Real Madrid vs Liverpool (2018 UEFA Champions League Final)

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The final is set for the 2017/2018 edition of the UEFA champions league. Defending champions Real Madrid will play Liverpool who are currently ranked 26th among European Clubs. It wasn't an easy road for both teams to come to this stage of the competition, Real Madrid qualified as runners up behind Tottenham in group H, but proceeded to defeat Paris Saint German, Juventus, and Bayern is the second round, quarterfinal and semifinal respectively. Liverpool on the other hand were winners of group E, they got over FC Porto in the second stage with a 5-0 aggregate, they also convincingly won Manchester City with a 5-1 aggregate during the quarterfinal before defeating Roma in the semifinal with a 7-5 aggregate. With this statistics Liverpool has the highest number of goals ahead of the Champions league final, followed by Real Madrid.


The two finalist have met 5 times at the Champions League, with Liverpool winning 3, and Madrid 2. Their last meeting was during the group stage of the 2014/2015 season which saw Madrid win with an aggregate of 4-0 with goals from Ronaldo, and Benzema. Liverpool has won this Competition 5 times, but Madrid has won 12 times, making the club the only team with such record, this is followed by AC Millan with a record of 7 times, Bayern and Barcelona also share a record of 5 UEFA champions league wins.


Ahead of the final which will take place on Saturday, 26th of May 2018 in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, we expect to see the best. Real Madrid will rely on the talents of the current FIFA best player and highest goal scorer in this years Champions league, Christian Ronaldo with support from other players like Benzema, Kroos, and Modrić. Liverpool also has a good bunch of talents which includes Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, and Sadio Mané. Both teams play attacking style of football, with Real Madrid mostly presenting a 4-4-2 formation against Liverpool 4-3-3. If Liverpool wins, it will be a major victory for Jurgen Kloop, the German born Liverpool coach, who started his coaching career with Mainz(Germany) in 2001. On the other hand, since his appointment into managerial position as special adviser to Real Madrid in 2010, and later coach of the same club in 2014, Zinedine Zidane has won the champions league twice consecutively, 2016 and 2017. He also has won the UEFA super Cup, FIFA world club for the same periods. It promises to be an evening of entertaining football as we look forward to new records being set. We wish both teams success.

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If the liverpool play like they have in most of the games, supported by their speed, they have a great chance of being champions, it will be a final full of goals.

I have being looking forward to seeing them both playing at final, as at the quarter final, I have made my forecast and brought the two teams together..... Everyone can tell and say ahead that the match is going to be interesting, I mean real and extremely interesting...

I love the art work in this post,
Great work.

El real Madrid viene de una semifinal con un rival fuerte y con historia donde demostró lo que sabe hacer, responder en los momentos difíciles y tener los recursos necesarios para los momentos cumbres y es que sin un juego bonito mantiene la efectividad; sin embargo esta vez se enfrenta a un equipo que no solo atraviesa un buen momento sino que tiene historia, una historia donde hasta el Madrid ha podido sentir su peso cuando hace 37 años el Liverpool pudo quitarle una orejona a los blancos El equipo que lideraban Del Bosque, Camacho y Santillana perdió con un solitario gol de Allan Kenedy en el minuto 82 del partido.. y es que el Madrid no ha tenido gran suerte en las finales con equipo ingleses. Así que este 26 de mayo los blancos tendrán que demostrar que tienen las herramientas y la jerarquía para seguir escribiendo la historia…. estoy seguro que los amantes del futbol podremos disfrutar de un juego que seguramente nos dejara grato recuerdos pase lo que pase; y es que una tercera copa europea de clubes seguida para el real no cabe duda que explotaría de nuevo la polémica…. Es el real Madrid el club más grande del planeta??????

The final is not Real Madrid vs Liverpool but Real Madrid vs the weepers of the barcelona hahaha are super burned do not know that Madrid will be a thousand times better than that team if you can say so

The final will be full of so much more, than ever before, @bestgift this is absolutely what everyone wants to see and energy in would football, the UEFA Champions league final, I believe the on know will be see there boss..

I love real madrid from the center of my heart

Excellent review of the Champions League, I think like you that both teams have fought to enter the final ls and deserve it, each has its qualities to get such a great triumph, I hope you give a decent game.

This will be a great match, because Liverpool has showed good skills and I hope they could make an impressive game .
Real is Real, what can I say? Maybe their defense is not enough good to stop Salah.
I am sorry for Italian team, Roma; at Olimpic Stadium they have showed their potential (also against Barcelona), but yesterday it was not enough to win the series.

I'm looking forward to the game, I'm waiting to winning Real Madrid. Hopefully Real Madrid will be a big win against Liverpool and I can also enjoy a nice game. Many thanks for your information post bro.

I really can’t wait for the game. It is going to be a lot of fun to watch. It is either Real Madrid wins and so it becomes 3 time on a row or Liverpool after a long time of waiting. The last time they won the competition was against AC Milan in 2005 with penalty. The game was really interesting.

I see a tough game ahead, with Salah playing exceptionally well lately and Madrid themselves determined to never loose at a final match.

I really can’t wait.

hot match, final champion real madrid vs liverpool, thanks for sharing @bestgift, I'm sure real madri will be champions league champions for the 3rd time down.

Hopefully the game is Real Madrid vs Liverpool and not the referee vs Liverpool. VAMOOOS that they are pure trap

Nice content..

Champions League Final in Kiev, Real Madrid vs Liverpool.

I'm sure Madrid's friend this time should be the champion for the umpteenth time

Hello friend, excellent publication, I liked it a lot. Count on me, I invite you to visit my profile and count on you too, Regards

I think Real Mardrid will take it once again, ronaldo's zeal to overcome Messi in all spheres of football will make him score on this night, and I think, Mohammed sallah will try his best but Mardrid defense is full of experienced and intelligent footballers.

The Real Madrid comes from a semifinal with a strong rival and with a history where he demonstrated what he knows how to do, respond in difficult moments and have the necessary resources for peak moments and is that without a nice game maintains the effectiveness; However this time it faces a team that not only goes through a good time but also has a history, a history where even Madrid could feel its weight when 37 years ago Liverpool was able to take an orejona from the whites. The team that led Bosque, Camacho and Santillana lost with a solitary goal by Allan Kenedy in the minute 82 of the match .. and is that Madrid has not had great luck in the English team finals. So this May 26 whites will have to show that they have the tools and the hierarchy to continue writing the story .... I'm sure football fans can enjoy a game that will surely leave us happy memories no matter what happens; and is that a third European Cup of clubs followed for the real no doubt that it would explode again the controversy .... Is Real Madrid the biggest club on the planet ??????

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