ADsactly Travel - The Atypical Travel To A Nature Paradise in Oman

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The Atypical Travel To A Nature Paradise in Oman

For travelers wishing to visit the Middle East, I am certain the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia comes to mind more often than Oman. Despite the fact that Oman shares its borders with skyscraper countries like the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, Oman is distinctively different with a laid back vibe.

Regardless of the cultural similarities to its Arab neighbors, Oman shows its rich heritage with its Portuguese influence, ancient geography, and unique cultural history. This puts Oman at a distinguished position among the Middle East countries. In conjunction with the oil wealth, the increasing trades in agriculture, and fishery, Oman has captured the attention of many foreign investors. This subsequently has expanded the country's economy.

Omani's generosity and willingness to embrace visitors from all across the world is truly inimitable. As a traveler, you'll definitely feel safe and welcomed with open arms. To top things off, the urbanized infrastructure will definitely ease your way to exploring the rocky mountains, desert shrub or traverse through the oasis; desert fossils away from the modern coastline.

With all that said, traveling to Oman is definitely a life-changing adventure for any traveler who seeks a distinctive experience without the lavish lifestyle and skyscrapers of the Arab Nation. Immerse yourself in the unspoiled nature and perennial deserts that the Omani still seek to protect from destruction.

These are some of the highlights that you would hate to miss in Oman:

Camping in the Wild

The landscapes of the Sultanate of Oman are varied; surrounded by spectacular mountains, vast dunes and deserts, oasis and pristine beaches. Despite the modern capital Muscat, deep down the beautiful terrains remain at the heart of the Omani spirit.

This explains why Omani's enjoy camping whether on the mountain, by the beach or even at a countryside open space.


Being a traveler, there's nothing that beats the experience of having a road trip in Oman. The scenic environment is perfect for anyone wishing to ditch the typical sightseeing tours for a unique change.

Luckily for everybody, Oman is blessed with riverbed oases and long coastlines on the Persian Gulf with crystal-clear water. Beaches like Al Mughsayl, Bandar Jissah, and Tiwi show distinctive characteristics that make Oman stand out for its natural beauty. For all nature lovers or anyone seeking a relaxing beach vacation, this is definitely the key to unlocking your perfect getaway.


Regardless of where you're camping, you'll be amazed by the serene surroundings. Take Tiwi beach for example, this beach is located not too far from a small fishing village on the eastern coast. Besides its white sands, it is surrounded by the most majestic mountains. If you are seeking a relaxing spot to spend your night after a hike up the mountains, this spot is a perfect escape. If you're lucky, you might even find some freshly caught fish from fishermen along the coastline.

Visit The Traditional Mud Village


Explore the authentic Omani mud village that is built on the mountainside. The village Misfat Al Abriyeen is truly a great start for adventurers to explore the ancient Omani’s architecture and their humble lifestyle.


Here at Misfat, roads are narrow, mud-houses are built in a maze-like passageway and all of the houses are beautifully shaded by lush greens. The unique architecture of these houses is mostly composed of huge rock slabs as a foundation and patched up slowly with mud and smaller stones from the mountainside to form a house.

The narrow cobblestone lanes, the decaying houses, and painted houses portray the humble and simple life of an Omani. Life on the mountain is easy


Most of the residents in the village farm for a living. Using a Wadi to channel fresh water through a labyrinth irrigation network, the garden terraces are well nourished. It is no surprise to see lush greenery surrounding the entire village. Palm trees, banana trees and local herb plantations are everywhere within the village.


Although the local Omani welcome all visitors from around the globe, please do remember the boundaries. Respect the locals, be modest and do not take any photographs of the Omani without asking for permission. Especially avoid taking photos of the local Omani women.

With all that said, Misfat is definitely a treasure that is yet to be discovered by the masses.

Explore The Riverbed Valleys

No trip to Oman is complete without visiting the Wadis (valleys). Besides the spectacular mountains, swaying date trees and the beautiful beaches, wadis are a natural attraction that have captivated the attention of many visitors from all over the globe. This natural formation of Wadis at the gently sloping and flat parts of deserts is pure nature at its best. It is definitely an unforgettable and relaxing weekend escape for Omanis and also adventurers who wish to experience something different from a swim at the beach.


