Why the future is bright for Steem , Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

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Fuders and haters of cryptocurrencies have been on attack mode for months (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Banks, Central governments, gold investors etc) due to fear of erasing their monopolies’ and control on our lives . However, in reality, they cannot defeat the power of crowd supporting an idea (destructive technology) and its advantages to the masses.

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Moreover, there is a saying that goes like this: if you can't beat them, join them! This is true because most of the fuders/haters of cryptocurrencies have been infested with FOMO and thus buying up all the dips (it is also true that they created the dip (FUD) in order to buy steem, bitcoin and other top coins/tokens cheap).

According to CNBC "Fast Money"

trader Brian Kelly, Tuesday's rally is the result of more crypto-friendly attitudes by government regulators. Not only did Wyoming on Monday pass a bill relaxing securities law for some tokens, the South Korean government, which had previously vowed to crack down on cryptocurrency trading, said it would "support" and even "encourage" crypto operations so long as they were "normal" transactions.
"The sentiment has changed here, which to me is going to start bringing in more investors to the space," Kelly said Tuesday on CNBC's "Futures Now." And if this softening of regulations brings investors into bitcoin, which Kelly believes it will, there could be even more buyers kicking in around the $12,000 level.

This bullish trend of bitcoin relates to steem and other cryptocurrencies see coinmarket cap because most altcoins move in tandem with bitcoin- here are some points to note:

Get some undervalued tokens/Coins : I always indicated this point because it leads to supernormal profit. Therefore, now is the time to invest in undervalued tokens/ coins like steem and the new Ethereum Lyte ( see their current white list section https://elyte.tech/whitelist.html ) . Reason is that, these coins/tokens are currently undervalued and will increase drastically in few months’ time.

Think long term: To make supernormal profits, you have to think like the rich man (long sighted) see my former post here for details : gradually increase your steem power (which will lead to you making more money in curation/author rewards, delegation and interest payments) and diversify in unrelated industry (if you have the funds).

Do you agree? Send in your comments . Resteem in order to reach more people and upvote to send in your support.

Click here and read my former post: Are you failing financially and on steemit? Then employ the rich man´s strategy

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There is indeed a bullish upward trends on in the crypto space and it will gradually continue because the fundamentals are great and many haters (as you correctly indicated )are coming back to their senses and thus joining the vibe. Undervalued tokens are indeed keys to making super normal profits and I will certainly increase my stake...upped 100% and happy weekend.


You are correct, keep steeming to more success

If you're going to check the introduceyourself tag there's a lot of members everyday signing up. So yes! Steem dollars has a bright future! already resteem this post.


Good point, I agree...steem ecosystem is indeed in the upward trend.

Once there is more clarity with regulation, the whole space will boost, or perhaps even without some of this, as we are seeing now.

Although people are starting to want crypto, and this trend is continuing, the fact is, especially with privacy coins, bigger players are too nervous to touch such hot potatoes. So I would say, think carefully about these 'undervalued' coins, and choose wisely.

Decentralised money like bitcoin could cause major problems?
Governments will surely need access to blockchains, so they can trace what is happening.

It's totally true, that a lot of people have only heard of Bitcoin, while a lot of other coins have better tech and are ready to go. So it's a good thing to advise people about these great projects.

It might be wiser to invest in:
groundbreaking tech coins,
coins for working products or platforms (like Steem)
projects that look good for helping society, and that governments will support.


I agree with you and most of these top projects are new and their coins/ tokens are still undervalued...thanks for your comment and more success to you

When they realize blockchain and cryptocurrency are bigger than they could imagine and it will change everything, they can't help investing on it although they were haters before.

This is like second generation internet. Pretty excited to stay alive in this great era :)


Yes I agree....thanks for your comment

Sekarang adalah kesempatan bagi saya dan untuk semua waktu yang tepat untuk berinvestasi dalam undervalued token / koin seperti steem dan baru ethereum lyte. Saya akan sangat setuju untuk meningkatkan saham untuk saat ini karena undervalued akan meningkat drastis dalam beberapa waktu ke depan. Ini adalah ke untungan saya di masa depan dan masa untuk bersenang-senang .

now is an opportunity for me and for all the right time to invest in undervalued token / coin like steem and new ethereum lyte. I would highly agree to improve the stock for now because undervalued will increase dramatically in some time to the front. this is to miss me in the future and a for fun.


Good point, I hope that you take action before it is too late...more success to you.

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because steemit are big community.all people like of steemit.com


What is good about the post?

Bitcoin breaks abruptly with everything established: it is a mutation within a radical mutation. "

Aside from them joining, the regional war happened around the globe and the hyper inflation some country had experiencing, people have find ways to salvage there wealth and the only way is to invest it on cryptocurrency.


Good point, I agree.

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Admittedly, I'm fairly clueless about crypto currencies. I don't own any... but how is it that I keep reading posts about it's demise, while some currencies like BTC are still up around $8000 with others growing in value too? Isn't that still pretty HUGE?


It is indeed huge and you have to join the vibe ...at least start with steem

Steam strengthens the coin because it's really big
I expect Musharraf's future to be a big climb
Thank you for the great article


Welcome and more success

We will have many enemies the crypto. lower prices, we will continue waiting for the best moment, because I am sure that cryptography will revolutionize the world, the best is yet to come.


Point, I agree and more success to you

We are back on the up ramp !!


Amen to that....


What do you like about the post?

I love your posts, keep the fire come...and by the way.....



what do you love about the post, bot?


You are trying to educate folks on having a long term investment view...that's where the real money is made...I think this is a generational investment opportunity, like the internet was back in the late 90s...and you always provide great content on your post....keep the fire coming.


Good point and thanks for your comment

Steem future is bright because I think it is a strong and paid platform.In my opinion steemit is best than any other social media because steemit give different type of knowledge, entertainment, enjoyment, awareness and money.People share their activities and daily many people Signup on steemit.


Good point, I agree. Thanks for your comment


My words are not much good as you.You are doing well.

Nice and comprehensive overview. Honestly i am a bit surprised as i had expected a real valley of tears in the first half of 2018, and a bit sceptic about this sudden upmove. But as you described, with big business and investors starting to push the bandwagon, the worst might already be over. Platforms like Steem already provide real world use, and many 3.0 projects like EOS promise to deliver even more of that, and that can't be swept under the table any longer.


Yes steem already provide real life use ..am sure that EOS time will come...good point tho

This is exactly my strategy :)
Anyway, Seemit is revolutionary as this system can sustain itself and it is beneficial for all of us.


Can you elaborate why this is your strategy?


I have more then enough patience as I am not here only to gain, but also to be part of the movement which is changing the world in so may forms for better. Whatever I do, serving others needs to be included.

It is obvious that steem power can benefit me and others in the same time for the long run. I am here to stay. :)


I agree, I think Steemit, if it keeps and promotes a strong community to regulate itself sufficiently, will conform long-term to the 'island' analogy.
ie: those on the island who work together will evolve,
those who try to break up the system will be isolated and shunned. ?!
(bad whales even)


True. Anything that is not sustainable cannot remain, it can be any system lasting for years, decades, but eventually it will destroy itself. World economy is operating like that, few corporations are holding the power of the whole world, but life energy is stronger then anything, it will balance it out. I feel Steemit and other platforms like this will help that balance to happen. That comes along with bringing awareness of people higher. For that reason I am here. :)


Very good point, you analysed it well... more success to you


Thank you!

@djimirji up! steem is the future in it to win it!!!

steem will surely become the new face of Social media. the future is bright for it and so shall it be!



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