Manchester City are the 2017/2018 Premier League Champions

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After a shock home defeat to West Brom, Manchester United have given the Premier League title to Manchester City. Although City was already mounting pressure on United by defeating Spurs on Saturday, the home lost by United on Sunday established a a 16 points lead at top of the premier league, thereby gifting city the title race. This will be Pep Guardiola's first Premier league title after taking over as Manager of Manchester City in 2016. He brought a lot of changes to the club from the football pitch to the dressing room, improving the quality of players, he made sure players were on diet and not overweight and improved bonding by encouraging interaction and outdoor activities. Also interesting to note is that he got full support from the management of Manchester City who entrusted over £450 million to rebuild the club to his taste. He brought in a mix of young players and allowed the old player to take their game to an improved level. Example Sterling scored a total of 22 goals which was improvement from his former best. He upped the team spirit and encourage a faster style of play. After 23 trophies as manager, Guardiola is claimed to be one of the most successful managers in the game of football. This will be City's third premier league title, they showed dominance of the game this seasons Premier league scoring 93 goals and losing twice. Though missing out of this year Champions League quarter final, and the FA cup, it is a successful year for Manchester City. We look ahead to a beautiful 2018/2019 premier league season and wish all the players the best.

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i'm one of the big fans of manchester city


Congratulations to Man City. Really well deserved

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