Oman is famous for their wadis like Wadi Bani Khalid, Wadi Al Abriyeen, Wadi Tiwi, Wadi Shab etc. There are endless amounts of wadis to be explored throughout Oman. However, I would like to highlight my trip to "Wadi Shab" which I personally think is the best Wadi I have visited throughout my days in this beautiful country.


Unlike any other wadis, in order for us to start hiking to our destination, we were required to take a short boat ride operated by a local Omani. Even though it's not a long ride, it is definitely fun and exciting at the same time, knowing that after the ride we are about to embark on our journey for the crystal clear water surrounded by the Grand Canyon-like rocky mountains.

Honestly, I didn't have high expectations for the hike as I'd already been to a few other Wadi and found them more or less similar. But this wadi definitely had me stunned silent. The challenging pathways where you have to dodge and grip onto a bigger and stable rock around you is truly thrilling. Each step and every move you make gives you jitters down your spine.


Despite all of the difficulties, the best part of this wadi is its submerged cave with turquoise waterfalls and rocky cliffs. The breathtaking view of this wadi is the best achievement that I can ever get in Oman.

Visit The Ancient Forts in Oman

Visiting historical fortresses in Oman is a must do. Among the four famous fortresses in Oman, Bahla Fort is one of the most well-known fortresses in the Middle East. It also earned the title of the only UNESCO-listed fort in the country.

Due to the ruins and erosion, the fort underwent a massive restoration and reopened in 2012. This massive sand-castle-like fort is the ideal example of Islamic settlements in days gone by. The sand colored
building blends into the parched landscape while the impressive architecture of the fort is a brilliant creation.


However, if you're keen on visiting different forts in Oman, Nizwa Fort is a great option. Nizwa fort shows similarities to Bahla Fort with the complex settlements with different displays of defensive tools like guns, armor, and ancient uniforms. A spoiler alert, I've picked up the knowledge that Omani used boiling hot dates syrup as a defense weapon against their enemy. This ingenious technique is definitely hard to believe but, it works.

Oman is definitely a life-changing country that you need to include on your bucket list. Skip the touristy destinations and I can guarantee you that it is going to be a blast and you'll love it!

Authored & Photographed : @explorernations

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What a great travel post. I am trully amazed by the beuaty of Oman. I don't recall seeing post like this about Oman ever. So it is probably my first experience with this beautiful country, and I must say I'm glad I saw this post, it is quite a good introduction :) Thanks @explorernations!

I particularly loved that mud village. It looks so beautiful and position of it seems like they're on their own. It looks like village from some story. Truly beautiful! The nature also left me speechless, you led us beautifuly through this. For the end, a bit of historical site to round up the day, and I love it! Everywhere I go, I try to visit some historical places or museums. I want to know more about the history of the place I'm in... It's also great to hear that people are welcoming you with open arms. It kinda reminds me of a place I'm living. You can always make some good relationships by the way.

Thanks for this beautiful post and safe travels! Have a great day/night! ;)


Oman is definitely not a famous travel place for many. Not because it's not beautiful but it just lacks publicity. Despite Oman being a wealthy country due to the oil & gas, I find Oman rather distinctive from their neighbor countries. Oman is well balanced with natural landscapes and a touch of luxuriousness that I couldn't find it anywhere else in the world. I am glad that I am able to walk you through this travel journey with me. Thank you so much for your support and all the encouragement. Stay in touch :) #teamadsactly

Wow, a very good post @adsactly, it really looks really beautiful. In Oman it is a paradise, has a very beautiful tourist spot, and the nature looks very amazing. You do have a very lucky life, because you often travel for holidays to other countries. I am very salute with your life, and for all your struggles, so you can be successful, and can enjoy from the results of your success. I never holiday like your trip this.

