It`s not the Netherlands, but also beautiful!

in photo •  9 months ago

Hello, Friends!

What is your spring - flower?
I can`t imagine mine without the tulips!
Officially, spring starts for me on the 8th of March - Women's day!

But this year warmth came later...and just now I feel really "renewed"!







p.s. these photos are just from the parc across the street =D

What is your fav flower?
Upvote me and share in the coments!
Have a good day!

with love,
Mrs. J. <3

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what a beautiful snaps... really very nice..


Nice that you like it! Thank you!

nice natural flower photo. keep it up.

Very beautiful! I will follow you for more great content. I REALLY love tulips.. Flowers in general

Come see Brazil!

wow beautiful photos :)

@yule4ka i can feel the spring just by looking at ur photos they are so nice

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My flower in polybag
1 (39).jpg