What Can A Musician Learn From A Prostitute?

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What Can A Musician Learn From A Prostitute?

Musicians are usually called prostitutes because they easily move from one religious institution to another.

Well, if the average musician can even think like a prostitute (beyond the jumping), life would be better for us all.

You might call prostitution a MESS, but there's a MESSAGE in that mess for you as a musician.

Prostitution is also known as the world's oldest profession and that's because there is something "professional" about the average prostitute that most of us don't see.

#Insight #1. Prostitutes are not ashamed to monetize what other girls offer for free.

But a musician is shamed and seen as an ungodly and insensitive fellow each time he monetizes his gift.

#Insight #2. Prostitutes are doing it for the money and not for the love. They go straight into "how much" and negotiation because they have defined their objective: business.

But it's easy to FOOL a musician and tell him stuff like "relationship comes first before money. Just come and play...is it not just playing or singing?"

#Insight #3. Prostitutes don't undress until their price is paid because they don't know if you may want to continue when you see "fallen" things and undesirable sights. Also, when you waste more than the stipulated time, she might leave you and walk away.

But a musician can come for a program, play, and the event might end up ending 3 hours later than stipulated and he'll wait for 3 hours till the decoration is uninstalled, and the hall is locked before he'll get paid.

#Insight #4. Each time you want to go beyond the missionary style to explore other positions, the prostitute demands for extra pay because she knows her job description and she sticks to it. She won't even let you touch her without restraint.

But you can invite a musician to your church, make him set sound, teach the choir, and teach Pastor's kids and wife how to play instruments and sing and he won't even think it's appropriate to ask for extra dime.

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