In the dream alone, it will never happen for me to vacation to Oman, because the trip to Oman from my country it takes a lot of money, and I do not have money, because for life alone, I still have many shortcomings, but my dreams most big in life is someday able to vacation to a country that has snow, because I really want to see the beauty of snow, hopefully my dream will be achieved, if later I have money.

The landscape in Oman is really cool, it's a paradise, although I do not go there, but I can see all this through the photos you share. Thanks for sharing @adsactly, and hope you have a wonderful day... :)


Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad that I can walk you through to Oman through this virtual world. All the best from @explorernations & @adsactly :)

May your dream come true.


thank you again @explorernations for your prayers for me this, hopefully this is realized and will become a reality... :)

It’s amazing the places you have been to. Just recently I read your post about “The Most Unique and Enchanted Hotel In The World!” or “Universal Studio in Singapore 🇸🇬” then visit to Paris, Spain 🇪🇸...
I actually visited Spain and Universal Studio in Orlando US. These are my life moments I remember the most. You are very blest to be able to travel to so many places. Until now all I knew about Oman 🇴🇲 was a small dot on the map. Thanks to your post I now about Oman’s rich Nature and it’s culture. I’m encouraged by reading about this country giving you feeling of safety and welcoming you with open arms. And that’s exactly what I would look for, a beautiful place of nature such as mountains, vast dunes and deserts, oasis and pristine beaches. No more rich lifestyle of skyscrapers since I live in New York 😆. I love the backround of mountains while enjoying time on the beach. My head would be spinning off by being so overwhelmed. At some point people of Mud Village must be very happy living in this kind of environment. Like you said it’s a treasure itself. Your journey to Wadis kind of reminded me Grand Canyon mountains as you mentioned it as well. It’s alway great feeling when your expectations are not that high as the real experience eventually is. It adds a great bonus to your memory. And then last but not least Ancient Forts...
As I already mentioned I just got to know Oman much better than seeing it as a small dot on the map thanks to you sharing with us you travel experience.
Thank you @explorernations and @adsactly!


That definitely makes the both of us a nature lover. Having to live in a city, skyscrapers are beautiful and magnificent looking but nothing beats the rocky mountain and the crystal clear water at the beach. I could totally imagine myself living in this beautiful country and settle down there when I'm old.

You're more than welcome, hopefully, you'll pay the country a visit too :)

This is a great write-up about your trip to Oman! It certainly changed how I viewed the country, previously I'd just have images of desert and more desert in my head but now I see that there's a lot more beauty and life to it!

The Omani mud village by the mountain side is gorgeous - it's surrounded by trees and I bet it's nice and comfortable inside. I still assume that because much of Oman is desert, that it can get really hot and uncomfortable outside. Did you have a chance to go inside a mud hut?

The wadi and the forts also look marvelously unique to Oman - historic and grand, awe inspiring locations to visit. I wonder if Oman is big on rock climbing, it seems that it some points in the hike you're basically rock climbing anyway. Needing to take a boat to get there only adds to the mystique, I think, of the wadi, as it becomes trickier to get to especially without a local boat guide.

It's also great that all your pictures are of nature or the countryside, it's nice to get away from the city for some time. At some point, all cities or urban areas simply look the same, maybe with different fancy landmarks, but otherwise mundane high-or-higher skyscrapers dominating the view.

One more thing - if I may ask, how did this trip change your life?


Honestly, I have those desert expectations as well. But, Oman totally surprised me in different ways. From the natural landscapes to the people. It's just amazing!

To answer your question of the mud house. Yes, I did went into their house. It was a very impromptu invitation by a friendly local where he moved from Muscat to this little town at the outskirt. To my surprise, the house just looks like a normal modern interior but comprises of their own culture paintings and decorations. I respect their culture and the locals, so I did not take any photos but just enjoy having a conversation with him.

How do I say about Oman besides a life-changing experience was it definitely open up my mind that happiness can come from within but not just about the luxury skyscrapers and lifestyle. We always take things for granted and forgotten that happiness can come from just a simple lifestyle and surrounded by our loved one. I definitely learned to appreciate what I had and never complain about anything that I thought is not good enough.

