CEO Scott Says Steemit 1st Social Media Platform Built on Top of a Blockchain

in news •  7 months ago

Ned did a great job on this quick interview from Tokyo on Bloomberg. Check it out:

CEO Scott Says Steemit 1st Social Media Platform Built on Top of a Blockchain

The hair looks good!

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Yeah ned is doing a great job...bloombergs is good platform to promote steemit/steem..i hope that he remain active for long..

Glad he is out there, in the face of the media, promoting Steemit. It makes a huge difference when the CEO is actively getting attention to the broader audience. Bloomberg is watched by a large market. Keep it up @ned

It’s all about the hair!! Good interview. Hopefully it exposed Steem to a wider audience.

Claire was clueless
do you think those glasses made her look fat?

Great news and update... good thing to hear that @ned is doing some media mileage nowadays. It is really good for the platform much as what Vitalik is doing to Ethereum.

I agree, he really talked clearly and confidently about Steemit, @ned well done. Thanks for doing this for all of us! I think he said everything very professionally and absolutely correct. Of course Facebook will be looking at the blockchain integration but at the same time keeping all the wealth for themselves :))

@lukes.random, how did you find this? Did you see it on tv first?


Ned Tweeted it, but I saw it after that in an online discussion.

Yeah! Yeah!, Awesome to watch him. @ned and co deserve all the praises for bringing up this amazing platform.

Good for Ned to show up on TV. Did not think he did a great job.

Great interview. This should send good vibes in the industry and hopefully people can see the benefits outweighing the negatives!

Funny how the interviewer had no clue about where is the money coming from? LOL... Whats the business model?... And this is why steemit is so revolutionary...


I felt the same way. It was like, "Oh, look, the conversation I've been having with new members of Steemit for the past two years. It's the bitcoin pizza challenge all over again."

Great job @ned, despite the background criticism, Steemit is proving itself to be a hugely successful business model. I love the manner in which you turned the reporters tainted first question around about the content. To me it was obvious she had either never been on the site checking out the content or had spent very little time here on our playground. Kudos for mainstream media for picking up the story and let’s see where we are at in 2 - 5 years. I wonder where the price of STEEM or SBD will be then?

The start of the interview wasn't good, but @Ned managed to get it together later on. He's kinda soft, needs more energy (without appearing like he just drank a couple of energizers for that, like some marketers do).

Overall, the coverage is great! Questions and answers are generally ok, they are meant to make sense to the audience which has no idea what Steem is, not to us.

I haven't watched the interview yet but if that's the case then maybe we can expect again a jump in price and value of steem since this interview will be aired in mainstream media. Good move!


Not really. Smart money doesn't follow mainstream media. This interview may well be the ultimate signal to sell all your steem ;)


Really? That's quite sad.

Good job bro!!

I just get the feeling that @ned is in a way slowly distancing him from the goings-on here on the steemit platform and positioning steemit inc more as the SMT hub to be.
In that way he is creating a devaluation for what is already here and positioning steemit as an experiment while adding that SMTs will bring the solution to all that ails the platform now

combine this video with the one from gopax ( and it is creating a somewhat disturbing picture.

There seems to be a bit of ramping up on media exposure, another bit of "dissing " what is there now and hyping SMT's

So would that imply that he sees Steemit as it is as a lost cause and in hoping that the new markets will solve the issues?

(and this guy has amazing hair indeed, i wonder what products he uses...)


Is it possible your expectations are what's changing? In my mind, he (and Steemit, inc) have been consistent about Steemit being just a reference implementation for a very long time. It's the expectations of the users that (IMO) put improper (or maybe more accurately, premature) perspectives of the value here. Steemit still has a team working on Condensor, but the blockchain itself and SMTs have been the main focus for a long time. I'm okay with that because I'd like to see thousands of interfaces for STEEM (such as busy, chainbb, etc). Ned and other Steemit employees have said the same. Ideally, we all download our own customizable interfaces and we get away from this centralized Internet which relies on DNS, etc.


you might have a point there.
I guess I am slowly seeing the bigger picture where I might have been focused a bit to much on the steemit brand and the way it was.
Sometimes it is hard to admit that we are creatures of habit and even harder to change those habits. And it has become a habit to have the blogging aspect the way it has been and now there is change in the air and I guess i should get ready for it instead of hunkering down and fearing it or complaining about it.

thanks for that reminder

It is good news!

This is great! Hopefully there will be more new users coming on soon!

Great interview. I think @ned handled himself very well and the exposure is for Steem is encouraging. Thanks for posting.