To achieve anything we must believe in ourselves

in philosophy •  9 months ago

You would be hard pressed to find someone successful who does not believe in himself. It's imperative that we all draw from this belief to overcome all the setbacks, because if there is one thing that is certain, is that they will happen.


Learn to celebrate your wins, it's so easy to surrender to the idea of the losses, the things that don't get done, the things that don't work out, that we forget all we have achieved. Every step forward is a step in the right direction, and no one who wants to be successful should play the short game.

The best selling author Jon Gordon said once, "Talk to yourself more than you listen to yourself." It sounds silly at first glance, but the idea is quite powerful. Instead of thinking of ourselves as victims, we need to be our own life coaches, our own motivators and remind ourselves that no matter how hard thing get, we can do it... we can overcome, because we do believe in ourselves.

Much love


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Yes, because if you will not who else will believe.

Just keep your feet on the ground and not to hurt someone, you are on right track.

It is fulfilling to be successful when you able to surpass hardships in life without stepping on someone.

to be successful we must take the shot, because chances are higher than not taking a shot- unknown

That's very true. You have to believe in yourself otherwise you won't be able to achieve anything because you have to convience others to join you in your dream and if you are not believing in that then they will not join you.
Then comes living happy in that and persistence which is very important. Every successful entrepreneur has these qualities.

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This is what many educators call a 'teachable moment'. Time for an actual philosophy lesson!

What we have here is an illustration of mixing up the necessary and sufficient conditions for something to happen.

Believing that you can do something might (at best) be a necessary precondition of success - it's hard to be really successful without at least a little self-belief.

But it isn't sufficient for success - it takes much more than self-belief to achieve anything.

For example, I believe that I'm a passable philosopher and that I can write a pretty good article. This belief is a necessary precondition to my articles ending up on the trending page (because if I didn't think this, I wouldn't write or publish). However, this belief is not sufficient by itself to get my articles to the top of trending - it's not even enough to get them to the top of #philosophy.

A further illustration: It's a necessary condition of getting to the top #philosophy that I publish a post using that tag. The sufficient condition of topping this tag is that (at the time of writing this reply) I get over $430.64 worth of upvotes. Given that I haven't been here very long, and I don't attract many big-SP votes, this would mean spending more on bidbots than both you and @pinacle.

So, as you can see, there is more to being successful, or even surviving, than solely self-belief. It's important, but it isn't everything. This is really important for people to understand.

When you succeed, it's not just because you believed in yourself - it's due to your talent and hard work. It is also due to factors like your genetic predisposition, the geographic and socioeconomic situation you were born into, and random dumb luck.

Likewise, when you fail, it necessarily just because you didn't believe in yourself enough. Maybe you didn't make the right choices or work hard enough. Or maybe you don't have the right genes, were't born in the right country, don't have parents who were rich enough, and so on.

Sometimes your success or failure is down to you and your self-belief. Sometimes it's just the way the universe is, and no amount of motivational bullshit will change that.


It's nice to find such a good comment on such a terrible post.


Thank you for having dedicated your time to writing this brilliant text. I really appreciate it. Believe me!


hmmmmm. a lot you said makes a lot of sense.

when you believe in yourself then that could also make the society believe in you too..very true...


If you see yourself as an opportunity. People will also see you like that as well. People in Highschool are a perfect example of that.

to believe in yourself, you have to be believable. Too many today are liars, posers, actors, hypocrites and frauds... AND THEY EACH KNOW IT.


you are absolutely right, ive made it a point in life to remove those kinds of people from my world..


very true. You can't believe you lying to others.


Listen to motivation videos and audio really helps..


Yeah but one of the problem of the society is what makes people believable is money in general.


believable to whom, exooo? If you are a slave of money, then you fall to your knees like any other slave to anything else. What makes people "believable" is their character... tested over time with a few solid folks who will vouch for that character if called upon.

And btw. "society" is SERIOUSLY overrated.


Belivable for mister the average woman or man. For us... We are sadly all slave os the money... A character, we are all our own character mate... At the end of the story if you can not feed your children, your wife or even yourself you'll die...

be your own life coach.... I like that

esa frase que citas me gusta, es cierto quizás si nos escuchamos podríamos terminar por no tomar decisiones importantes por tener miedo, en mejor hablarnos, incentivarnos, darnos animo para que la motivación por cada tarea que emprendamos en nuestra vida tenga exito


Si, Gracias

Believe in yourself & You will be Unstoppable.:)12496345_941103145996775_1769863017240005945_o.jpg I upvote and followed you:)


Believe in yourself, and if you make the right choices and are lucky enough, then you'll be unstoppable.