Thanks for the lovely comment and the support from @explorernations & @adsactly

Good morning friend, I hope you have dawned well, after reading your post I was captivated, like in the others, in this case by so beautiful images, I imagine that it must have been a fun trip, being so I hope you enjoyed it.

I realized that Oman is a very beautiful country, in fact I never imagined it like that, I had heard of it, even once I had to represent it in a model of united nations, it was great, although I knew little about its traditions, in fact I did not know that its culture has Portuguese influence, I am very pleased to know that the people of Oman decide to maintain their culture above all.

You also commented that Oman has been growing economically because of the investments made and the potential that it has as a country, I believe that the Gorbernese settlers of Oman should keep it a virgin country, and exploit to the maximum its tourist capacity.

I am pleased that Oman not only ranks among the first countries in the Middle East in terms of highly exploitable wealth, but I am also pleased that one of Oman's fortresses, the "Fortress of Bahla", being one of the best known in the Middle East, has earned its place among the only fortress recognized by UNESCO, a place I would like to visit in the future.

On the other hand, two things made me homesick:

  1. The restoration of the fort in 2012, which had been affected by erosion and ruins, now makes me happy that it has already been reopened.

  2. It reminded me of my beautiful country VENEZUELA, which has so much wealth that the current government has not known how to take advantage of it for the benefit of the people, unlike Oman, Venezuela if it has been recognized for its wealth, its natural beauty and for being in touch with all the existing climates, with one of the wonders of the world, it is sad the situation we went through, but I know that soon we will get out of this government that has made us slaves to mediocrity, I just don't think we have volcanoes.

Sincerely Oman captivated me, I would like to visit Oman someday, hopefully they know how to continue taking advantage of all these resources, I hope you enjoyed your trip to my best friend.

Greetings from Venezuela, I will add Oman to my list of countries I want to meet, I will continue to learn more about this beautiful country. Greetings and success to you friend @adsactly !!


That's an excellent comment that I've read. There will always be a silver lining for Venezuela. Hope your dream come true & good luck from @explorernations & @adsactly

Wow. Honestly, I've never heard about Oman before. When it comes to Middle East, I only hear about Saudi Arabia and Dubai. Mostly, people talks about Dubai as a great place to visit in Middle East since it is a somehown an open country and they have great beaches and great places. But, thank you for bringing Oman to our dream, dream to achieve and dream to inspire us to go out and travel the world.
I was captivated by the beauty of Oman. Oman has a very rich culture and its own unique beauty and beautiful sceneries and places. I could even start to imagine I am in a place that i want to be. Fresh Air with a very relaxing view. Oman is really something and have something to offer to people who will going to visit there.
What I am most captivated about is its river bed and specially Oman's Traditional Mud Village. I am a fan of historic stuffs and events. And I believe life many years back is better than today. Why? Because Life nowadays is full of distractions and envy and life way back then is mostly filled with contentment in heart. That is why, I love the Mud Village. Just start to imagine, you are surrounded with people who wants no other than peace and happiness. And the Traditional Mud Village is like Time Machine for me, it brings me back to a time of contentment.
Until now, I feel like I fell in love with Oman. And my imaginations is starting to bring me there and how it is wonderful to be there. Thank you @explorernations for not only introducing Oman to me but putting Oman to my heart. @adsactly is really a great community, they are really bringing people together and work together.


You're more than welcome :) I am glad that you enjoy reading this article and hopefully, this information will give you some insights into this beautiful country of Oman.

Thanks for the lovely comment and your support for us. Best regards from @explorernations & @adsactly


Thank you too so much @explorernations and @adsactly😀😄

Beautiful pictures!

Beautiful .. Glory to the Creator
Nothing is more beautiful than virgin nature
Thanks for sharing this with us..

Wow. Nice. Great pictures, great post. I would never have imagined Oman to be so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Oman is a country that I could discover because my family members stayed there. At the time, it was necessary to have an address on the spot to stay there. The country is one of the most beautiful that I could discover: the red desert, the white sandy beaches, the green oases ... It is beautiful and very little frequented by tourists. I remember bivouacs in the desert, starry skies, fennec not far, the humidity in the early morning. Unforgettable..


At times, the unspoiled nature is pretty hard to be spotted since navigation doesn't really work over there. But once you see something beautiful, never hesitate to stop and explore. Oman definitely a country that is pack with surprises.

Thanks for your support from @explorernations & @adsactly

Wow. Oman is not a place that I expected. In all honesty, some of the pictures reminded me of here (Arizona) and then you mentioned the Grand Canyon.

I love camping and I am impressed that Omanis like it too. All in all this is just a marvelous travelogue and I thank you for it!


Hello Tom :))) You're totally right. It's so similar to Arizona but so distinctive at the same time. Every day I am still dreaming of the days I spent there, scouting for a camping site, making my own fire, enjoying the moment being surrounding by this mother nature. I definitely need to make a trip back to Oman soon!


Oman is one country from some country have good place to travel

This water haul looking fantastic

Its actually a blessed place with many many natural views , adding to the places you mentioned over here . I believe Salalah is an Eden on earth , weather there is cooler than its neighbors and the nature is amazing , you can visit it on winter and you wont wish to go anywhere else !

they r well know with their hospitality but to be honest the GCC is knows with it and the middle east area generally , they like to be nice and welcoming ..

Very nice post @adsactly


Yeap, I went there during their winter time. Otherwise, summer could really burn me out. People, there are definitely the kindest. I've met a few friendly locals and they even help me out when my vehicle was stuck in the desert.

Thanks for your support from @explorernations & @adsactly

Oman is a place for adventure❤❤
Exploring unspoiled nature and desert's.
I was anticipating to see some shots of the dunes but not withstanding all the pictures are superb.
Thanks for sharing this @explorernations for @adsactly


Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. If someone loves exploring, Oman is definitely a place to start with. I am sorry that I haven't included any photos of the dunes because I wanted to show readers a different side of Oman. Hopefully, you can understand that.

Thanks for your support from @explorernations & @adsactly

Oman oh wow! I love the vibes of this post. It lets people from other part of the globe know how beautiful Oman is, is not just the recent conflict but the enternal beauty from within


You're really spot on! That's my main motive for this travel article. To bring out the hidden beauty of Oman besides the desert which is pretty much ordinary in this case.

Thank you so much for the lovely comment and the support. Best wishes from @explorernations & @adsactly

that was a very awesome moment, I think.

Good morning my friend @adsactly!! I just got out of bed and the first thing I saw was your post. I really like reading your content. It is very interesting....

I must tell you that like everyone else, I really liked this post. I'm sure you had a great time welcoming the Omanis, learning about their culture, visiting their Wadis (valleys) and their incredible forts.

The first thing that makes me want to visit Oman is that, as you mentioned earlier, its people welcome foreigners with open arms. In many countries, people are very jealous of their land, so sometimes the welcome or treatment is not at all pleasant. In this case, the opposite is true :).

Another one I liked is that it's still a virgin country. It is just beginning to grow and invest in growth. Therefore, people who like to explore, go to a lonely and beautiful beach, go to the mountains to camp or visit the valleys, can do so with complete peace of mind. That's definitely what I love about it.

Besides, the culture and its people are very humble. That gets my attention a lot. You also said they have Portuguese influence in their culture. I am of Portuguese descent, my second surname is "Figueira". This makes me want to go and visit this territory even more.

And good friend, as you have shown in the photographs, the landscapes and places to explore are very beautiful. I would love to visit the Wadis and the pristine beaches, and if permitted, camp there.

I am from Venezuela, without a doubt my country is very beautiful. You can find all the landscapes in my country except the volcanic landscape. I wish I could get to know my whole country, but unfortunately due to the insecurity there and the terrible economy we have (we are the country with the highest inflation in the world) I have not been able to do so.

