Prague hosting United Islands of Prague, one of the largest music festivals in the country!

in music •  6 months ago

Hi everyone!

Today, I will certainly please all music fans as I am going to promote one of the most popular and visited music festivals held in the country, the 15th year of the legendary United Islands of Prague.


The festival will take place in Karlin, one of the Prague´s neighborhoods, with the main stage being installed on the Krizikova Street but after the main program is over, the festival will continue at numerous bars and music clubs all over Karlin.


This year´s United Islands of Prague starts tonight on Friday and it ends tomorrow on Saturday. Traditionally, visitors can choose from a variety of music genres represented by over 100 singers and music bands including international bands like Arcane Roots, Leoniden and AT Pavillon or Czech bands such as Vypsana Fixa and Buty.

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Hey, Folks get up from Sleep, Czech Republic again with a fantastic show as always. I have started following @czechglobalhosts for almost 2 months, and I'm feeling proud to say that I have never ever seen a peaceful place like this. Even I came to know last week that the Czech Republic bought some air weapons, I was shocked to know that and I asked the author that the Czech Republic is a very peaceful place, why they need weapons. He said yes Czech rep the public no doubt is a very peaceful, but these weapons are the need of the era.

Oh sorry, I think I missed the topic :p

Have good show guys.
I wish i could join you, but that's isn't possible right now.


We are a very peaceful nation indeed but the country is a part of the NATO and have to fulfill the quota in many different areas.


yes you are right, these are the formalities which are necessary to be filled :( but my question can't we live in a world where there is no war, no weapons, no human killings. peace and peace everywhere. everyone lives happily. waiting for you kind reply @czechglobalhosts.

I didn't realize how big this festival was until I did a little search in the internet.
The rough area of the festival would be between Metro Florenc station to Metro Invalidovna staion. That is roughly a 2 kilometer distance and although the whole distance is not the actual area for the festival but it tells a lot of how big the event is going to be.
Screenshot-2018-6-22 Křižíkova - Copy.png


It sure will be pretty big but like you say not covering the whole area.

Very cool looking. Sounds like a good vibe!

(got some deals for you by the way... I know how you like to snap up a deal. Two bids with a couple hours to go. @themonstertrader)


I like your tip but it just sold like 5 minutes back... oh well, I am just glad to see this thing is doing so well in many different areas. Thanks for your tip though.

Thank you very much @prague. For hosting this exceptional event. This was a hit and it had lots of visitors to enjoy the music festival. Brilliant festival it turned out to be. Above expectations.

Thank you very much for this different and impressive post. Lovely picture. And what a music contest that was. Simply the best I may so. Keep up the good work.

Hi @czechglobalhosts, You should posted various and most popular event today and You know everyone prefer to feel musics every day. Seems like big crow come to United Islands of Prague. Everyone can enjoy with various bands of Czech. Omg... It'll start tonight and next day will be end. Is it continuously held in Karlin? I wanna go through dream to Karlin and will be sensational entertainment with colorful lights. nice you decided to share impressive moment.

Thanks for sharing another nice events. It reveals that Czech nations are lively people who know how to enjoy life. keep sharign @czechglobalhosts

A lot of music fans are over there! Looks a great event which can be seen through your pictures. Good luck to the organizers and to the participants as well.

Sounds like a blast. A big crowd with some beer and great music always good for the soul :)

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@czechglobalhosts, you are showcasing Prague amazingly,
Following your posts i have searched about Prague on google.
It is a beautiful place, the buildings, nightlife, musical fest...
Loved it