New Product Idea: Ginger Caramel Candies

in philippines •  9 months ago

Ginger is proven to be a healthy spice. However, most people are probably not getting enough of this wonder root. Ginger can be used as a spice when cooking food. It's very effective in removing the fishy taste in fish. But most diets don't include enough ginger for you to fully enjoy the health benefits of ginger.

Ginger can also be boiled and the drank as tea. Just add some sugar to taste and you're all set. We often make instant salabat by juicing ginger and mixing with sugar and heating on low fire until all the liquid is evaporated. The result is a fine powder that we call instant salabat.

It isn't for everyone though. Some find the taste too strong or too spicy. So I thought there must be a way to help more people enjoy the health benefits of ginger. I was particularly thinking about those who don't like the taste of ginger too much. And I thought about candy.

I personally love caramel candy. The chewy milky taste just does it for me. The texture is just heavenly. So I thought it probably would be nice to mix salabat with caramel candy. The result is Ginja!

Each pack contains 30 pieces of chewy, spicy-sweet, ginger caramel candies. Good for your voice. I was testing it out in the market and cooked a few batches. We were planning on selling them for around $2 per pack. The pictures you see in this post were supposed to be promo images.

Would you be interested in such a product? Let me know in the comments.

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I would definitely be interested and I think 2$ it's too cheap. Maybe it's your fist price to position your product on the market. Even if I know that the production cost is really low, the packaging cost is already more expensive. I would buy the packet even for 4/5$ dollars specially with 30 candies in it.
My simple opinion =)


Hey, thanks for the input. I'm not sure $4 or $5 would be affordable enough in the Philippines though.

yes, definitely interested in this. love the health benefits of ginger and this just sounds amazing. what's the recipe?


Hi. I just used the same caramel candy recipe I found online and added the ginger juice. It was trial and error. Now, come to think of it, I forgot exactly how much ginger juice I used! I really should take notes. Anyway, it's newbie friendly.

I love the idea and business model, with scaling techniques, you could see the production cost drop by 50%.


Yeah, we cook the caramel manually. Machines would definitely speed up production and easily cut costs.

Ooh, it's a heavenly candy.
The name Ginja sounds like Ninja

Nice to meet you!
The combination of ginger and caramel is wonderful! !
I think sweetness and pungent are exquisite!


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