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Damn I'm so fucking buried in emails I don't even know what to do with myself. I guess this is what making it feels like? 100 emails a day from people who treat you with respect because they want something from you. I kinda like it.

Who am I kidding? I love that shit. YES. This is what I wanted all along. Soon I won't even have to do any work. Soon I'll just agree to put my picture on a website and make some introductions. That's the dream anyway.

But we'll get to that in a second. For now, let's talk about this crypto magazine.

Give the people what they want

After my last post, a lot of you commented that you were disappointed that I was abandoning the project. To be honest, I didn't think that anyone would find it worth their time to contribute articles unless there was a delegation in place to boost the value of the posts.

Looks like I was wrong.

So now the magazine is back on the table and ideally will start publishing next week. A few things have changed since my last post that explained everything, but before we get to that let's just take a bird's eye view of how this program is going to work.

  1. Steemit users contribute articles to the account
  2. The article is edited and proofread by our editor before being scheduled for posting
  3. All articles will be sourced from Steemit users. My partner is out of the deal for now
  4. SBD from post rewards will be split 40/40/20 between the writer, editor and marketing partners (if any). SP stays in the account
  5. Articles will have a link pointing to the author's Steemit blog/website/etc
  6. Up to 8-10 posts per day
  7. Only 1 post per day per author
  8. All contributing authors are required to join the @YallaPapi curation trail

The idea with this program is very simple: you write content, we publish it, the curation trail upvotes it and then at the end we all split the profits.

And before anyone asks, no, I am not the editor. I don't have time for that shit. The editor is a Steemit user by the name of @flashfiction and from now on, all articles will be forwarded to him for consideration. Please don't waste his time with unedited garbage.

@Flashfiction has been a part of #sharkschool from the beginning and I am impressed with his hustle. I know he'll do a good job and I am giving him free reign to make all of the day-to-day decisions for the magazine. I will work more on the business side of things - securing advertising, paid placements, etc.

As for my partner, the unfortunate truth is that the deal just isn't big enough for him. With no delegation, it will take time for the post rewards to build up. I'd rather not split the pie with an additional person just for a few extra articles that I could have Steemit people write instead.

Regarding the rewards, you'll notice that I'm not taking any of the SBD payout for myself. I was tempted to keep it at 1/3 and include myself in the split, but I figure that the incentive to contribute would be greater if the writer's/editor's cut was larger.

I don't need the money from it and would rather reward the contributors more as I'm hoping it will encourage them to create quality work. Because if they don't, then we'll just replace them with people who will.

In the meantime, I'm going to try and use the account to expand my other projects. ICO marketing, influencer marketing, etc.

While it's not something that will happen tomorrow, the ultimate plan is to create a massive network of independent marketers who source deals for my partner and I. You'll be able to operate under our banner which will add legitimacy to your pitch and we'll split the profits. This ties in with positioning myself as an advisor as well, as clients will eventually want me to put my picture on their website so they can show potential investors how cool they are.

Like I said, it won't happen today or any time soon, but that's the endgame from where I can see things now.

In terms of crediting authors, all posts will have a blurb about the author that's something like, "This post was contributed by @yallapapi. You can read more of his spellbinding articles over at his Steemit blog."

All contributing authors are also required to follow my curation trail so the posts actually get some reasonable rewards.

I have around 1200 SP right now but am in a constant state of powering down because I want to use my previous rewards to fund my upcoming posts. I don't feel like investing any more into the Steem blockchain, as ironic as that may sound considering how I'm using the platform.

Anyway, the point is that the voting power in my account can only do so much. I wasn't able to lease a delegation at a rate that I was comfortable with and didn't try particularly hard to solicit a free one. Because I am giving away all of the SBD payout, I also won't be paying to upvote these posts like I do with the ones that I post from my personal account. So a curation trail is the obvious solution.

For those of you who don't know, a curation trail is basically just a fancy way of saying that people will join a group that copies your upvotes. So by joining the curation trail attached to this account, all contributing authors will be upvoting all of each other's posts and increasing the collective reward. This can also be automated via SteemAuto.

Head over there, connect through SteemConnect and click the curation trail tab. Type @yallapapi in the search field and click follow. Easy peasy.

