Are you a GPU miner? A social butterfly? A top notch shill?

If so, Merit may be the crypto for you!

I have a bunch of invites available to those who are interested in participating in whatever the hell this Merit nonsense turns out to be...

So, how do I participate, you ask...

1. Download the wallet from the website above. or visit

2. Use this link to request an invite:

3. Leave a comment here with your user name and why you think I should give you an invite.

4. If I respond to your comment, you got an invite. If I didn't, well, too bad, so sad.

Priority will be given to those who will mine Merit.

That's it! Good luck and let's shill some shitcoins!

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I dont have a GPU to mine with (lonely sadface)

I'd take an upvote for now until I find a few minutes to search and read up what this merit is....

I trust you when it comes to picking coins.... you were right about steem so why not

Done with lightening speed.
Username, or alias as they called it: gamsam


If I respond to your comment, you got an invite. If I didn't, well, too bad, so sad.

If you don't, just so you know, I know where you live. :P


Geez is everyone trying to dox him lately?


Lol..... I should create a discord server for us "doxers"

Am interested. Please what do I do


I'd take an invite!


Did you send a request? Didn't see you in the list I don't think.


I made a new one with using whatsup. :)


The world of encryption has become so great my friend
Really thank you for the wonderful information
I will definitely participate
You are a great investor. I am a creditor taking your advice

Tell me when you a whale there


Tell me when you own a much bigger than average percentage of the stake there :p


I want an invite because I'm curious as fuck about how this will turn out.

Username: MikeFromTheUK

Hahaha my dear friend, let's see how the site behaves, very useful as always your information ... As always setting trends ...

I had to laugh at the title of this post... It's almost as if you can't win with any of those choices.

Now, let me ask you something Bernie, is there an opcion (d) you did not disclose?

That being said... I've downloaded the wallet and decided that maybe I'll go for the shill of nothing else is available.

username: meno

I got a little GPU setup, lets see what happens.

Send the info playa! I need to start mining and inviting all my Stackers!

Username: charlesfuchs

My Nickname is Cleopatra
Well I am interested in any serious platform that is working with Cryptocurrencies and would like to be an active member and add value or service of any kind, if possible :)

The project seems interesting. I downloaded the app on the play store. Let's see how it will end.
Username: jacksartori

But they don't have Airdrop ? what kind of merit system is this

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Username fr3eze, reuqested for the invite. And I will use my little 2 cute GPUs to mine this shit.


I found the project quite interesting. Wish to invite some of my interested friends only to find out I need some invite tokens, would you send me some too?

Hi @berniesanders, though I am gpu miner for 5 years, currently I have one GPU left that I used for ETH mining. I can give it a try.

I have requested an account, waiting for an approval from @ngc.

Have a nice day @bernie for the President (CEO) for the Steem United DApps (Steemit) :)

Im interested and have downloaded , i've got a pc spare and my username is - pandorasrealm.
Cheers Bernie

Heck, I'll mine anything for a while. I once mined some stuff call Steem a couple of years ago. I've also mined a lot of worthless crap. Anyone want to buy some Pidgeon Coins? I might as well try mining this.

User name: @gregory-f

This will be my first mine. Send the invite dude! @hendrix22


I’ve been trying to add my 2 friends under me for 2 days now. How do I get “invites”? Do I get them through mining? I haven’t got any yet at all.

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I wanted to mine but skipped the idea as power is relatively priced higher in my country

I have done as you have commanded all-mighty-one. Let the shilling continue. Username (alias) is:

kleineferkel (German slang for piglet) Reminds me of the saying "hogs get slaughtered, pigs get fat" so I'm starting out with this shilling bs with my piglet waiting to get fat. Wallet locked and loaded waiting for your gift of a trigger. I think you should get me an invite since I will mine, and have mined for over a year.

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post. From your post we try to learn something new Thank you very much

I'm into it bern. Keen to check it out

alias: benzene


How did you get so many invites? Ive been mining away with none?


Guess I'll keep mining until I know what MRT is worth lol


I am ready...

Mannn yet another wallet to download?!? Ok fineee I’ll hodl some coins.. account created... same name.. oh I’m suppose to go give a reason... I like coins..... Someday ill get a miner working


Sent. Just click "start mining" in the wallet. It's easy.


I will love to have this sire, would love to see how this merit stuff turns out.

Username : hrhmikelength

I had no idea what merit is before but it looks interesting at first glance.
Why should you chose me for your invites? Maybe because you do not want me and my fully maxed out Steem Monsters army against you ;-)

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

Seems fairly interesting, a good way to get my feet wet in the crypto world outside steemit?

