Making a difference

in philosophy •  9 months ago

A man is walking on the beach, he is a bit depressed thinking of the things he wished he could have done, the things he would have done if he was just a bit younger, just a bit stronger.

In the back of his mind, he felt as if he never made a big difference, not in his life, not in the life of people that he loved, he was just there, he keeps on walking an notices that the beach seems to be full of starfishes, the ocean had washed them and they would surely die.


How cruel is their fate? He thought to himself, life is just cruel... he sat down feeling sorry for himself when he noticed an older lady throwing startfishes back into the ocean.

He got up, walked up to the lady and said to her... "You know that for every star fish you throw back in the water, three more wash ashore? You are not making much a difference"

She turned around and with a smile replied... "It made a difference to that one I just saved"

A powerful reminder...


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Indeed. There are always different things.

Enjoyed this little story of yours (: