If you love marvel comics...you need to watch this...STAN LEE NEEDS US.

in news •  5 months ago

Stan Lee one of the creative fathers of Marvel is 95 and being subject to Elder Abuse.

I been following "TheQuartering" on Youtube for years he Published this video on Jul 7, 2018:

explaining the situation!

Please follow him and if you live in CALIFORNIA contact your local representatives to get involved...they are home for week.... This is bipartisan, he is a national treasure, and the courts are just taking to long!

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We tend to forget about our elder citizens. We will all get there sooner or later


your absolutely right, thats why we only start to see it as we get older or have had travails ourselves


In the last 4 years I spent a year and a half in a step down facility Which was also A old age home for people who were slightly indigent. Not destitute. And I have seen What Happens to people Who are ignored By society.

Instead of Whining and complaining here in these posts. You should all get off your collective butts. And every single one of you Should go donate Only 2 hours a week at a local Old age home Or Shelter.

Stop whining and say what can we do and start treating people who are just like you Only few decades Older.

You know what!!!! take your favorite marvel comic or dvd with to share and watch their eyes light up as they share what they remember about Marvel DC any other comics of their day.

You might learn something,
You might have fun,
They will definitely enjoy meeting somebody and breaking up the lonely monotony.
And you might bring some light on to a group of people so unrepresentative,disrespected and ignore In our society it's disgusting.

stop whinning , look up tonight possible places, call them tomorrow before noon and tell you want to help out this week


I try to visit the veterans home in Montrose



you should bring cards with you. Im sure they all play...

Set him free.

I dont know why they dont havr assisted death service here. Only in switzerland.

I dont know the englisv word flr it. Just nlrwegian.

Assisted death help


its not about assisted death service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's about lawyer non-family taking away self guardian ship and keeping him hostage on someone 95 years of age who has 50 million in assets.

and a greedy reprobate of a daugher


Yeah i know. Just mentioned it


hes depressed, because of whats going, if this legal crap wasn't going on there would be no kevorkian talk!

Stan Lee made my childhood great i want to beat the people abusing him


put that into a positive action helping others. it will give you a warmth of spirt everyone will see and you will feel good about.

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