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Atomic Threat to Belarus

(Inscription on the sign - Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant)

April 26, 2018, was the anniversary of a major catastrophe. The consequences of it are so strong that they will poison the Belarusian and Ukrainian lands for a long time. 32 years have passed since the day of the largest technogenic disaster, which affected almost the whole world. I'm talking about an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.


On April 26, 1986, the fourth power unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, located near the city of Pripyat, was destroyed. The consequences were catastrophic. The total release of radioactive materials amounted to 50 million curies. This is equivalent to the 500 atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima. At the same time, 90% of the nuclear fuel after the destruction was in the earth's atmosphere.

The radioactive cloud that formed after the accident reached the east coast of the US while covering most of Europe. On April 27 at the Swedish nuclear power plant, located 1100 kilometers from Chernobyl, the world's first alarm signal was transmitted. The Swedes discovered radioactive materials on the clothes of their employees.

Unfortunately, the locals were not warned. Only 36 hours after the accident, they were evacuated. It was one of the most large-scale evacuations, conducted in a time of peace. The total number of evacuated residents was 200 000 people. More than 70 cities and villages were included in the mandatory resettlement list. They ceased to be suitable for habitation.


Almost 8.4 million people in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine were exposed to radiation. For all time in the elimination of the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, 600,000 people took part. Many people were infected with radiation sickness, as a result of working to eliminate the disaster. In other cases, mutations were observed that were passed on to generations.

Of all countries, the largest amount of radioactive substances in the amount of 70% was in Belarus. For this reason, a huge amount of fertile land was contaminated. Belarus incurred losses of $ 200,000,000,000. Until now, many Belarusian lands have a high level of radiation.


In our time, visiting a closed ghost town of Pripyat has become popular for adventurers. There are excursions that are conducted illegally. People are interested in visiting the ghost town of the times of the Soviet Union. But you can not stay there long. There is a possibility of receiving radioactive contamination. This does not stop the desperate adventurers.

Belarusian nuclear power plant - terrible nightmare of Lithuanians


After such a sad introduction, I want to tell you about the largest construction project in Belarus. This is a Belarusian nuclear power plant. Its construction takes place in the town of Ostrovets, Grodno region. Construction takes place in close proximity to the border shared with Lithuania. Politicians and the public of Lithuania opposes the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. They are afraid of the repetition of the Chernobyl tragedy near its own border.


Lithuania is attempting to create an international coalition to unite efforts against the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. The Lithuanian government officially announced that the Belarusian nuclear power plant is unsafe and poses a threat to the national security of Lithuania, as well as for the protection of the environment and public health. In addition, Lithuania intends to build sirens next to its border. These sirens will notify the population if an emergency happens at the nuclear power plant. Lithuania also plans to purchase protection from radioactive contamination.

Does Lithuania have reasons for unrest? Of course. Numerous facts speak of this. The Belarusian authorities are trying to hide any negative information. But thanks to the work of independent journalists, we see a real picture of what is happening.

Nuclear Power Plant - Made in Belarus


I'll ask a simple question. Which country sponsors the construction of the Belarusian NPP? - Of course, this is Russia. The official loan amount for the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant was $ 10 billion. But the real value is constantly growing. Now it is more than 11 billion dollars. Agree, this is not a small sum for poor Belarus.

During the construction of the nuclear power plant, many dangerous incidents were identified. One of the most serious emergencies occurred on July 10, 2016. During the nuclear reactor installation, for unknown reasons, it fell to the ground. The fall occurred from a height of about 3 meters. Its weight was 330 tons. None of the people were harmed. After falling to the ground, the nuclear reactor got seriously damaged. According to experts, the fall of a nuclear reactor, even from a height of 10 times less, would lead to its deformation. That is, now it carries a great danger.


The authorities did not give any statements and denied this fact. Thanks to the efforts of journalists, the public learned about this. In addition, the construction of this station is constantly changing workers. Many are dismissed because of bad and dangerous working conditions. Workers are forced to work 12 hours a day. But the main factor of dismissal is small salaries.

Work on such dangerous construction poses a threat to health. Dangerous situations occur there regularly. I can give many examples of this. But for this I would have to make a separate message. Therefore, we focus attention (on one more) on the latest incident, which received a wide public response.

On April 26, 2018 (on the anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy), the Belarusian Ambassador to Lithuania received a "note" (note - the official appeal of one country to another).

Lithuania demanded from Belarus to provide information about the fire. It occurred at the start of the reactor emergency protection system. What do you think, what did the leadership of the Atomic Station answer? They denied the fact of a fire.