But I invite you to visit us someday, when my country comes out of this crisis and we shine in the world again :)

Thank you so much for sharing this journey, colleague @adsactly. A hug and a greeting! :)


Thank you so much for the support! Couldn't express enough with words for all these beautiful encouragements. Most importantly, I am happy that you enjoyed this article and hope to see you around here :)


Thanks to you for publishing very good content.... You will always see me here in the comments :)

It turns out Oman has a very beautiful nature, never imagined by me to the beauty of Oman, which comes to my mind Oman only country that has desert,
It turns out not as I imagine, it's nice to be able to tour there, wadi you call is the same as the river elsewhere ??


It's totally out of my expectations too. I was surprised how my trip to Oman turns out to be the best time I had in the Middle East. I believe the word "wadi" is only being used in Arabian language.

Thanks for your support from @explorernations & @adsactly

Wow, a very good post @adsactly, it really looks really beautiful. I believe Salalah is an Eden on earth , weather there is cooler than its neighbors and the nature is amazing ,because I really want to see the beauty of snow, hopefully my dream will be achieved, if later I have money. I never holiday like your trip this. But @actually as a person who is familiar to both countries they have mostly a huge amount of desert. Yeah they have beaches but as I see in your pictures Oman is wonderful..

Hi @adsactly,

Sometimes it looks that the beautiful places which someone has seen are most beautiful place on earth, but now I personally felt it wrong, as the pictures which you have shared are nice and awesome.

Happy to see there nice click and also happy to be your follower.

Thanks for sharing, and have a nice day,



it is very beautiful place i wish to visit it once in my life
this place is also pleasant to mind

A well written narrative of your travel experience! I would love it if you posted actual pictures, you yourself snapped. Excellent write-up.

nice one. travelling is a big time hobby of mine. i do hope that one day i'm gonna really travel the world

This is a great it really looks really beautiful.

The country is one of the most beautiful that I could discover: the red desert, the white sandy beaches, the green oases ... It is beautiful and very little frequented by tourists. I remember bivouacs in the desert, starry skies, fennec not far, the humidity in the early morning.


That's absolutely true. This country is way underrated. The natural beauty is unbeatable. I am already dreaming my day to return to this beautiful country.

Thanks for your support from @explorernations & @adsactly

Hi @adsactly love the color of the sea and wadi. The dark shadows remind me of kelp forests like in California. Thanks for sharing your travels!

Your post resteemed by @steemch

The riverbeds in your post were an unexpected surprise!


Absolutely! I was stunned by its beauty that I almost emptied my camera's storage for taking so much photos over there.


and I for one am glad you did :-)

Dear @adsactly, you are put wrong preposition Here, you write at instead of in

This puts Oman in(at ) a distinguished position among the Middle East countries.

Another mistake in your post! you miss comma between, Beach for Example
Take Tiwi beach, for example, this beach is located not too far from a small fishing village on the eastern coast. Besides its white sands,

images (2).jpg


Thanks for pointing that out :) Human is imperfect and we do make mistakes. I am no robot or machine, guess it happens to you sometimes as well.


Hahaha...excellent reply! Great article btw!

Wao! Nice article. I never knew Oman has such wonderful features.

Awesome moment and beautifull photography <3

Had no idea about this little piece of heaven. It goes straight on my bucket list! Thanks :D


You're more than welcome :) Safe travels~

Pemandangan yg indah,

i am always try to use @adsactly tag my post.....

i love @acdactly family.

cielos excelente la imagen del paisaje, que maravilloso lugar como me gustaria ir y relajarme jajajaa

Wow, a very good post @ emotion, it looks really nice indeed. Oman has a very beautiful tourist spot, it is a paradise, and nature looks very amazing. You often travel for holiday in other countries because you have very lucky life. I am very salute with your life, and for all your struggles, so you can be successful, and enjoy the result of your success. I do not have your trip holiday like this.