Ideally, some benevolent Steemit God (or enterprising high SP account with an interesting offer) would delegate a significant amount of SP to me for voting purposes to further incentivize contributors. But I won't hold my breath and neither should you.

While authors are allowed to submit as many posts for consideration as they want, we'll only publish 1 post per author per day. This is to allow for a fresh rotation of contributors and to give people an equal chance to earn from the program. That said, this may change in the future if some people are just such ballers that I or @flashfiction believe that they deserve more than one post per day to be published.

The SP will stay in the account for voting purposes.

Let's talk about submission guidelines.

  1. Posts should be between 300-500 words in length (give or take)
  2. Post must be spellchecked before being sent for submission
  3. Post should also be formatted in markdown along with images/videos before being sent
  4. Posts should have a professional tone. No "wassup homies today we gonna rap about WaltonChain"
  5. Posts must have something to do with cryptocurrency
  6. Editorials (opinion pieces) are allowed

All submissions must be sent to @flashfiction at [email protected]

Everyone who submitted to me so far, I will be forwarding your details over to @flashfiction and will leave it up to you to coordinate together regarding posting frequency etc. Do not submit any more posts to me.

That said, you're still welcome to get in touch with me if you have bigger ideas for working together. [email protected] or yallapapi#1970 on Discord.

Dbizzle my nizzle

For those of you who haven't heard of @DBooks, it's a self-publishing book marketplace built on the Steem blockchain. Seems like a no-brainer considering that the main medium of Steemit is text.

Thanks to @hyperfundit, I've arranged a deal with @DBooks to help promote their platform. They're looking to raise $5000 Steem for further development. You can view the campaign here.

So not only will I be giving them a shoutout in all of my future posts (and the cryptomag's future posts as well) until the goal is reached, but I'm also going to be giving away a book that I wrote to users who contribute at least 5 STEEM to the program.

This is not a business book. There are no affiliate links in there and nothing to buy.

The book is called High Risk Behavior. I wrote it a while ago with the intention of publishing it to Amazon but never got around to it. Funny how things work out like that.

The book is a collection of 5 short stories from different periods in my life. I've briefly alluded to some of them in my posts, but these stories are an in-depth retelling of the ugly truth of some of the most hardcore 1st world problems I've experienced in the past few years.

I have to say, the book is pretty fucking awesome. If you like me and want to know more about my history, then you will enjoy reading it. And even if you don't like me but want to read something easy and entertaining, you'll enjoy it.

I'm listing the book for sale at 10 STEEM. Users who contribute at least 5 STEEM to @DBooks via the Hyperfundit platform will get a copy of the book for free. The book is approximately 53,000 words long.

You're also welcome to donate towards funding the platform without taking me up on my offer.

Furthermore, if any of you have an established reach and want to partner with me on promoting @Dbooks, I am open to suggestions. Ideally you would have a book to give away and an existing audience to promote to. If you do, contact me with your offer.

Finally, between 10-20% of the SBD payout will be donated to funding the @Dbooks platform until their goal is reached.

Why 10-20? I am leaving some wiggle room in there in case any enterprising people are reading this and want to get more involved with what I'm doing.

We're all gonna make it brah

The crypto market is recovering and ICOs are coming out of the woodwork. I'm getting 50 warm introductions per day to new blockchain startups from one of the top names in the ICO world. I'm already overwhelmed and it's only been a week.

I don't want to jinx myself, but for the first time in my life I feel like I actually have a chance at making it.

It's not even about the money anymore. It never was. It was about being an in-demand personality who gets paid just to show up. It's about being one of the cool kids that people want to invite to their birthday party just so other people will come.

I'm not there yet, but it's getting close. My last post hit the top of r/cryptocurrency yesterday without me even knowing about it until a client emailed me.

You know what they said? "Hey we want to hire you but we're worried that people will find out we're working together."

It didn't bother me in the slightest that he was worried. I reached thousands of additional people because someone out there felt my article was worth sharing.

Old leads who ghosted me months ago replied to 60 day old emails asking me if I had time to take on new clients. Random ICOs I'd never heard of hit me up out of the blue asking me how much I charge. And now I have yet ANOTHER link that I can send to potential clients and show them that I am a walking, talking lightning rod that attracts attention just because I put words in a certain order.