Obviously, that "someone" is lying to hide their own incompetence. But this is not the main thing. The main thing is that the "innovative" alarm system failed (during its testing). This is an excuse for worrying about the quality of construction.

Is it worth the risk?

Chernobyl Way


"Chernobyl Way" is an annual social movement dedicated to the anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident. In Belarus, this movement has been conducted since 1996 and is considered illegal. But this does not stop the participants gathering annually. Thus, they honor the memory of the dead and injured in this terrible technogenic catastrophe.

Source Photo from archive 1996

In the near future, the organizers of the public action "Chernobyl Way" promise to create a new movement called "Ostrovets Road". The main goal of the new movement is to tell people about the dangers of a nuclear power plant under construction. According to polls, 40% of Belarusians consider the construction of a nuclear power plant risky. Nine % of Belarusians do not see this as an economic benefit for their country.

But Lukashenko continues to adhere to his principles. He is traditionally not interested in the opinion of the Belarusian people. The nuclear power plant is another project of Lukashenko, to which he has borrowed from Russia a huge amount of money. All its projects are financed by loans from other countries. He does not care that such decisions worsen the state of the dying Belarusian economy.

Source. The inscription reads - The path may be different!

Now that you know more, it is time to answer a simple rhetorical question: Do Belarusians need an atomic power station in debt?

Authored by Belarus Insider

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I watched few documentaries about Chernobyl tragedy. How people were used to get rid of radioactive material using duct tapes and regular dust masks with googles. How machines collapsed due to high radioactivity. Eventually how it spread all over Europe including my country where I was born Czech Republic 🇨🇿 and how it was discovered in Sweden 🇸🇪. I still remember when my mom told me we got special iodine tablets when I was a very little kid. I didn’t think of it much at that time, but when I watched this documentary, it really opened my eyes. In my opinion, even though for some it’s tempting to visit places like this, I wouldn’t take a risk. Why do these people even consider to go there? Just for the sake of curiosity? Im not surprised Lithuania 🇱🇹 citizens are afraid of this new nuclear plant project being build in Belarus. It not only brings the memories back, but the trust is completely lost. Especially when the information of this tragedy was held in secret for so long. They obviously didn’t learn a thing, they keep lying to people. So many lives were lost because of that. I wonder, what is the Russians 🇷🇺 motive to sponsor this project? I think we already know what Lukashenko stands for! Himself and Putin!


I guess some adrenaline junkies like to travel there. They should at least let Lithuanian engineers let to watch over construction, to watch over safety standards.


from the author: Russia sponsors many projects of Lukashenko's regime. Such projects are of value.
But this creates a debt burden on Belarus. Now, Belarus completely exists thanks to loans and oil from Russia. If Putin stops giving loans to Lukashenko, then the country will be in a very difficult situation.

A very moving story @adsactly, after I read your post, I am very sad, because very many people are suffering, just because some people are taking advantage of the project, but very many people are suffering. You say Nearly 8.4 million people in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine are exposed to radiation. That with a very large amount, and all of it is a very dangerous threat to humans who live on this earth. But luckily the locals quickly evacuated. So not many people suffer.

I think the government in Belarus must handle all this mess, and there will be no Atomic Threat to Belarus. This incident can be a very good motivation for all of us, and this can be a great example for all the countries in the world, so that all such chaos will not happen in another country, so that no one will suffer again for future. Thanks for sharing @adsactly.

Chernobyl is one of the great tragedies of history, I knew it was catastrophic hadn't realized the quantity of radiation was the equivalent of 500 atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima. That's horrible especially for the people living their daily lives nearby without realizing it for 36 whole hours. It must be terribly worrisome to raise a family in those conditions, to be cursed with a higher possibility of radiation caused mutations.

Lukashenko once again shows his lack of caring for people or the economy or for anything other than himself. Can we be sure that the people working on the nuclear plant are fully competent and have the experience to do this right? When there's a lot of turnover and low pay, that suggests that a disaster is in the making! People might forget to say exactly what's left to do and maybe a key component goes missing because communication is hampered!

Lithuania is in an awkward spot - they don't want it, presumably most people of Belarus don't want it, but the powers that be just want to go ahead with it. It's ridiculous that this has to be funded with borrowing money from other countries; does it solve any actual problems? While I may be in favor of cleaner power in general (wind and solar are cleanest; nuclear - if handled properly - has potential), the precondition for using nuclear as clean power is that, well, the waste has proper disposal and that the building doesn't have a risk of blowing up. It's fine to continue to use dirty power like coal over nuclear in this case, I think, since my impression is that the expertise for nuclear might simply not be there.


from the author: You're right. During construction, incidents are constantly occurring. This is due to unskilled workers. In order to build such an important and dangerous facility, it is necessary to attract qualified specialists. But the services of qualified professionals are worth good money. The government saves money and does not hire qualified specialists. This causes fear.

