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Nice Frystikken, Travel the World... Music moves us as well.


Happy i could push your comment above $1!
I feel like you guys could really make a great comedy show for steem with what you seem to have on

A great Travel Vlog is pretty easy to imagine here! Hah Fyrstikken talking about Steem and how Lucky we are is pretty funny! I can see him becoming a pretty big star for the entire crypto world and bringing steem into public consciousness

Without music, life would be a mistake.One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain..For that i also love music...
Wonderful music west side...lyric is awesome...

Now life will soon change
You have soon reached 16 years
what you chose now is important for the life that you get here..

Just awesome..!!

Very wonderful music and distinctive singing
Very sophisticated video
I hope to see a live concert
You are a really successful and elegant person😍😍😘


Yes Very nice music now I'm Your music fan

Man you really play it well, I would say the lyrics are heart touching and inspiring, Travel the world, follow your Dreams I think everyone should do that. Well I sung along Nanana nana nananana with you.

Country music balads... i like it

This wonderful music, i appreciate your post.
Keep it up my friend....

got ole paus vibe there :P

a can jone u on Nanana nana nananana

Happy to see.thanks for share next post

"The Unique Musician", whenever i listen and watch your music videos it reflects as your music completes you and you have different essence of music where you can literally can turn an conversations into music and throw your own emotions and command in it, and you included all important aspects as, age, dreams, path, life, travel and current decisions for life. Keep doing great work and keep enjoying your work. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

good to see

Very beautiful music, very able to make
the heart calm when hearing it.
Na na na na na na na..
Keep it up.

I just sang a long


to the moon :D


Very beautiful to enjoy!
Unmistakable singing ability :)

Have wonderful day @fyrstikken!

Excellent musical post................i appreciate this music....... @fystikken

Wow what a lovely music. just love it. lyrics was awesome dear. I'm a little singer so i'm happy for see this lovely music. great one. keep it up.

Sorry maset. Men prøvd å kommunisere med intertia om refund for de budene jeg ikke har fått stemmer for. Ca 30sbd. Fikk et litt frekt svar tilbake å gidder ikke bruke booster mere om det skal være på den måten.

Håper du gidder å fikse opp i det. Er ikke sur eller lager noe drams. Men mener når jeg bruker 100vis av sbd på botten deres å jeg gjør enfeil burde det være mulig å tilbalebetale. Men opp til dere.

Håper du har hatt en fin helg.

Ta vare!

That is the best you, get down here. a lovely song dear @fyrstikken. I like thia song. thanks

Its really amazing music. Great music buddy. just love your music video. keep sharing wiyh us always your music.

wow lovely music. love this tone. thanks for beautiful music.

Without music, Life is totally impossible. nice music. Now i feel better feelings. thanks for this music.

I love is a part of my life.

i mean great interesting! time when we listen music.its great that
music is life.we are in out of life without it,awesome music ,marvelous !!
better feelings to this music

outstanding music dear sit
love it with heated
@fyrstikken sir

'Now life will soon change' awesome

no dout great music of great shows.really great enjoyable moment

nanana na nananan
well it is cool music
i will remember it for a long time!

got ole paus vibe there :P

a can jone u on Nanana nana nananana

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This was a pleasure to watch. My band teacher had a quote hanging up in the music room... "without music, we're just monkeys with car keys" ;)

Enjoyed it totally that's the epic way to enjoy the weekend :D

Music helps the soul to get in a good mood, nothing better to sit down and hear some music, it doesn't matter what the genre is. This one is really catchy with the "nanana" part hahaha Greetings!

dott. fyrstikken, tell me please, where and how can I talk to you in the discord? thanks

Travel the World... Music moves us as well.

hello,please i am about starting a charity organization and i believe anyone can help us donate to this charity organization in order to save humanity and make the world a better can donate to us by delegating part of your steempower to us as your own form of donation....GOD bless you as you do so.....thanks in advance...

I can't think of this as a country song (we're at ground zero here), unless you're talking about bierhaus country...

Ooow.....great and super picture!


his music is very beautiful continue to work for the future

Yes yes yo @fyrstikken hode you r well mate ☺

Nice song @fyrstikken.
Your are really good singer, because you sing with your soul.
Sorry for disturb but i want ask you one question: Will you come back to golos?

Listening to music gives its own warns.says are very fond of 🎶music.
😘Thanks @frystikken