What we gain when we worry

in philosophy •  9 months ago

Worrying is a process of thinking and visualizing a terrible outcome. Most of us know that its emotionally dangerous to go down this path, to experience anguish in anticipation of the worse. Is there something we could or should do?


My favorite quote on this topic is from a very famous Author - Carrie Ten Bloom

"Worry does not empty tomorrow of sorrow - it empties today of strenght"

We are all human, we are all flawed, we all worry sometimes. But if we think back of the times we worried ourselves the most with outcomes, some of our worse fears never occurred... and here we are, still holding on with our strength.


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Some people always worry about their future that's why they can't enjoy their present . while some of them always talk about their past. But I think whatever the situation comes in the life we should stay positive .


Totally agree with you. But I think we learn to be worried all the time from our parents and relatives, because since we were little they have been our mirror. So, now it is up to us to change it and like you say, stay positive in whatever situation or at least try!! THANKS! :)


that's right friend, human virtue begins when we can control our emotions .. we are not the ones who decide when to be cheerful or sad, but we are the ones who can be able to decide if a certain situation collapses or raises us.


To achieve serenity at all times is a learning that can take a lifetime, of course in the exercise of the virtues of the human being as you say


that's right, that's exactly what my brother was talking about!


Absolutely right! :)


It is ok to remember the past and worry about the future but it is certainly not ok to do it in extremes.






This is the best comment I’ve read so far. Though we will be facing a lot challenges in life, we should always stay positive whatever happens. :-)


I have never known a case yet, where worry helped


This is very emotional, worry is a big killer diseases to life, like seriously. Thanks a lot @introvert-dim

Right. And "not worrying" as also a skill harnessed. If a person really wants to stop, then he has to start practicing just that -- not worrying. Kind of like forcing a muscle to become weaker after you have trained it, when you really don't need it to be strong, and when, in fact, its strength works against you.

Very good points and a catchy title!

Matthew 6: 27. Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life ? - Bible Offline


nobody can.... not one person. so no need to worry. like the song goes.....don't worry be happy

Worrying doesn't helps.
Everything happens for a reason, instead of worrying, I seek help and ask for God's mercy.
I kneeled down and pray.
Then I will feel relieved and think what ever outcome will be has its purpose.

Really Wonderful

My favorite:

Worry is a misuse of imagination!

Sometimes worry is compared with precautions and your commitment to do the right things and it shows your concerns about that but when we over do it that's the dangerous part.
As they say excess of everything is dangerous, so if there is balance then being worried is fine.


Negative thoughts bring negative results, but sometimes it is hard to stay positive.. Listening to motivational video helps a lot when you feel down.


Balance is definitely key, but also surrounding yourself with positive, uplifting people will help

Really beautiful .. wonderful words
Will not be sad who depend on God .and he always tries to make the right decision (be good)
Thanks for sharing. well done

Very true. It helps to be conscious of ourselves as it's easy to work yourself up and not even realize what you are doing till you pay attention.

Well done .. great post
It's okay to be worried ..
The worst is sadness and depression

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy. - Leo Buscaglia

Don't worry, be happy.
I'm thinking of song lyrics.

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I came to the conclusion a long time ago that worrying about something you have no control over is a complete waste of time.

What will be will be.

Dont worry and focus on what you do have control over :-)

Amazing words. Now why don't you spread the love with a upvote.

After living with major stress for many years i have learned to simply ignore it.

I might have bills, trouble with family or friends.. there is no point in spending alot of time stressing about it.

Think of a solution, then move on with life.

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i have learnt to stop worrying ,worries can lead to depression and depression is dangerous to our health...


yes unfortunately worrying gains nothing! i was told its like rocking a rocking chair and trying to get somewhere although now i type this it doesn't make much sense lol maybe i have it wrong lol!

Thank-you for spending so much of your own money to promote the #philosophy tag. I must say though, people reading this who then go on to study philosophy are in for a bit of a shock.

This post, it's pending payout, and how that payout got to be so high really helped me put my life in perspective. Getting a PhD, trying to write for both peer-reviewed articles and newspapers, as well as striving to perfect my teaching skills - Steemit, bid-bots, and the trending page care not for such things. It's like social media meets vanity publishing, but with less quality control.

Now that I understand this, I think my life will go from strenght to strenght.


"It's like social media meets vanity publishing, but with less quality control.
Now that I understand this, I think my life will go from strenght to strenght."