Brother, if you're worried about people finding out that we work together, then you must have no problems in your life.

Worried about someone you're affiliated with hitting the top of THE subreddit in your industry? For free? Without even trying?

Who knows. Maybe I really am just full of shit. I can't even tell anymore. But one thing is for sure: I'm playing with the big boys now.

I closed a deal so big yesterday that I actually don't want to tell you how big it was because I'd feel embarrassed that I was bragging. Me. Embarrassed about bragging.

It's more money than most people make in a year and some guy agreed to pay me just off of a few emails and a third party recommendation.

And not only that, but I am doing it without sacrificing my dignity, neutering my articles, or stifling my personality. My banner image and profile picture are still ridiculous. I'm open about paying $100/month to live in a hostel and share a room with 7 other people while I manage marketing efforts for companies trying to raise millions of dollars.

What's the saying? "Be so good they can't ignore you."

Or maybe it's "Circlejerk the the cool kids until they bless you with upvotes."

I can never remember.

And you lucky people get to watch all of it unfold in real time. A year from now you'll be able to say that you knew me before I blew up. When I was still writing small-time articles about Steemit's Trending page.

Yeah, I'm definitely full of shit.

Be the general, not the private

As I've said many times before, it's better to use this platform as an extension of your business than to depend on the post rewards for consistent income. Sure, if you created your account in 2016 and are best buddies with the cool kids, then maybe they'll hook you up.

But if you actually took the time to read this far, chances are that you're a normal account with no power to speak of. Am I going to tell you that writing for my crypto publication is going to solve all your problems? Definitely not. I have no idea how much the post rewards are going to be, but I don't see them being big enough to support yourself any time soon. I don't care what country you live in.

In fact, have you noticed how I'm not taking any of the liquid rewards for myself? Why do you think that is? Because I hate money? Because I'm rich? Because I want to help people on this platform?

Negative. It's so people have proper incentive to do all the work that I don't want to do. Can you imagine how much time I'd have to spend writing 10 x 300 word articles every day of the month? Fuck that shit. Pay me $100 per article and I still wouldn't do it.

But by inventing this little idea and structuring it the way I have, I've basically created an asset for myself that will grow with virtually no input on my part. Writers have incentive to write, the editor has incentive to edit, and all I have to do is put the word out there that I have a publication that produces 200-300 pieces of high quality unique content every month.

And I did all of this without spending a dollar. I haven't hired anyone nor will I pay any of them out of my pocket. They get paid based on the revenue that they generate.

In the meantime, I have a massive publication being created in my niche that belongs to me. Just from writing a few posts.

What's crazy is that literally any of you could do this as well. What's stopping you from creating your own version of what I'm doing but in a different niche? Seriously, what's stopping you? Wouldn't you like to have your own online magazine where people do all the work for you and you don't have to pay them anything up front?

So why haven't you done it? Because you don't know how? No. Because you just don't feel like doing the work.

I don't know if it's because you're lazy or just can't be bothered, but at the end of the day the reason you aren't copying my strategy is because you have other things that you'd rather spend your time doing. Any one of you can mimic my strategy step by step and do literally the exact same thing I'm doing. I've laid it all out for you.

I've told you how it's been structured, how people are being paid, and all the deals I had to make to get everyone to do the work instead of me.

And that's fine, maybe you just don't want to. But you have to understand that you have absolutely no right whatsoever to complain about not being able to make money on here.

Forget about making money from your articles. It's not going to happen for you. It never will. And if it does, then it's because someone who got lucky two years ago feels like being generous and clicking a little button after skimming your post.

Is that something you want to depend on for full time income?

There are dozens of ways I can monetize this new account. I can offer writing services for ICOs that I represent. I can sell adspace at the bottom of posts for blockchain-based companies. I can run the account for six months and then flip it for mega bucks. I can use it at proof of concept and approach an investor to buy a million STEEM and create my own money printing machine.

Compared to making $20 per article, what do you think is better?

Of course my way. Are you kidding me? People build a business for me and all I have to do is market it to my existing network? EZ money.

I told you before, I don't want to hire any of you as writers.

I'd rather you come to me with an idea for a project and the drive to lead it.

