What I've Learned Uploading 30 Exclusive DTube Videos | Exclusive DTube Video 30

in onelovedtube •  7 months ago

I have been uploading to DTube for a while now, and I want to share some of the tips I have used to have success.

Hello Steem blockchain. My name is Brett aka Fruit Daddy. I'm an animal rights activist and a cryptocurrency entrepreneur based in the USA. If my content inspired you, please reach out to me.

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is there a penalty for not keeping videos exclusive to Dtube? Titles and tags...check. Thumbnails + canva...check. Sweet spot + 3 to 5 minutes... check. Study platform by watching dtubers that can teach/inspire me...check. Dude...this is my second post I believe and I have yet to introduce myself....but I am working on that first five videos to upload in a single batch. Thanks dude. Caught your 1st vid on exclusive dtube upload, then the five exc upload then your 30 vid exclusive upload video. Finally simple instructions that make sense. Thank you and cheers...