In a dream, it will never be for my Oman vacation, because Oman travels from my country for a lot of money, and I do not have money, because I still have many mistakes for life, but my dream is that there is a snow in the greatest day of life. The country that is able to relax, I really want to see the beauty of the snow, hopefully my dreams will be achieved, if after I have the money

Oman's landscape is really cool, it's a paradise, even though I will not go there, but I can see it through the pictures I've shared. Thanks for sharing, and you expect a wonderful day ... :)

OMG! I am so thrilled that you posted this! This really takes me back! I used to date an Omani for 3 yrs, and I would visit Muscat maybe once a yr. I went to Wadi Shab my first year and it was BREATHTAKING! There was another wadi I visited but can't recall the name, but just as breathtaking as Wadi Shab. I also visited the clay village. Oman is definitely an underrated country for tourism and it has amazing, untouched nature sites and food! My ex's friends were all so accommodating and warm, it was definitely a memorable chapter of my life.


The natural landscapes and the natural formations in Oman are unbelievable beautiful. If you have the chance to visit Muscat again, you definitely need to go on for a wild camping. You'll be thrilled by the magnificent looking scenery :)

nature is the most beutiful in every country..but this is the best place for travel...and this the best place i have ever seen..

Good job friend greetings!

wow oman is a amezing country... you share the photo proved that... its a big oppourtunity to you...

Beautiful Photographs

I didn't know that Oman possesses these natural heritage in it.. Yeah when we say Middle East the first country comes to our mind is either Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirates. But actually as a person who is familiar to both countries they have mostly a huge amount of desert. Yeah they have beaches but as I see in your pictures Oman is wonderful..

It is really enjoyable journey @adsactly. Oman is really nature paradise.

If I have a lot of money, the first place I visit is not an Oman, after seeing your picture today maybe my mind will change 100%...
I will soon visit this city, and the first place I go to is 'Wadi Shab' it seems that the place is really beautiful with its water...
Very nice...

I would love to go to that kind of places too. Nice photos I should say!

Thank you for taking me on a journey to a place I have never been nor am likely to go. However, this post does make Oman look like a place worthy of a trip.

Never thought of Oman as a travel destination. Looks pretty cool!

When people think of Oman and think desert they are so wrong

Wonderful and colorful green pond... Fabulous scenery A Nature Paradise in Oman.
amazing photography sir @adsactly


Thank you :)

Oman has great landscape and nature.i never know it got many beautiful attraction until i reached this post.usually i see a lot of article bout Dubai and Qatar..should have more article spread about is a great destination for travel..

Nice and beautiful place to visit.
Thanks for posting this wonderful piece.

so look good

I like travelling, I will find any place to visit

Great coverage, I feel like am in Oman already... hope one day I will be able to visit and savour the experience!

its really a great place. most beautiful place in the world..,

@adsactly thanks for such impressive blog, it call my attention the stones, it is far from the contamination in the world, an oportunity to rest and relax from noises, smog and all kind of the contaminatings elements of earth. I like your advices, good to respect the place and the people, I will include it in my favorite and different places to visit


Wow stunning pictures!! :) Great job! Looks like a fun adventure for sure! I would love to visit the Middle-East some day.

Hi, i really enjoyed this post! I am also into traveling blogs. Like to both read and write about my travels.

Would love to join your community for more good content. Is it free to join or do i have to get approved?

Safe trips!

This picture story about beautifull travel in Oman, this photo and your write very nice you can tag travelfeed because this post on category travelfeed

Great post.
I should visit just next to me.

Nature taunts the decisions and orders of princes, emperors and monarchs, and according to their demands, it would not change its laws by one iota.

Congratulations @adsactly!
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When I think you can no longer surprise me with the wonders of places, once again you leave me speechless. I did not know nor had I heard about Oman and I am surprised by how beautiful it looks, you are the reason why I am always stuck on the platform, I am a lover of travel, especially if it is places I have not known, before I was a backpacker but With the situation in my country I had to leave it, I still think that I will return because it is not life if you do not know new places, ** "The world is a book and those who do not travel only read a page". **

I love being a beach guy so Tiwi Beach is calling my name! LOL. It has its own unique visuals & colors to it. Must have been an amazing trip @explorernations, so happy to see you had an incredible time :) Have an awesome week!