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freaking brilliant... you said everything I've been thinking about but could not possibly put into words that perfectly.

Please more of this...

I love that you and others want to stay and fight for freedom. I would love get out, but am one of the millions who couldnt afford to even
If I am wanting to. Fighting stupid is getting exhausting tho.

same argument in Germany though:

If you dont like Germany(EU) you can leave (to EU).

Very bad decision they should take Reverse this bad imposing decision

WOW !!

The points that you make are just brilliant. This is the kind of content I want to watch in DTube.

Please bring more of that regularly 😊😊

Good analysis

I don't wanna live in the park ,.... ;-)

$2000 to denounce your US Citizenship?
What kind of BS is this?


I dunno, I just left, seemed to have the same effect :D

As always, outstanding video.

Yeah, I too think staying and fixing the country makes more sense:

Love it...

also consider the degree of illegality , it is a misdemeanor to enter the country for the first time

For the first improper entry offense, the person can be fined (as a criminal or civil penalty), or imprisoned for up to six months, or both. This is considered a misdemeanor under federal law (18 U.S.C.A. § 3559).

Now should we kidnap other people's children who have committed misdeameanor such as ? for example -

  • Public intoxication.
  • Unlawful carrying of a weapon
  • Public lewdness

Source for the quote:

This isn't only for american citizens,but for citizens of whole world,who doesn't love their motherland.They deserve to leave the world or being kicked out.All of us should love our country and should be proud of our varied heritages.
Nice video.
Lots of Love from India.

If you don't like America you can't leave because you probably aren't there. Kappa

Nice one, good work -- subbed!

I am loving how many people comment "Yeah! If you don't like our country just leave!" Because obviously they haven't check the video, which is deconstructing that stupid "just leave" argument hahahahakaren laughing.gif

It is dangerous & toxic offering free things to people, instead of encouraging good working ethics. Many Leaders like Venezuela, Cambodia, Russia and China promised the same things, but instead they gave; death, destruction, control & the middle class disseminated. I'm for immigration but following the proper procedures to prevent Mexico, Cuba and other Countries to empty out their jails and send their prisoners to our Country, to prevent human trafficking, pedophiles to adopt children for their pleasure and sacrifices to their God, drug and arms trafficking as well. A country with out borders is like a man with self control. My Mom has a saying " If you don't like the door is wide open" Perhaps those who protest because they don't like the way America is should go and live in Venezuela, China or Russia, but don't try to change America to be like those Countries. The military Complex, deep state and the globalist has created instability in various Countries, but they don't represent American's values.

You nailed it! Subscribed.

great video! Short and spot on.

This is the great thing about America. If we don't like the direction it is going in, we can fix it. I prefer to use my energy living in voluntary relationships rather than wasting energy "fighting" anyone. Enjoying voluntaryism is the most powerful way to show people the light. They will come around when they come around.


What if they don't, and those of us who refuse to be ruled are always a tiny minority in a world full of people who demand rulers?


It seems humans are designed to cooperate in hierarchies. The amount of leader personalities will always be smaller than the follower types. This leads me to suspect leader type people will always draw in followers or subjects. We can influence the culture to be less dependant on leaders and more respectful of individual rights. Keep in mind, this is going against alot of evolution so humanity has a long wait before that change happens. The Enlightenment was only a few years ago on Mans timeline. We need more time to understand how we changed psychologically from an evolution perspective. I suspect you are a leader and this is why you think in these terms. Followers find us puzzling and are fearful to even think about self determination. I will continue to think free and someday my body will follow.


The difference between a tyrant and a leader though is that the leader is held to the same standard under the law. He or she does not enjoy double standards or special protections. I'm all for leaders and governance, but government means there are double standards and special protections. It means some rule others. We don't need that as humans.


Agreed 100%. I know humans can make this change. An institution should be organized with a charter to continue promoting the new paradigm using the standard you mentioned. People will come and go but the institution will live on. Designing the charter would be a great start.


Hello again Finnian, I think people who refuse to be ruled will always be a small minority until we're not. Along the way some things have to happen. Bad news first, it will take longer than our lifetimes.
Second, the transition period will have new leaders. These new leaders will have to lead the majority and influence their followers to be self determinist. They must resist holding power to ensure continuity or fall back into the current paradigm, where leaders want to keep power over others.
The new paradigm will look more like a family. Your parents prepare you for the day they kick you out and you are now responsible for your life. I am very happy I am only responsible for a few because it is not as easy as taking orders. Take care.