is my very favorite game and I religiously watch the SuperBowl and even though I have no idea of the actual rules of the sport hehe good luck @donkeypong

I love to play baseball. But scary to face ball and I think it's hard ball indeed. For hitting more power needed. I see most of baseball games but not interesting to see. But NFL football has most attraction to me than baseball.

Wonderful post

Miami Marlins outfielder Ichiro hit his 115th career Major League home run and his first against the Seattle Mariners.

amazing content..
sport is always a favorite thing of all... Mr. suzuki is the first person to be introduced to american leo, a japanese.. i read a bit about him on the internet but it was a lot clearer to see your post..your post is an extraordinary highway post.. this is also a educative post.. thank you so much..eagerly waiting for your next post

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How many reasons do you have in this post dear friend @hilarski, I totally share your words, many arrive thinking only about the money that can be earned, without thinking about the sacrifice and commitment that is being here.
Thank you very much for sharing these tips.
I wish you a great day

the principal Japanese who made his presentation in the American League, an awesome duty and an incredible vocation, as I would see it, the retirement is the most clear with possessing a regulatory position.

A legend of our chance and a pity this news.

Excellent information giving about Ichiro. Ichiro Suzuki was powerful Japanese baseball hitter and I give him huge thanks for stunning much about baseball. He did massive task for baseball game. I think you very interesting to watch baseball. What about other games do you interesting @donkeypong? Exactly brilliant information given.

Great post sir..i am waiting all time baseball game..i love the baseball game..thanks for sharing

It is a very interesting game and very competition game....i am also see this game .i love this game and best fan ...

Woah. Ichiro is cool!!! But maybe he'll already retire soon. Hehe :)
How are you? :)


He is a great player , bro

I have a fond memory of playing baseball when I was a kid but not this type, we sometimes stop playing when the plastic ball we use is wrecked already :)

Cricket is my favorite game.when i play cricket lot of my friend play with me...and i also like cricket player...i love cricket very much.when i go to my collage there have a big playground and i play cricket long time...thanks for post this usefull blog...this is essential for all cricket lover

you said here that post is much better. I like it

I additionally love to watch a decent amusement in the wake of a monotonous day.
All time play this video game

Ichiro has been buzzing the sport news recently. He has done well and he knows the game just the same way he knows himself

This is my favorite game. i have spend more time in baseball.

Very glad to know there are baseball players from Japan who became a legend in the baseball competition in the United States, let alone ever get MVP. Professional players from Japan who have a career in the United States or vice versa, are very interesting because of the strong cultural differences. I've watched a movie about a professional baseball player from the United States who made a career in a Japanese company. The issues that occur are not only about sports, but culture also.

It's so discouraging how age dependably incurs significant damage, yet Ichiro ran about it with class. While I don't take after baseball much myself, I know when I was more youthful I had cohorts who were enormous enthusiasts of him and the Mariners (after all we were in Seattle). Great to see that Ichiro is developing an enduring heritage, however - would like to see him around the city some more!

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This makes me so sad! We used to occasionally make it to Seattle to watch the Mariners play; Seattle is only a couple of hours from Vancouver where we lived, and I remember when Ichiro came there. What a fantastic, talented, classy player, and I feel so badly for him that that was his final moment in Seattle...even though the fans will still love him regardless.

And as for you catching the end of the game, pretty serendipitous to say the least. Just goes to show you that we should always live with our eyes open because you never know when you'll be witnessing something of importance.

What a nice tribute to a great player @donkeypong ;)

Im your Fan now sir. You're Awesome

I love watching the baseball games, 42, The Most Legendary Number of Backs In American Baseball History

I love cricket very much.
I like also this game ,beacuse there are some similarity with cricket.....

This is an enjoyable game..
Best of luck for you.
Better play next game.............

Great review of this spectacular player, if Ichiro did not play again, it is a true luck that he had the opportunity to witness his last performance in the field.