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A short story! - About @hungyhustle.

I am batman! Or at least I try to be. Because I mostly work on STEEM Blockchain at night and during the day I run my part-time business related to Digital Marketing! This world is another life where we make hardest of choices everyday. With every comment that I make, I am getting better! I will try my best to make this application worthy of your time to read.

Who Am I?

My name is Prashant Bhalla and I live in New Delhi, India. The capital city is quite messy just like Steem Platform at first. I have a small workstation with my laptop, mouse and a few sketch pens as well. I like to write in minimal fashion and I am very passionate about the things that I do. Even though I am a B.Tech graduate in IT (Information Technology) and having a corporate experience of 6 years, I left my job in September, 2017 to pursue entrepreneurship. Internet gives me strength, my B&B and I am very happy about it because it is so cool. With a few items in your gear, you can create brilliant stuff online to make money and survive. Sky is the only limit!

I chose the username @hungryhustle because I love to eat and I am always hustling, we all are. :)


I live with my beautiful wife and mother. Recently I invited Sugandha ( @sugandhaseth ) to join the blockchain. She has now become a serial user of @steepshot and @dtube. She's basically killing it right now, so do not forget to checkout her profile. My lovely mother is a gazetted officer in the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting of India. And she likes to travel a lot. I have an elder sister who is married - They have a small kid as well. Both of them are Homeopathic Doctors in New Delhi.

My wife's sister joined @dtube recently by the name of Dr. Suvidha Seth ( @suviseth ). She's also married and they are Dentists in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. @sugandhaseth's parents run their separate businesses related to Textile and F&B sector. They live with their youngest child ( son ) Siddhant ( @hustle247 ). In India, families are big and highly connected. Both me and my wife have so many Uncles and Aunts - I can't mention all of them here. So let's move on. :)

I love my family!

Previous Promotional Experience & Achievements As A Steemit User

Well I haven't really done the Promo-Work on field as such, but till date I have invited like hundreds of people to join Steemit:

  • Out of all the people I invited join this blockchain, @sugandhaseth, @nickarora, @suviseth and @hustle247 are my favorite and most active. I am helping them frequently to understand how Steem works, and try to create a little guild of my own that support each other and everyone else who is creating great content. Please do not forget to check out these people. All of them are quite active on @dtube. Some of the users I invited, they use only @esteemapp created by @good-karma to access Steem Blockchain.

  • I have created an Infographic series to promote #Promo-Steem. My efforts were appluaded by most of the Steem Ambassadors including the co-founders. Please find below all the links:

#Promo-Steem Infographic Series - Part #1 || What Is Promo-Steem?
#Promo-Steem Infographic Series - Part #2 || Advantages & Benefits
#Promo-Steem Infographic Series - Part #3 || Steem Ambassadors
#Promo-Steem Infographic Series - Part #4 || How To Contribute To #PS Initiatives

  • I have also created case-studies and reviews/tutorials of several apps and projects present on STEEM Blockchain.

Splendid Review Of BLOCKTRADES
Splendid Review Of Soliciting Power
Splendid Review & Tutorial Of SteemTipper.Com
Splendid Infographic Explains @SMARTSTEEM
MinnowBooster Community Whitelist Review Update
Splendid Infographic Explains Project @AIR-CLINIC

  • I have also created 6 guides for new users to get them started on the blockchain:


  • I promote Steem Blockchain on my social media profiles where I have around 2000+ followers in total. A few screenshots below:


Source: Facebook

download (2).png

  • I am currently generating daily Curation Synopsis Report for @steem-ambassador account. Click the below image to read the latest one

  • I actively participate in various communities on Steemit and Discord. Help everyone with the basic knowledge and also learn new things. I constantly share my knowledge through my blogs and chat sessions with the community members.

  • Last but not the least, I was recently selected as @steemrepo (created by witness @yanosh01) 2nd Level curator. @steemrepo is a The Biggest Steem Repository and Steem Curation Guild that supports awesome content creators catering to multiple niches.

Why Do I Promote Steem Blockchain?

There are a few personal I can think of right now, please have a look:

download (4).png

Why Do I Want To Become A Steem Ambassador

It's a rank I would wear proudly:

download (5).png

Future Plans As A Steem Amabassador

The plans are really very simple but they seem tough to execute as of now. That's why they are the "FUTURE" Plans But I like challenges and let's hope I will complete many of them:

  • Travel the world and network with content creators, to tell them about this amazing platform. Network and grow my own guild of content creators who support each other and folks who create something amazing.
  • I invite at least a single person daily to join Steemit. And I would continue to do so. I am planning to run constant organic/inorganic social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • I am also planning to do a photo-shoot to promote @steepshot among my social media followers on Facebook and Instagram.
  • I will curate high quality promo/humanitarian work on daily basis. Also, follow all the guidelines set by #Promo-Steem Guild members.
  • Attend local events or organize a few meetups in my local area plus nearby cities to promote Steem.
  • I am going to take part in multiple communities to network with people who can take part in @promo-steem initiative.
  • I will keep on generating content that will help new or old users of Steemit to use the platform in a fruitful way.
  • I also have an idea to create a curation guild for video content creators and probably get a funding for it. Right now @dtube is distributing beneficiary rewards to the curators so it a wonderful opportunity for both investors and content creators to grow on the platform. Don't forget the heavy curation rewards on videos of both @dtube and @dlive.

