[PHOTOGRAPHY] A Boreal Storm Rages 📷

in photography •  10 months ago

It's been snowing 4 days in a row nonstop here in southern Sweden. It sure makes for great photo opportunities, but it's rather hellish if you need to go to town to get groceries.

Camera: Nikon D3300 + AF-P 18-55/3,5 - 5,6G VR

Thanks to @moroccantoughts for the banner

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Looking at the pictures that reminds me Siberian, when I was many years ago, it is unusual to have such snow storms in Europe. Up here in UK it was called "Beast from the East". This storm paralyzed the routine life in our area in South East of Scotland for 3 days, but today it seems to be over, hopefully it settled in Sweden too. By the way I looked at your Whisky review, have you been visiting South west of Scotland just for holiday and because you are Whisky lover?


Nice to get to experience Siberia for a couple of days without having to go there. I visited Scotland both due to my love for whisky and Scottish nature/landscapes :)


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Amazing photo shoot and your original work. Excellent photography. Thanks a lot..

Nice photo winter. Good nature @steemswede

Actually . I hope to travel to Sweden. Someday . I think I will realize my dream with Steemit . Amazing Photos. thanks for sharing . I think the banner came in the right place. Upvote . resteem . Tweet .
Peace from morocco @steemswede


Glad you liked it! Your are welcome to visit Sweden any day!


Thank you dear . problem there is how to get a visa to visit Sweden. It's one of the hardest things. Unless you have a large amount in your account. I think that the problem is due to the migration problem that some of the Arab countries like Morocco are experiencing But as a person living in Europe you can visit us in an easy way. Have you seen the difference where it is.

@moroccantoughts is a wonderful artist with very respectable ideas

Welcome my dear @steemswede to the Moroccan Community


Thank you @steeimran for motivation

In Southern Sweden its hellish... in Northern Sweden hell freezes over. Keep warm!


True, at least we don't have minus 30 C

Absolutely stunning. Storm is scary but it looks beautiful :) ... Awesome pics, @steemswede :)


Thank you, appreciate it!


my pleasure

Lovely shots, @steemswede - you really captured the atmosphere! We were inundated with is here in Derbyshire, England, too - so beautiful!