Come to me and tell me you want to run my next magazine. Tell me how you're going to reach out to groups of writers and recruit them to write. Tell me how you're going to bring your friend in who is a professional editor for a piece of the action. Tell me how you're going to help me approach brands for advertising opportunities. Tell me how you're going to get me a delegation for future projects. Tell me how you want to reach out to ICOs for me for a % of closed deals.

You expect me to believe that you'd rather poke your keyboard for an hour for $20?

Look, I know I sound like an asshole. But don't be scared of me. Ask people who talk to me one on one and they'll tell you that I'm actually very nice.

But one thing that I can't tolerate is an intentionally false misrepresentation of reality. And when I browse posts on here that are so obviously laden with unstated ulterior motives it makes my blood boil. False crusades, duplicitous posts rationalizing poor investments, and mountains and mountains of excuses made by people who are too uncomfortable to face the fact that they are the only ones responsible for their own fate.

I communicate like this because a lot of you need a nice hard slap in the face to bring you back to reality. Get your head out of the clouds with all this shit about "Steem will for sure go to $20 this year and replace Facebook! I base that on no facts or research because cryptooooo!" What the fuck? Are you actually retarded?

Anyone reading this can contact me any time. Any of you. Even if we've argued publicly or you've silently disagreed with my past articles. I don't care. I don't hold grudges. I'm trying to make some money before I die so I can buy a bunch of shit I don't need.

Anyone who wants to get involved is welcome. You know how to find me.

How else can you make money from Steemit other than post rewards?

Let me know in a comment!

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➡️➡️➡️ [email protected] ⬅️⬅️⬅️

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Hey le'pap long time no write....just thought i'll drop by to read one of your latest post and say hello near the top of your comment section....you probably wont' see this, and won't respond, but it's ok, and it's not never mind, i'll still drop my thoughs here with hope and with some contribution out of care....or love it not anything else

your magazine idea will start, will continue for a while, and it will end, probably faster than you think it would, that's if you actually build the site in a super low cost way

i think it's good to do anything, to try, to experiment, but there are some competing factors you're not addressing in building a voluntary org, especially a talent acquisition one to lay your base of value. in your lengthy message, you're missing out the draw beyond the writers that will just say....why not just once..... you're not showing sustainable emotional value....or perhaps you're not selling well to your target (aka talent pool, which trust me does exist here)... that last part is me trying to speak your language

i'm not speaking out of my random thoughts, i'm actually coming from equitable experience, i'm one of the founding community member of Comedy Open Mic, just look at our tag's trending page....we're one of the highest payout per tag on Steemit right now average >$8/post many reach >$100 every single day (with zero SBD purchase....all pure profit), we could easily take our winners every week and make a monthy magazine that will put Readers Digest or Mad Magazine on our radar, we've gathered and paid out over USD$13,426.08 in pure profit organic payout (per the SteemSQL query we ran 48 hours ago...yes we have a number of python and web devs all volunteers, not even asking 40% or even 40SBD) , and we've only given away 831.01SBD & 270Steem from pure contributions, i gave next to nothing in funds myself except for my stratagem and some measure of part-time leadership, and we did not have to come up with a single hundred SBD of seed money to pump any of our post or our contributor's post with bid-bots ....and that' just from the last 12+weeks, and we're still accelerating in growth.

oh yeah....and i didn't have to make a single post to promote this magazine worthy organization, so how did we do this?

btw. incase you're wondering if this is jsut fluke, what i've done outside if steemit is much more, i've build property management groups, automatic residual sales that works offline and online....a small one that i'm most proud off (vs. big ones that I sank in 10s of thousand) ......only because it grew from scratch and drew in by grassroots from zero to 1.5million in sales in under 9 months (and i only get a residual of 3.7%....so my pride is obviously not in the income but in the accomplishment....and yes it's still paying me till this day) and i've participated as a principle to fund an 80 million dollar development operation, i've also bought and sold over 19 properties and that's just personally....i'm not trying to brag...i'm trying to speak your language, i really hope you do find a revenue income niche that pays here (or from here as you speculated in theory), and i'm not talking about your current trending post / niche upvote pile-on strategy, and your constant email outreach and ico marketing pump, which takes constant effort and engagement or it eventually fizzles out....but something truly residual to call your own

anyways, if you like to know your missing ingredients feel free to contact me on discord, i'll give you some pointers to get your going and sustainable growing, like yodith says, you're one adaptable joo, but you do need to have some measure of continually success that will allow you to start caring beyond your next big hustle idea and direction

sincerely wishing you profits and largess and some glory....or i wont' be spending this 15-20mins of my life typing this that you will likely (90% chance) never read or don't believe, i care, that's all i'm saying