Yes. This. Thank you. ;-)

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You should enjoy the present moment. Thinking about the past makes you depressed (whether your past is good or not) and worrying about the future makes you anxious. Always enjoy the 'Now'!

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Thank you friend!

Keep on sharing! I'm an avid fan of yours. :)


I'll believe that! I wish all the best for you.

Worries will not wipe out tomorrow's sadness, but it will eliminate the excitement of today. Therefore, take care of every thing that is worst and hope that something good will come and accept whatever is going on...

yes but sometime it is not in our control to take tension and worries some time it is heavy on our mind and we can't leave it even we want.
anyway nice quote i like it and i like your nice thinking follow you for more good posts.


thanks for attention sir i want your further support as my senior follow you

That is moving. Thank you for posting this. Needed it today :)

Helpful post. Hope you will write more like this @chbartist

very good post! the human being is a state of mind and we have to always keep that in mind, we have to understand that everything in life is learning, from birth, as we evolve until the day we die ... the most valuable thing we can obtain are the lived experiences, are those that make us worse or better person .. we just have to assimilate it and take the aptitude and attitude adapted to each adversity!

I think it's normal for us to feel worried about something bad that has already happened but to feel worried of something that has not yet happened is really something that we should get rid of, such negative feeling could attract negative outcome too. So it's very important to stay positive as we can each day, no matter how hard life can be.

Wow... im a fan of yours already <3

A great short post with a good message. Sometimes our biggest worries cripple us and it isn't until after we've moved past the situation we realise how much we were help back by worries that were never going to eventuate.
Well done @chbartist

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Excellent post, very well redacted! @originalworks

such a lovely post .definitely there is two mind works for us every time and selecting one decision at a time can not guaranteed our success .of course we must have to get our confidence by practicing and proper concentration.avoid panic and worries is quite impossible but it can be possible to control in a certain range and that is my opinion. thanks everyone


So nice! I feel the same... Pls follow me and upvote back! I'm Vienne from the Philippines ;)


okay ..i will do that

Thank You, I needed that right now!:)

This word really hit me.

There was a time in my life when I worried so much of certain outcomes and I thought of several things that could happen if that happened.

I lost my enthusiasm for living each day, I slip into depression and I could not concentrate on things I'm meant to focus on.

The truth as you have said is that most of the things we worry about never come to play, worry won’t solve anything it will only cause damage.
Thanks for this

Thinking for mental excellence results in a lot of good results. Many times, excessive thinking makes people depressed, fears, but who think more and more, researches them to solve any problem, but they are ahead.That is to say, thinking is to liberate people.

waoo es difícil no preocuparse, pensamos demasiado, anticipamos resultados, y en ese proceso no disfrutamos el día a día, y es muy cierto las emociones actúan directamente en nuestra salud física. no pensemos tanto, no nos preocupemos, afrontemos las circunstancias por dificlies que sean, aunque suene sencillo, es cierto no lo es, pero bueno por que no hacer el intento? hay una lectura que me encanta del libro la culpa es de la Vaca que se titula "La Felicidad es el camino" disfrutemos cada día y no nos preocupemos por lo que suceda o no al final seamos felices en el camino que afortunadamente tenemos la dicha de recorrer en cada nuevo despertar que Dios nos concede... me gusto tu post gracias.


Gracias Usted!


followed you already

to calm down from worry, just be patient and make every problem a life lesson.

Yes, definitely I agree because being anxious or worrying too much will never add to your lifespan! But a happy and calm heart makes your life longer.

I read a very interesting book on this topic called "The power of now" I recommend it because it has changed my way of seeing many things

I always say, “worrying is like paying interest on a debt you may not even owe”. Better to be concerned than consumed.

Don't worry... Be happy!

I don't know if this is a quality post...but it is in trending. He has a good point but at least he should have broaden his topic, such as suggesting how to combat worry and what solutions to avoid worrying.






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Thank you for the reminder! I think I needed to read this today.

First of all I want to thank you for your wonderful post. As humans. I think getting worried about something is a part of our nature but we can make a life balance to use it positively in order to prevent something. That will damage our life.

I don't think worrying will gain anything good. It will only get you some headache, sometimes heart attack :)

I have a question for you @chbartist
What about people that have mental illnesses? The likes of depression, PTSD, anxiety disorder...

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"Worry does not empty tomorrow of sorrow - it empties today of strenght". Correctly

depends on what you do after worring. If you buy upvote,then you gain money :)

Wow this is a dangerous post @chbartist... This is the kind of post that wake people up to the truth the this is the acceptable year of God's grace. Thanks for being positive..