Wow. First, I knew about Chernobyl, but reading again about it really got me sad. It's a huge chatastrophe that happened and I really do hope that we are going to learn from it. I hope that Lukashenko will come to his senses and start to think about his people. The poor Belarus really needs no power plants and especially no power plant build on lended money. This is not logical at all, at all!

I hope this news will reach much bigger scene so it will be talked about more seriously. We don't want to repeat mistakes from history for sure, but politicians are greedy greedy people and that is what I fear. I eill not be surprised if this power plant gets build in the end. But I hope that people's voice will be heard before that happened.

Thanks for sharing this great post. It was eye opening and really informative. We will see what will happen, you got me curious now... Have a great day or night ;)

While I'm not opposed to nuclear power plants, I can't see the logic in placing them in populated areas.

wow 🤔🤔

Here I am again @adsactly. I just came from your previous post hahahaha.

Dude, I knew the case about the nuclear reactor accident at Chernobyl, but I didn't know that its damage was so immense that it even reached the U.S. It's amazing how its energy was equivalent to 500 nuclear bombs dropped in hiroshima :O. No doubt this was a huge shock to the world. Fortunately it did not affect the whole planet and now it is past, but the trauma that it generated in the affected people and the mutations as a consequence of the radiation, will never be left behind.

And it is precisely for these reasons that the people have a great fear that they will build a new nuclear power plant. People don't want what happened in the past to be repeated. And unfortunately they have no voting power, as it is a presidential republic.

And now to answer your question:

Do Belarusians need an atomic power station in debt?

The function of a nuclear power plant is to create electrical energy from mechanical work. But this way of obtaining energy is not only very expensive, it is also dangerous. An accident of the magnitude of Chernobyl could occur.

I think there are better ways to get energy.... They could opt for renewable energies, which are much less expensive and eradicate the risks of a nuclear power plant.

Greetings colleague @adsactly


You know what I can't figure out? Which one copied the other. You or the very next poster. I really don't know, but I do know you are working together because you voted for eachother. Which begs another question. Who is most guilty? The student that copies or the one that shows? I don't think it matters to a flag.


Colleague @bigtom13 you're right about what you said!! We voted for each other so that my comment and the @linoo36 comment would appear above in the comment box.

We did this so that our comments could be more easily viewed by the @adsactly team. We honestly did not believe that this action was of such gravity.

We didn't mean to create a problem for you @adsactly. On the contrary, I personally enjoy very much the kind of content you share in your posts. I find all the topics covered in your blog very interesting and educational.

I want to sincerely apologize to you @bigtom13 and the @adsactly team for this bad action. I also want you to know that I am completely original in every comment. I always leave you my most sincere opinion and sometimes, examples from my own life that deal with the subject of the post.

I want you to know that you have my support for your project. And I beg your pardon....

Have a nice day @bigtom13 @adsactly!!


I've pulled the flags. I truly don't mind you voting for each other, and I understand the strategy, and even admire it. It works.

Your comments look so much the same on every post that it gives me pause. I hope you understand that. I look at a lot of 'less than admirable' comments every day and tend to think badly of them.

I hope we can go forward from here with out problems. I certainly don't have one and as one small bit of adsactly I can tell you we appreciate all support from our friends.


No problem, colleague @bigtom13. I will work more on my way of expressing myself and introducing my comments so that they don't seem repetitive. You're right about that point.

We will certainly continue to work together seamlessly. Thank you for appreciating my support. It is a pleasure to support your project and to be part of it.

A greeting @bigtom13!! :)


from the author: I agree that renewable energy sources are the future of mankind. Nuclear power plants are a big threat, this is confirmed by history. People are afraid to vote against this station. They use the principle - "if I remain silent, nobody will touch me."

Hi buddy, it's me again after reading and leaving my comment in your previous posts, the same thing I will do with this hahahahaha.

After the incident in Chernobyl, the town was devastated, the economy spiked in view of the serious economic damage that the accident caused, the number of inhabitants was considerably reduced, a great extension of territory was lost, which is important because of the fertility that the territory had, now all that is garbage, regrettably.

I would like to point out, my friend, that this accident was, together with the Fukushima I accident in Japan in 2011, considered to be the most serious on the International Nuclear Accident Scale, that is to say, a major accident, level 7, thus constituting one of the greatest environmental disasters in history.

