SteemPress: From Blog To Blockchain - London Crypto Show 2018 Presentation

in promo-steem •  9 months ago

I’m pleased to release the official STEEMPRESS presentation video from the London Crypto Currency Show 2018 run by the fantastic #Promo-Steem!

@howo and @fredrikaa give a joint talk about their platform SteemPress which provides automatic and seamless posting to the Steem blockchain from WordPress.

They also talk about why Steem is the best and most versatile blockchain right now.

I @ashtv have filmed and edited this video for/with the Promo-Steem team in full professional quality in a voluntary capacity for the projects involved.

This video will aim to serve as a useful resources for Steem users and investors, as well as being a tool for the projects to use in the future as part of their own development and marketing.

Thanks for watching and thanks to the Promo-Steem team.

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I'm really impressed by the quality! Thanks a lot for taking the time and effort to make this both for us and for the other projects :)
Keep it up!

Is there anywhere I can get in touch with you also for the video at the stand?


You're welcome! Yes, email me [email protected] and I'll put that edit together and send it to you :)
I'll also send you the presentation file too if you like to do what you want with.


Yes I am VERY happy to see both this video from you AND the actual project by @fredrikaa because a Steem Wordpress plugin just seems like such common sense!
This is a fantastic idea because Wordpress has tens of millions of bloggers and we need to capture that market and your tool makes that process so much easier! If we only had a plugin that worked with Instagram now somehow it would really complete the circle! But for now is amazing and you guys really hit it out of the park! I resteemed!


Hey @fredrikaa, what's the best email to send this video to?


[email protected]
It would be neat to have the video from the stand at least. If you have other material which you've already uploaded then that would be nice too :)


Sent :)

Woahhhhhh it's amazing ! Thanks for your work :D


My pleasure, glad you're so happy! I'll send you this file to take away and use for your own purposes if you like. Edit it or present it, whatever :)


me too, please! thanks, @ashtv

Nice post! I introduced this video to @justyy and Resteemed. Thank you.


Thanks for the resteem!

wow I liked the way you presented

We love SteemPress so much we have translated it to Spanish (Mexico). We are the biggest mexican cryptonews oulet, most of our work is translating. It would be great if you could review and appove our translation any time soon.