My amazing Meetup #promo-steem in Gran Canaria with @kilianparadise and @cauac!

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👉 Spanish versión and French version

Hi Steemians!

Today I am going to share with you my amazing meetup with @kilianparadise and @cauac!

@cauac, @flamingirl and @kilianparadise at Tipsy Hammock Café.

These two Steemians very involved in the community contacted me during my holidays in Canary Island and I agreed to meet them last Sunday. We had a meeting in a very nice bar facing the "Playa del Inglès" which is located in the southeast of the island. These two brothers greeted me with a smile and I felt at ease immediately! I like this kind of casual and friendly atmosphere! The inhabitants of the Canary Island are very welcoming in general but I think I met the two best! <3


We are each introduced to our turn and we have noticed our point in common to all three:

the promotion of Steemit!


@kilianparadise (Kilian) is 32 years old and was born in the Canaries one of the paradises of the world. If you also travel on the Canary Island, it will be the ideal guide! Especially if you like scuba diving because it is PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, OWSI. He combines his passion and steemit promotion. He organized various actions to promote Steemit's land and underwater! It's incredible! He does this very professionally with custom accessories (T-shirt, cap, flag ...). You can discover the fabulous work of this Steemians on this promotional video!

video source

@cauac (Israel) is Kilian's brother, he is 38 and he loves surfing and bodyboarding. He believes in a better world and that people united in steemit can help achieve it. He practices Buddhism and believes that all beings have the right to be happy. One of its medium-term goals is to create a home for destitute children. Where is taught to love the land and animals as well as to grow as a person. Israel works as a broker with crypto-currencies and forex.

They made me discover a really interesting project which consists of having among the Steemians, promoters in each country. This wonderful initiative is #promo-steem it was created by the team @steem-ambassador. These promoters lead actions and discover the platform to more and more people and are rewarded for it. And among these promoters, there are ambassadors who represent them.
If you want to know more about this project, click on this link: Promo-Steem community guidelines


I explained to them the actions I had put in place to promote Steemit in Barcelona and Paris.

I remind you that it is the perfect time to register for the next meeting steemit in Barcelona that will take place on June 30 at 6 pm.

To register, just send me 0.001 steem with the memo: "I participate in the 5th MEETING STEEMIT in Barcelona" and I will automatically add you to the list. =)

I am thinking to send my "candidature" to become an ambassador for Spain and promote our wonderful platform in Barcelona and Spain.


For the moment, as you can see on this map, there is no ambassador in Spain so this is a great opportunity for me. It remains for me to read all the details of the project and if it suits me, I will send my application ^^.
If you too are interested in growing the community in your country, I invite you to read this article which explains how it works and 12 ways to do #promo-steem and be rewarded.


Thank you @gold84 for this good job!

@kilianparadise made me discovered "My Steemit Friends", a really cool app to see in detail who you vote in real time.


I also learned a lot about how "SteemAuto" and "SteemBot" work. I was aware of these two services but I had a detailed explanation that allowed me to understand a little better. I think that I will use both services in the future because it will allow me to have more visibility and to make my Steemit promotion actions known to more people.



After this great meeting I came back to the hotel more motivated than ever! I find it very exciting to see other people around the world believe in this platform and do the same thing! This is the proof that technology can do beautiful things and as I always say "Alone we go faster, together we go further!"

Do not hesitate to organize actions in your city and gradually make connections with people. You'll see, it's really magical to come together around a common interest and put our skills to good use. It allows you to meet new people and learn new things! It's never a waste of time but always a discovery!

Thank you so much @kilianparadise and @cauac for your kindness and your warm welcome on your beautiful island! I'm going to write a series of blogs to introduce it to you because it's a really magical place that I want to share with you!
For the next meeting, I hope to meet @surfermarly and @cryptocurator! =)


To learn more about the next meetup in Spain and the Canary Islands, do not hesitate to follow @steemitcanarias, @ promo-spain, @surfermarly, @kilianparadise y @cauac.

If you liked reading this article or just watch this photography, feel free to FOLLOW ME, UPVOTE and RESTEEM! It's always pleasant =D. Thank you all for your support and see you soon for a new flamingirl's adventures!

🎀 FlaminGirl 🎀 with love...

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Thanks @flamingirl! Awesome words 😍
Was an honour having you here in Gran Canaria and also in the meeting in Playa del Inglés.
Can't wait to see you next time :D
I have seen that maybe we'll meet @surfermarly @cryptocurator @starkerz @anarcotech and some other Super Steemians in the next one.
I hope you can join us :p
Thanks again guapa! Was really cool!
(No sé aún si podré asistir a la próxima reunión en Barcelona. Sería genial!)

Great meeting. It will motivative yourself. It’s a great idea to get together people and learn from their. Great post.

Really GREAT to have such a prominent steemian involved in #promo-steem and @steem-ambassador.
I am sure you know already, but the upvotes of the steem ambassadors are tracked and our CAMPUS guild (@steem-amabssador) upvotes if any three steem ambassadors upvote one blog. This means we have a very decentralized reward distribution that is very hard to corrupt! If you know any steemians who can delegate, it would be very much appreciated by the promo-steem community if they delegated to @steem-ambassador, as this ensures that all the steemians who are promoting steem are rewarded buy the community for the community! We look forward to see more from your work on the promo-steem tag! :))


I will read with attention and interest all the informations about #promo-steem and @steem-ambassador. And I will give you news as soon as possible. Thank you for this comment and your investment in the Steemit community! Have a nice day =D


Awesome to hear!! )) looking forward to further contact from u soon :) if you do know delegators, please let them know that we give 85% of thebcuration rewards back to the delegators. We also give 10% to the steem ambassadors And 5% to the best promoter each quarter. And we take nothing for ourselves.

Yes, it is great to interact through this platform, and above all to express our talent, and I will be attentive to your post to admire your creativity.

good post, you are very active👍🏿

que emocionante experiencia..

Es importante saber que a través de Steemit nos unimos.

Wonderful, @kilianparadise and @cauac are really awesome people, they have a great passion to promote steem. Your looking beautiful @flamingirl. This was a very successful meeting. I really love the steem friends app it is really great. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post enjoy your day


[email protected] and @cauac they are really awesome people and I can't wait to meet other steemians!!! Maybe you @owen121 one day =D! Thank you so much for your nice comment my friend! Steem on!


Oh yes, I also wish to meet you someday. Ur welcome my friend

Excelente post @flamingirl bastante inspirador para que otras personas sigamos tu ejemplo y se pueda ayudar a que Steemit siga creciendo cada día mas.


Claro y es así que Steemit va a crecer y ayudar la gente para que puedan ser financieramente independientes!

Thank you @flamingirl for shining a light on the promo-steem / @steemambassador project - I'm sorry I didn't get chance to meet you - in the big scheme I only a few hundred miles away! I hope we can work together on promoting Steemit in some fashion in the future. Best Wishes @CryptoCurator

Hello flamingirl!

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Que buen viaje @flamingirl!!!
Un abrazo!

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Aaaaaw, such a great documentary! I wish I had been there with you guys. Count me in for the next one!!! :-)