Basically what happens is what is called presidentialism, the people are not participating in government decisions, mainly should participate in this which is very important, the people know that they do not want to suffer a loss of this size again, the president should reconsider spending all that money that increases its foreign debt and invest it in the improvement and growth of the economy for the benefit of the population.

Now answering your interesting rhetorical question of what it was:

Do the Belarusians need a nuclear power plant in Debt?

I can say very firmly that they do not need it at all. Although we already know that an accident generated in a plant can generate radioactivity, we know the danger of working to generate this energy, not in accordance with that there are other ways to generate renewable energy, inexhaustible and that would not have the danger of generating a level 7 environmental disaster, such as wind, solar and others, which would be less costly and more accepted in society.

Thank you very much for your information friend, always generating good content, greetings again from Venezuela, you are admired a friendly world @adsactly!!


I really think you are the one that copied the previous poster's comment. But it really doesn't matter since you are working together to beat the system. Surprise. Flag.


Dear friend @bigtom13, I apologize and give you the reason, my friend @emmanuel250998 and I have been voting for each other as a strategy for our comments to appear first, I really apologize, I feel very sorry for that.

I would like you to know that our intention was never to commit a serious offense, we didn't even think that this would have consequences, so we sincerely apologize to the whole community.

We never wanted to generate controversy or cause problems for any of the writers of @adsactly, since I admire them and have a lot of respect for them, feelings that I have expressed almost always in the comments I leave them, in fact I would like to be part of the community of writers of @adsactly, to share my stories and make them known.

Despite this misunderstanding I want you to know that the entire team of @adsactly writers have my support, including you, my friend @bigtom13, for which I reiterate my sincere apologies for the altercation.

Greetings from Venezuela my friends, we are always on hand to support you and I am always looking forward to your post!!


I have pulled the flags. I don't mind your voting for one another, I understand the strategy and it works.

Your comments look similar, and I look at every comment every day. I think in your case I reacted poorly and apologize for that. I hope we can go forward from here without problem. I certainly don't have one.

Necular power plant are good invention but most of the country are using it to kill its opponents. Unfortunately it will become the cause of great disaster.

Actually this is a remarkable industry but also has a huge negative impact on human life,
As ever happened The explosion of nuclear power plants in Japan is not the first in the world. Once, exactly in 1986 a nuclear power plant once exploded in Chernobyl, Ukraine. Now the city is a dead city that has been abandoned by its inhabitants and can not be habitable due to the effects of nuclear radiation is very deadly, even nuclear radiation is still felt today.


Здравствуйте Валентина, я тоже из Гомеля, рад с вами подружиться 🌷🍹


Очень рада знакомству, Руслан.

Thank you for this informative post! It really brings to mind just how much human beings are willing to practice wilful ignorance in the face of danger for the sake of profit. The history of the Chernobyl incident should be more than enough reason for projects such as the one in Belarus to proceed with more caution (if at all), and yet our species carries on down this suicidal path.

I'd say the usual line about how "those who forget history are doomed to repeat it", but in this case it's not even that history has been forgotten, but that those in powerful places simply don't care.

Nuclear power plant are really bad and very harmful to the human body, the waste or smoke emitted my this power plant can cause cancer to the body and other harmful effects. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. I really enjoyed it

Guess which country has the largest number of nuclear power plants?

I think the government in Belarus must handle all this mess, and there will be no Atomic Threat to Belarus. This incident can be a very good motivation for all of us, and this can be a great example for all the countries in the world, so that all such chaos will not happen in another country, so that no one will suffer again for future

"Unfortunately, the locals were not warned." 😂 😂😂

nuclear powerplant is very hearmful for socity... its the main reasons of disester... people thought that it will be very helpful for them.... the sun light come directly for the distroying atmoshphear.... the sun have many hearmful ray... that ray is dengerious for human body... save the earth avoid the great achivement...


Belarus is augmenting,

though that might be a threat to mankind, on the other hand, its benefit Belarus because it will help in economic development. Good security measures will be needed, otherwise its good progress!!! Thanks for your thoughtful post @adsactly

I guess one can call it a modern atomic warfare... be nice to us, or we'll build a nuclear power plant close to your border.. very sad..

Very, very good article with lots of good info and accompanying photography. This is better than most MSM articles we see on a daily basis, because it gives real detail about a real story that affects millions of people. Well done.

However, if 40% of the Belorussian people see it as "risky," presumably the other 60% do not...? If 9% see it as being of no economic benefit, presumably 91% think it WILL be a benefit.

I am not saying that it should be built so close to Lithuania, or at all, but you made these statements and then said this proves Lukashenko doesn't care about the opinion of his people. I don't think those stats make THAT case.



from the author: 40% considered this building a risky + 9% considered it economically unprofitable. Many of the respondents refrained from answering. People are afraid to formally express their opinions. Some of these people are not interested in building a nuclear power plant. In this article, I reflected only the "tip of the iceberg". In order to show everything, it would take much more messages.

