The FIFA World Cup So Far!

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The quarter-finalist for 2018 FIFA World Cup are now known. Out of the 32 teams that started the quest for 2018 World Cup, Eight teams have made it to the quarter-final of the competition and these are Brazil, Uruguay, France, Belgium, Sweden, England, Russia and Croatia. Defending champions Germany were sent home in the group stage. Two world class players, Messi and Ronaldo couldn't save their teams from eviction. It has been difficult to predict this year's World Cup, but lets look at the history of the remaining teams. Belgium and Russia has made it through the quarter final stage of the world cup once but both teams eventually lost out in Semis in 1986 and 1966 respectively. Brazil has experienced the quarter-final stage of the world cup eleven times(11) and has never lost to any European team at this stage. France and Uruguay has witnessed this stage of the competition five (5) times, while Sweden has been there four(4) times, England two (2) and Croatia one (1). Two traditional continents known to win the world cup have settled in into the next round, which are South America and Europe. South America has only two (2) teams left, Brazil and Uruguay, while Europe has 6 teams. Exception of Sweden 1958, that was won by Brazil, the rest of the FIFA world Cup tournaments hosted in Europe was won by a European country.


Uruguay vs France. Friday 6th July 3pm CAT . In the 3 meetings of these teams in the FIFA World Cup, two(2) matches ended in a draw, while Uruguay won one (1). So far in this competition, Uruguay has scored 7 goals and conceded only one( 1) goal, while France and scored seven (7) goals and conceded four( 4) goals.

Brazil vs Belgium Friday 6th July 7pm CAT. The only time Brazil lost to Belgium was in 1963 in an international friendly, the rest of the meetings has gone Brazil's way including 2-0 win in the 2002 FIFA world cup. Ahead of this match up, Brazil has scored a total of seven (7) goals and conceded one (1) goal, while Belgium has scored twelve (12) goals and conceded fours (4) goals

Sweden vs England Saturday 7th July, 3pm CAT. In all 4 meetings of these two countries in the FIFA World cup, all has ended in a draw. Sweden has 6 goals, and has let in only one (1) goal in this competition so far, while England has nine( 9) goals, letting in four (4) goals.

Russia vs Croatia Saturday 7th July, 7 pm CAT. This will be their first meeting in a World Cup stage, outside this competition Croatia has only defeated Russia in a friendly match, the rest two (2) meetings was in UEFA where it all ended in a draw. Russia also has nine (9) goals so far and has conceded four (4) goals. Croatia has scored eight (8) goals so far and conceded two (2) goals. Harry Kane of England so far is the highest goals scorer with 6 goals.

In the history of the FIFA World Cup, no foreign coach has ever won the Competition, and Belgium remains the only team left with a foreign coach, will they break this long standing history? Time will tell.

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Exactly this world cup is unpredictable, many surprises have been seen and anyone can win. Your notes are very good and even the missing games promise👍

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My bet is between France and Belgium...both teams has the quality outing that can give them an edge in the tournament...England just got my wink...

Frankly speaking, this world cup has been throwing a ton of surprises in our faces and I'm sure many people's bets have gone waste. Germany Vs South Korea's match, and Argentina Vs Croatia gave us the greatest shocks.

@bestgift More surprised will be waiting for next upcoming matches.

Supporting 100% of our Latin Americans, Brazil and Uruguay facing each other, although I know that France and Belgium of them can leave the champion, these guys have given everything and all have it deserved.

It is very difficult to predict who will go on in the tournament. Each match is interesting and brings surprises. In my opinion, the favorites of the tournament are France, Brazil and England, but as shown by the previous matches, the winner can be everyone.

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