YouTube Is The News Authority!

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In this video, Jason Bermas of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Youtube and it's announcement it will be featuring authoritative news sources, investing in certain media operations in order to give them viable streaming abilities, as well as other measures that seem to be a last-ditch effort for the legacy media to maintain control of the global narrative. YouTube has declared itself the news authority.

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@lukewearechange when you get a chance head into radio chat server and PM me at Discord tag ID #8888. I have some information to relay your way. I am always hanging out there and its the best way to chat / collaborate with other Steemians right now.

(Steem Speek is Steems 24/7 live radio and chat room on Discord)


Except for all the good souls that got banned from this discord by the dictator running it.

P.S: I got banned from it for talking openly about my views on bidbots


Your sacrifice will not be forgotten! Please continue to speak up. I have never been on Steemspeak and wish to keep it that way. I personally would never promote it because of the greedy clown(s) running it ...

Not surprising at all given that they're owned by Google.

And yet another reason for more people to come to STEEM.

thats too bad. i really enjoy getting my news from youtube and other alternative sources. msm is just so bullshit and fake its sad

As always creating quality content and a good structure so that the message arrives in an entertaining way to us readers, thank you very much and my regards.

Gracias por la información..... Excelente!

good post thanks for sharing tith us

No matter what dirty tricks these snakes try and pull I'll still avoid their content. The MSM has proven themselves untrustworthy time and time again. The Damage is done.

youtube is taking a big leap to the alliances

cant even get a good recommended list for me, and these fools think they can provide me with resourceful news?

youtube not better than Dtube

Thank you for sharing the information

This is some crazy news and one of the main reasons im starting to create more and more content exclusively on Dtube.