#Promo-Steem has changed my life on Steemit. My game was upped when I got my first upvote from @starkerz and since then I have been involved with them. I really admire what he and @anarcotech do to add value to the blockchain. I hope I get accepted as an Ambassador and I won't let anyone down. With my experience and skills, I would like to shake things up a little bit and bring new ideas on the table to evolve and grow this initiative. Mega thanks to @cryptocurator for pushing me to do this. I am proudly the first applicant from India. See you on the other side. ;)

The End.png

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Great post keep it up @hungyhustle :D

Awesome to have steemians with such high caliber as you apply for this @hungryhustle! Its a real honor! I look forward to the community approving you! Thanks for all the great work you have been doing! By the way, this is one of the best applications i have seen yet!


Thank you so much @starkerz. Initiatives like @promo-steem help creators us to improve everyday. :-) It is an honor for me as well to be a part of something revolutionary like this!

Please expect more high quality stuff from my side! :-D


Awesome!! Really looking forward to working with you A LOT more in the future! exciting things up coming!


The Party Is Just Getting Started!


oh yeah!!

Dude Im am sort of proud even that we are in the @smg group. You are a true inspiration on promotion stuff and literally every blog you leave behind is on the spot.

You would be a genuine steempromo maestro and I would be kind of offended if you would not pay Switzerland a visit on the world domination tour


Hahahaha! Thank you so much Karin for the love and appreciation. :') And if I ever do such a tour, I wouldn't miss a single chance to visit Switzerland and meet you. Maybe by that time half of the population of the country joins Steem already. But I will not wait that much so expect me a little earlier. ;)

Awesome application, I look forward to adding you to the guild engine!


Thank you so much @anarcotech. :-) Cheers!

Great application @hungryhustle ! I remember when I first saw an infographic from you and told you about #promo-steem ! Its amazing all you have done! Congratulations.

Regards, @gold84


Thank you @gold84. It was mainly because of you I got to know about this amazing initiative and the community behind it. You should also become a @steem-ambassador soon considering the amount of work your are doing everyday to add value on the Blockchain! :-)


Thanks to you @hungryhustle ! Its great all the work you have been doing by easily educating people about the different projects!

Regards, @gold84

Definitely support @hungryhustle's application - I thought you already were a Steem Ambassador!

Also a great supporter of the A Dollar A Day project and creator of our terrific logo.

Host of The Alternative Lifestyle Show on MSP Waves Radio.

Editor of the Weekly Schedule of Steem Radio Shows.

Founder of the A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.


Haha! No, I was not. Thank you so much @pennsif for your support. :-)

I wish to contribute more often to A Dollar A Day and once I become a Steem Ambassador, I would be able to help your initiative in a better manner. Cheers!

Now THIS is an application!! It is an outstanding application of the highest quality and the is surely going to be the first community approved Steem-Ambassador for India!

What more can I say: The @HungryHustle Batman has been very busy at night and has been making a fantastic contribution to the promo-steem project over the last few months.

Thanks so much Prashant - and best wishes for the application and your general journey on the platform. Best Wishes @cryptocurator


Thank you so much @cryptocurator! I am glad that you liked it. :-)

It would be very exciting for me to join the guild with you guys and together we will do lots and lots of promo work. Thank you once again for pushing me to apply for this role. I am overwhelmed by the response. Cheers!

If ANYone deserves to be a steem ambassador, it's you!! Wow - so nice actually to read more about you and to learn more about the real (hungry!) guy behind the sometimes bewildering tech side. If there is anything I, we or the SMG can do to support your application, please ask and it shall be done!


Thanks a lot @artemislives. Really appreciate your support! My application will be on @steem-ambassador(s) account for community approval. I am gonna share the link in @smg ;-) for sure.

SMG: A Community Driven Mutual Support & Co-Curation Group. Request Membership Here.

Wow Prashant almost we share same story of life. At 3:10 am Indian watching another one's steemit post and replying.


Haha! Superb bro! Thanks for stopping by. :)


Welcome dear now gonna sleep if I can ;)

Great application! I love those 5 reasons why I promote Steem. I'd say lots of us would second them :-)

Go for it!!


Thanks a ton Marly. :) Really means a lot coming from you! Cheers.


My pleasure! :-)

Hello, Thanks for such a great application and all the fantastic work you have been doing to increase awareness about the steem blockchain and its potential applications!

We at #promo-steem and @steem-ambassador have reviewed your application to become a Steem Ambassador and we are pleased to say that we would like to propose your candidacy to the community per the Application Approval Process HERE!!! :)

In order to proceed we would like to know that you are happy to follow the Steem Ambassador Responsibilities and Guidelines outlined HERE & HERE.

Please respond below with your positive response and we will proceed to propose you to the Steemit community as a Steem Ambassador!!



Yes please! You may proceed. :)

This is great Prash - you've already been doing the job, so maybe it's time to formalise things :)


Thank you so much Sam. Let's go official. ;-)

Great to get to know you and the amazing work you have been doing


Great to get to know
You and the amazing work
You have been doing

                 - tattoodjay

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Thank you so much @tattoodjay for stopping by. :) Really appreciate it.

Hi @hungryhustle!

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Great job Prashant. ;) See you on the top! I think you will reach 60 before me. Let's race.

Absolutely!!! Awesome!!!