Don't worry! always be positve & busy to your own work.Smile :)

i just become your fan

Anxiety is a worry about future events and fear is a reaction to current events....

Okay, minor correction, the author's name is actually Corrie Ten Boom, and in the quote, "strength" is misspelled. It is one of my favorite quotes as well.

That said, I am in complete agreement with her quote, as all worry does is sap our energy, and produce nothing useful. Better to meditate and relax. It's far more productive.

I wrote a post about three weeks ago, in which I referenced "The Work" of Byron Katie, who through her Four Questions, leads people through the realization that their thoughts are only beliefs.

By seeing that we cannot know that our thoughts are absolutely true, we can let go of them and free ourselves. And one of the results of doing so is letting go of worry, which in the end, is only a thought, and thus a belief.

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It's a nice read. We must understand that there are people who simply worry more than others. These people are pessimists, it's their nature, they always tend to see bad in the good.

This is bad though, but it's also good. Pessimists, people who worry unnecessarily have been observed in studies to have more rational thinking. Examining all the ways a thing wouldn't work out, they channel the most in to making it work. Pessimists do not gamble, people who worry alot get the target when they shoot, even if they don't always shoot.

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@chbartist - powerful and to the point. As I like to say, worry is nothing more than meditating on a / the problem.

Nice.. be happy

Great angle! Love how the more vulnerable comes out this way!___

An incredible short post with a decent message. Some of the time our greatest stresses cripple us and it isn't until after we've moved past the circumstance we understand the amount we were help back by stresses that were never going to eventuate.

Nice post.. Worrying is a another way to add to ones problem instead have patience and never despair and believe that the best is yet to come

We should learn how to stop worrying and start living.

And worrying does not change what will happen, so in fact worrying is just a waste of time.

Thanks for this inspirational post....the part that struck me is this"worry does not empty tommorrow of its problem but empty today of its strength!!

It's a good read..

don't give up my freinds
your amazing i very proud of you

Negative thoughts cannot be avoided but it can be lessened by surrounding yourself with good people. Friends and family maybe.

very good point . excellent post thanks

you can not quench your worries though you would love to. The only thing a person can do to improve is to rationalize his worries or fears that lead to these concerns

When we are worry according to research that our complete work so fast that's why in worry our heart beat so fast and we also want to do everything fast and sometime our brain work like machine and sometime it will be dull

Please do educate us psychologically this way because worry breeds fear, while fear brings anxiety which in turn raises blood pressure resulting to stroke,hypertension and the likes.
The world is so possessed now that one must but fear!
I'm sure that is why prayer houses in the underdeveloped world are filled and con men are taking advantage of the economic downturn.
Help us develop this niche.

Timely post. i was just beginning to get worried about my wedding and stuff like that and I just happen to see your post on trending .I then decided to open it and read and honestly,i am feeling a whole lot better. i refuse to empty today of strength...cos i need it to carry on. Thanks a lot

one can worry, it's being human. but in the long run, we should always choose to be happy. 😊

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Worrying is like a thieve, it gradually steals from us all leaving us physchologically disabled hence breaking us down, though we try avoiding the state of worrying, but it always encroches even without our conscent...nice piece

I always fell worried in my self everyday. Follow me chbartist and i will follow you. i'm a beginner .

who really meant to get what he hoped for

When we worry, we
Make and ASS
Out of U
and ME

So true Thankyou for sharring

"The enemies inside us: Indifference, Indecision, Doubt, Worry, and Over-caution" - Jim Rohn

should meditate to be calm. Thanks fot

i really like your post

Excellent. What a outstanding post. Nothing to say it's just awesome.

Short, yet meaningful post, but makes us wonder how this post got so much upvotes.

Then again, it's not for me to worry on this things. Be happy.


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very good post. just enjoy the present. don't worry about the tomorrow. live in today tomorrow leave on God' he do better for you

Very good post friend greetings I follow and vote from Venezuela

what a wonderful reminder to keep our focus on the choices we can control and not stress over the unknown!

thank you!

Just salute you man....

Sometimes I have to remind myself that things have always worked out before. Why not this time? I usually relax after I remember all I have been through. Great post.

Thoughts create your reality....if you choose to be unhappy you become unhappy , if u choose to be happy you become 😆😆😆

I had made a long detailed post on Eternal Bliss long time ago here. see what happens when u donot pay the bots..