Potcoin Crashes the US & NOKO Summit

in news •  7 months ago

Dennis Rodman - Potcoin Ambassador

Thanks to the illustrious Dennis Rodman, Potcoin was front and centre at the Trump & Kim summit in Singapore. Dennis Rodman, a long time 'friend' of Kim Jong Un, was spotted arriving at Singapore airport and during a press conference rocking a Potcoin t-shirt. According to sources and Rodman himself, Potcoin sponsored Rodman's trip to Singapore:


According to advertising sources, $USD4.1 million is the value that Dennis provided to Potcoin in terms of advertising exposure. Potcoin's price spiked in the 24 hours since the summit, giving the whales of the coin a nice little windfall in price.

Sometimes, cryptocurrency can take you places, even if it is to North Korea!

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He is flying high with potcoin for sure.

I think weed coins are going to take off when canada legalizes this summer, i see all sorts of people say they dont want pot purchases in their Visa history.