Vlog 90 | Is Steemit A Scam???

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This video starts off with a bit of comedy relating to my experience with people trying to tell me steemit is a scam. Obviously I don't think it is a scam. If you tell your friends and family about stemit someone will google steemit scam and find this article https://decentralize.today/the-ugly-truth-behind-steemit-1a525f5e156

The article paints a bleak picture in which the founders of steemit manipulated the mining of steemit it to ensure they had enough steem to run the website... The horror. less than twenty minutes of furhter research shows there are two sides to this story... go figure. and that the resetting of the blockchain may have been due to hacking rather any malicious attempts to walk off with a bunch of money. The fact that steemit is still up and running shows it's not a scam. Further more it's 2018 and a lot has changed in the crypto world since 2016. Premining and instamining are common, ICO are the rage and while steemit wasn't premined any allegations that the founders were manipulative to make it like they premined it without really premining is totally irrelevant. I could keep going on about how this article is totally off point and wrong but it's really not worth the time or effort. If your using steemit to post and consume content then it's working for you and not a scam.

I hope you found this video entertaining and insightful. You all rock!!


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Yes, this is the point I always try to make.

"It's a scam!"

"OK, well, I'm making actual money without investing anything into it so...?"


Who is this is? I’m sure we know each other IRL

Major key as you stated in the video is that Steemit works right now includings tons of Steem apps. While most other coins are not really doing anything. So nothing even comes close to Steemit in terms of competition. And also good that you pointed out how Fiat currencies are already being printed like crazy at the moment by the banks without any care on how it creates massive inflation for holders of Fiat. Great introduction was pretty funny haha.


Exactly you got it!

Yes I agree governments are the biggest scam out there!

I want to live in a world where government have less power and people have more power!

I enjoyed watching your video and Keep up the hard work :)


I don’t know if I’d say everything the government does is a scam, but taking out hard earned cash and using it to finance a war that directly benifits the wallets of politicians, bad news for sure. Taking our hard earned money and feeding those less fortunate I am all about. But really in the next 40 years automation is going to make humans obsolete. What happens then is either utopia or dystopia totally dependent on those holding power. Scarry stuff for sure. And now I’m totally off topic whoops ;)


Basically my point is some people are just too greedy and only care about the power and money.

I'm glad we don't belong to this kind of community...