P.s. I'm as social butterfly as they get ;)
Username - Chrisftwynn

Please accept me cause I love you Bernie. If you don't accept me my heart will break into a thousand pieces

P.s.: registered with the same username!

Username: Sanja
Because ich aus deutschland komme und wir hier uns nicht rechtfertigen müssen! Also bitte ich um die einladung. Werde mit Mac und Win das ganze minen.

I want an invitation, because I am you.
I have the right to own it.
alias: montrix

ps: thank you

Just installed and created a wallet. Reminding @berniesanders to confirm me. princewahaj is my username there. Thanks a lot!

Hi Bernie, I need an invite, thanks.

I am a noob

Choose me because im newbiee :)

Username: Hgocmez

Hope there's still invites left!

Username: yoghurt

I luv Shitcoins and i am sure my Shilling skills will blind you ;)
Username: marialin

Hello, i have 2 GPU that im not mining anything right now, so i would like to know what this project is about, thanks in advance and have a great day.

Hi! I requested my invitation. But wallet is block until you confirm my invite request.

Hi, pls conform my invite my name is lavanya

Can I know what the benefits I get using this merit wallet

Congratulations @berniesanders!
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I have GPU for gaming but got minecraft only on my desktop. :'))
alias: nowtheminer


I'm interested in mining it with a couple of GPU's. They're Nvidia 1080Ti's, so they should get something decent :)

My username there is also daan

It would be a demerit to not to have me in merit.
Here's my username:

Hii @berniesanders
Do u think this is a better way to earn. Because we need that typea of platform.

i just created my account and ma username or alias is promzy....

Was CPU -> GPU miner since like mid 2012. BTC, LTC, ..... and last thing I've mined was Monero with XMRcgpu miner.
But when Bitmain secretly mined with Antminer A3 and trippled the network, I did stop.
I've sold my rig then.
Now with Antminer A3 being out of business because of Monero hardfork (to kill ASIC's), it's again profitable.
I'm thinking of purchasing Xeon Phi accelerator PCI-e cards for my HP Proliant and start making decent revenue again.

Might look into your site. Looks promising having everything under one roof


Mining a lot of new coins. There is good chance when it is news. But 99.9% of them never seen at exchanges.
I mined a shitload of FRX until the DEV left Discord only two miners remain. Sometimes I had a 100% shares. Maybe I have good luck as with "Terracoin" I mined in big quantity 2012. A community continued the project and they still traded.


I once mined like 5% of total NYAN cat coins only to find out there were 2 different NYAN coins announced at the same time and I held the one just being copycat without any development, PR, wallets ....

Being early bird adopter is a chance to turn little bit of mining into decent revenue. But you must really analyze the capabilities of DEVs and their dedication as most Altcoins are just copy/cats (wannabedevs don't even bother to edit text in wallet software and most of the text refer to Bitcoin/Litecoin/Monero ...) for first exchange listing, first round pump/dump, sell worthless coins and leave the altcoin to die.


Yes in fact! Or the intention was just the ICO or to raise money selling masternodes.
I recommended to set up a darknet-market accepting FRX :-)
only a few coins are really worth something in the real world.
But - maybe, we all still some kind of "early" since the masses still do not know what this is all about.
latest coin I added "byteball". Nothing to lose. It is connected to steemit and when subscribing you get free coins depending on your STEEM reputation..
Ah - btw. this is my reflink for the wallet :-)

Well I registered with alias zoneboy. Well you are a fun guy and I am also a fun guy. So let's have fun at Merit

gpu very expensive

I need one , alias : sanmi

I posted it even in Steem hunt, so that we can get more people from here on boarded.


Great, Unlocked now :)


Just saw this and I trust you as ever that you always bring it home. I hope I get the invite.

Alias: phait

what algorithm it mine MERIT??

Greetings Mr. @berniesanders!

Hopefully I'm not too late:) My alias is kid4life, thank you in advance!

Just a reminder:)



Mah man!


Hmmm- seems not really "decentralised". Guys who have to UNLOCK a wallet before it works will be able to LOCK it at any time. That's not really what we are looking for. Are we?
Algorithm "cockoo". Never heard about this before. And there seem to be no fullnode wallet (I use to install for hundreds of other coins).
There is also a dedicated miner "meritminer".
So this looks somewhat strange but maybe it is easy to mine! Would try of course using a GTX980. Created wallet with your reflink


There is no ability to LOCK someones's just expanding your network.


Thanks. So I misunderstood since they using the term "your wallet is locked" which sounds some kind of strange to me. No one should have the right to lock ones wallet :-)