Sunset Thoughts

in photography •  8 months ago


Looking up there
Makes me want to close my eyes.
Can't take the brightness,
And the sparkle of it's peeked lights.

and deep thoughts came running in...

Sometimes he shine so bright,
and makes the sky orangey in sight.
Sometimes he hides behind,
just letting the clouds do what they want.
Sometimes he can't be seen,
letting the stormy clouds pour out
all the gloominess and pain.
Sometimes he stand alone,
and lights the world, as if it's his own.

We might have took him for granted,
We might have cursed him for being too hot,
And we might have wished he never existed,


It's beauty will always be there,
It will never fade nor drift away.

In this pessimistic world,
There he stood...

bringing light,
making the sky not to be plain in sight,
before the stars reunite,
and before the day and night collide.

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