Peace, let preaching peace the world needs it.

The Chernobyl accident is truly a mind-blowing tragedy. It also affected alot of people drom Estonia who were sent there to clean up the mess after the accident. Sent there by Soviet Union, bodies damaged for life and maybe even passed on to the next generation.

Awesome post like it.

People are so passive. Is there anyone doing something against these constructions.
I don't know. Are everybody tired of everything and they are tired of this world and gave up on everybody else

Helpful information

Rich and interesting content filled up with information about certain activity in Belarus.

by the way video game stalker is about adventures in Pripiyt.

That's sucks it puts another country under the environmental threat, at least they should allow Lithuanian engineers and scientists to watch over construction so everything is safe during the construction

Insightful 🙌🙌

Wow, a great information post!

If a few years have passed since the nuclear incident, and the disastrous consequences are still to be seen, why would the government want to build another one? Here it is seen that the only economic change they want is for those in government (the communists are the plague of the world), and of course Russia is interested in lending a lot of money because it will be built outside of their country, if it happens. an accident does not affect them, it is the greatest hypocrisy.


actually it will effect them, distance is to close to Russia. I mean in case something really serious will happen

Important fact to remember. Unfortunate tragedy, without a doubt a total catastrophe. You have my upvote, salute.

Hola @adsactly
Excelente artículo.
Lamentablemente en un futuro no muy lejano se volverán a escuchar las sirenas y los daños serán irreversibles.
El hombre acabará con su existencia y las ruinas serán a nivel mundial.
Gracias y Saludos

Every nuclear plant is good but when it does not maintain it it exploits

interesting post fella

The world - Belarus many ago from broadcast is it over to human Glenn should check my profile vote give

Al leer este articulo, investigue los desastres nucleares ocurridos. El mas antiguo fue el ocurrido en 1952 en la planta de Chalk River -Canadá y desde ese momento estas plantas constituyen una amenaza latente para la vida en nuestro planeta.¿ Nesecitan los bielorrusos una estación de energía atómica endeudada?
Naturalmente no, la necesitan. El gobierno debería escuchar la opinión del pueblo, porque las riquezas de un país es patrimonio de sus ciudadanos y finalmente el pueblo es a quienes benefician o afectan estas decisiones tan trascendentales.

The disasters that occur in the making of man
We must protect nature and protect the land from the greed of man
Something really unfortunate
International organizations must intervene to resolve this problem

Congratulations @adsactly!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

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Greetings friends, great post. what pain and sadness and that nobody in the world with all its technology does not do something to solve and stop it once and for all, it is enough that the earth is hurt and dies slowly ...

We were warned by many of the scientists who used the atomic bomb, the world watched as Chernobyl unleashed radioactive hell into its surroundings, and in more recent history we watched as Fukeshima unfolded and polluted the Pacific ocean. After all of this we still used nuclear power plants that are decades old, we still bury radioactive waste, and we still pour tons of money into running them.

Thank to information @adsactly very useful to us as we work must be spirit in the face of every obstacle in front..

Nice post i like it.

The danger posed by nuclear power sometimes far outweighs its benefits. A better option would be to invest in clean renewable energy. We better pray the world does not experience a nuclear holocaust

My grandpa was actually one of the people involved in massive cleanups afterwords. I have a lot of real stories from actually people who were there.

After this i feel inspired to maybe post some of those stories!

good post. good content. worth reading

Helpful information for world peoples.they don't know about this world

I have seen some documentary about the Chernobyl tragedy. How to use to get rid of radioactive elements by using regular dust masks with Dog Tape and googles. Due to high radioactivity the machines were reduced, eventually it spread across Europe including my country where I was born in the Czech Republic 🇨🇿 and it was discovered in Sweden 🇸🇪. I still think when my mother told me that I got a special iodine tablet when I was a little child. I did not think much at that time, but when I saw this documentary, it opened my eyes. In my opinion, even though some tempting to see this good place, I would not have taken a risk. Why are these people even considered to go there? Just curious? Lithuania is not surprised that citizens are afraid to build this new nuclear plant in Belarus. It does not just come back to the memories, but the trust is completely lost. Especially when these tragedy information is held secretly for some time, they certainly did not learn a thing, they lied to the people. As a result, many lives have disappeared, I wonder, what is the purpose of the sponsors sponsored by the Russians? I know what we already have to stand for Lukashenko! Yourself and Putin!!!!!!!:)