.....hmm....maybe i'll also paste this in the next post...might increase your chance of seriously considering by another few percentage


I also like making memes and my tag is #steemitmeme and i try to post meme daily there :)
meme contest-01.jpg


Never thought of that. But I like it

how do you guarantee the reward? to the content creator to be covered in the magazine?


What do you mean? We send them their share of the reward after the payout.

You got a 15.14% Upvote and Resteem from @ebargains, as well as upvotes from our curation trail followers!

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This is a great initiative. Thanks for starting it.

This is great idea!...:)...

This is a great initiative! @yallapapi This is finally what Steemit needs! Outside demand and purchasing for great content through Steemit and ultimately paid out in SBD/SP. You are truly one of a kind here on Steemit, im glad you speak your mind. Will this be anything crypto related including ICOs, marketing, price action, etc.?


Anything related to crypto

I am good to go! This should be interesting. And this is how great projects usually start.

I know a little about it. Not my first epic story, kid.

Soooo... care to join the ride? You got my email. Drop me a line.


Looks like you have got some editing skills!


Yeah. I have been involved in content creation for some years now. I am a business storyteller and I have a nice little set of related skills by the side. Editing, copy, community management, SEO...


Great, can I see some of your work, apart from steemit?


Most of my job is in Spanish. I designed the communication strategy for this scientific center (It is one of the top 3 in my country), for example, www.tamps.cinvestav.mx. Also, I created this twitter account: @ letrabreve


That's great. All the best for your future initiative!

I'm looking forward to seeing how this works out. Some friends and I are working on a platform similar to this maybe you'll be interested after we have released more information about it.

I admire how you built up such a strong fan base in a relativley short amount of time. this @yallapapi shark method has some merit to it!


I'm looking forward to seeing how this works out. Some friends and I are working on a platform similar to this maybe you'll be interested after we have released more information about it.

Yep, I'm interested

I admire how you built up such a strong fan base in a relativley short amount of time. this @yallapapi shark method has some merit to it!

Can't argue with results!

As you know you got my full support for the cryptomag. Solid idea, and definitely something we need around here. @zer0hedge has been copy-pasting for way to long now. We need something original.

Also I've been insanely busy this last two weeks, so busy that I didn't have a chance to thank you for the connect.

And I need that book man, really like your style of writing and the spot on zyzz references so I would like to see what it's about. It's late here in Cro so I'm off for today, but will donate that sbd for a free copy tommorow.

Anyway, cheers man!

@yallapapi is professor finessor

I feel your initiative of empowering quality writers is getting stale @yallapapi. Boring as fuck.

You have been ranting about doing it without actually starting. 5 posts down the line talking about the same thing. If they ask you now, you won't bat an eyelid to say you are best writer here. Just reread your last 5 posts, this time slowly. Now tell me what they contribute to this platform or the value one may find in it.

I read where you mentioned James Altucher and how his writing has become predictable especially the starting paragraph. Now ask yourself, apart from constantly crying about how steemit bid bots, trending page high jacking, and this issue of paying writers for contents, what topics do you think you'll write on that people will be genuinely interested in.

I use to watch out for your posts you know, but just as in your case with Altucher's contents (you mentioned it yourself), You don't arouse my curiosity now.

Start doing it already I'll advise. We've read the press releases 5 times boring times already.


Pot - kettle - black


Agreed! action speak louder than words the hype has been built now let's see the end product!


Brother I’ve read all my posts at least 20 times each and I am very happy with all of them. You don’t like my style or for some reason disapprove of me trying several methods before finding this one. Sorry to lose a reader but hopefully somehow I’ll find a way to move on with my life.