Thank you :) Wish you the best of luck and success :) *****54292_4357872578639_420518452_o.jpg

Yes 100% Right, nothing can be done without trusting yourself, if I go to do anything then I have to rely on myself and believe that I can achieve that success only.


that is the right way to see life...goodluck..

It's so true. Every step in the direction to your goal is a win worth celebrating. One of the biggest reasons people stop midway - and call it failure, is because they grow impatient when they see that the journey to success is somewhere at a distance. When you celebrate every step you take towards your aim, you get the encouragement to keep moving forward. In a way the journey is the reward. Cheers! :)

Believe in yourself, because other people will never believe it, if you doubt your ability.

This inspires me thank you!

your blog is very good, it makes sense you get a good achievement in steemit .. i have to follow you ,,


Thx, All the best!!!

every post is interesting and i really like you man . yes to know yourselves is the first thing which can tell us how to successful and which thing i can do .definitely talking to ourselves is not a good practice i believe and this is a defer from you.we should keep trying to know our ability by thinking ,a good thinker who can get his success easily by his knowledge and thinking.

This is the best way to see life...Best of Luck

An important aspect of self-believe which people often miss is, we cannot start to believe in ourselves, if we constantly letting ourselves down. self-believe starts one step at a time, one victory at a time. We need to build stamina for winning, then the believe grows around that.

@chbartist (58), well said. I think life without meaning is meaningless. Life means to struggle. If you want to survive here, you must first be confident and patient. From every step we have to take positive lessons and will have to go ahead, there is no chance of frustration.Either learn how to win or learn.
Thanks a lot dear.
Happy steemit

Self confidence is like a magnet and people will get drawn to those who are beaming with this enviable quality.


i don't know, meyrep. I am 62... and through the years, when I exuded self-confidence, it was always taken as arrogance. Tough to build a team with that monkey on your back. It's a tough balancing act, to be sure.

if you believe in your self it makes you a confident leader.

If you believe on yourself it means people believe on you and if you did not believe on yourself it means people did not believe on you.

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People who are strong as individuals and extrovert are in themselves persistent, but people who are introverted manifest persistence much slower and more insecure and therefore need to be given importance. but first of all they must be aware of their own values. and those extrovert ones must be more realistic.

Yes believe is the key above everything else, don't ever miss it. There's a time when someone try to put your believe down. Don't let them do that on you. We have to be brave cause that is most precious thing in life. @chbartist

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Very good post friend greetings I follow and vote from Venezuela

The teacher is inside ?

mind is weapon :)

Collective human belief is the most powerful thing we know of for perpetuating any reality.

Yeah. "Talk to yourself more than you listen to yourself." Correctly

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you may somehow achive things while you are not believing yourself. But you can not keep success with you..

just focus your mind and then follow the rhyme ,😊

Great Inspirational post! 😃

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To be successful, the first thing we really need to do is to visualise ourselves as successful, believe that it's possible as an outcome and only then can we focus our mind and our efforts ina way that actually helps us in materialising success.

Success isn't born of a strong belief in failure...

This reminds me of the quote “If you truly want to be respected by people you love, you must prove to them that you can survive without them.”
― Michael Bassey Johnson, The Infinity Sign, we must believe in yourself, study yourself and acknowledge , it's all within yourself , thanks for this post . onelove and inner peace for all.

That's right! It's OK if no one believes in what we believe as long as we believe in what we believe and work on it, people will eventually believe it once they see that what you believe is true.

YES you can!! Believe, act on it and claim it. The only hindrance you have is in your mind. Watch your thought and every thought accepted as true is sent by your brain and brought into your world as reality.

I think it's important to keep in mind that people achieve success after many, many failures. A lot of people look for quick solutions and instant gratification when they are pursuing something, not realizing that success does not happen overnight, but with several failures, doubts, rejections, and losses. :)


Believing in yourself is the first thing you should do in order to achieve great success. If you dont believe in yourself first no one else will. Success is long way run remember keep believing and keep your faith to God!

yes, one is hardly successful without believing his inner self.

Very true! Everything starts with the way you look at yourself. Change that and everything around will also change.