And by the way I’m not empowering anyone. I don’t give a fuck what people on here do. This website could disappear tomorrow and I’d be just fine. This is a pet project for me because I like the attention. Even from people like you. Let’s have this conversation again in six months and then we can make the same James Altucher comparison if you want. I’m 100x better than him too by the way. At least anything he’s written in the last five years.

6 months.



I’m 100x better than him too by the way.

Coming from someone who read him for inspiration. I know you are saying it to massage your dying ego.

Ask me and I'll say you both are losers.


Well good thing I didn’t ask you. My ego is long dead but definitely not from you, a random internet hater I’ve never heard of.

No hate for James, gotta support a fellow member of the tribe. But if you compare his work from ~7 years ago to today there’s been a clear decline. He got famous and found better ways to spend his time than writing amazing articles. Now he has a podcast and tons of other deals he’s not allowed to divulge. Bless him.


Bless you too bro. I ain't hating just telling you to do it rather than sing continuously about doing it.


Ask me and I'll say you both are losers.
Boring as fuck.
Now tell me what [your posts] contribute to this platform


I ain't hating

Bro you're the epitome of a hater. And believe it or not, you don't set deadlines for me or my projects. If you actually read the posts like you claimed, then you would realize that there were reasons beyond my control for postponing the launch. But as someone who likely has never organized a project larger than microwaving his own breakfast, I can understand how that would be difficult for you to understand.


Hahaha Ouch! It burns! Turn that off! He's DONE


Splendid write-up & wonderful idea. Hope it works out well for everyone involved.

This is a great post


Please Stop - @muzammil381

You just said "great post" and in your your last 100 comments you used 31 phrases considered to be spam and you made this exact same comment 1 times. You've received 11 flags and you may see more on comments like these. These comments are the reason why your Steem Sincerity API classification scores are Spam: 70.30% and Bot: 6.30%

Please stop making comments like this and read the ways to avoid @pleasestop and earn the support of the community.

Great post! I love seeing such ambitious people getting things done together! Keep up the good work :)

  • Iris

Looking forward to it

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

If i didnt think you were for real and this was a character you are playing (Flexing with your email count sheesh) id like it. But oyu kind of strike me as genuinely odd. Just my 2 cents. Nothing wrong with wanting to make money. I just think it counts how you go about it.

All the luck with the magazine ;)


Meh, people can choose to believe if they want and I don’t blame them for being skeptical. This is the Internet after all. I thought that the fact that I don’t actively sell anything on here without involving at least one collaborator would speak for itself.

Yah I’m genuinely odd. Normal is boring

It was good time reading you

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very nice offer, I have less knowledge about crytocurrency to be honest so right now i can't try it, good luck for those you will write on it and send to you :) @yallapapi

That must have been a pretty big bonfire on the chag last week, got you all amped up.

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Direct Relief Humanitarian Aid

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Show everyone how you’re better than them by nonchalantly throwing some $ out there to fix this place up


If anything I would give to Chabad as they've done a lot for me over the years. I don't know how that would go over too well for the magazine.

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I can sell adspace at the bottom of posts for blockchain-based companies

This is a clever idea but please make sure to have a well thought-out proposal so advertiser(s) won't have their ads displayed at the bottom of a particular post indefinitely--making you helpless about it. You know what I mean.

I am in for this @yallapapi. Just one thing I would like to clarify what you mean exactly by this:

But one thing that I can't tolerate is an intentionally false misrepresentation of reality. And when I browse posts on here that are so obviously laden with unstated ulterior motives it makes my blood boil.


I left that vague on purpose. There is a reason why I explicitly state my motivations for everything I do on here and speak in such a straightforward tone. I don’t want to call out anyone by name.


How about someone embedding his/her own affiliate link(s) similar to this shilling about Binance to be the best cryptocurrency exchange there is. Is that a deal breaker for you?

Another thing is if one of your writers, for example, pitched a startup project in his/her article not in act of freewill rather because of some special arrangement happening behind the curtain. I'm not sure how you deal such scenario.


affiliate links

Not at all. Shill away. In fact I think that’s a great idea and something that all contributors are encouraged to do.

can we shill our private deals

Yep. I have no problem with that.

I'll stick with what I'm doing - steemit is fun. I make my money elsewhere. Used to run a network of blogs - over 100k followers - managed 25 writers - did the 30 articles a day thing. Made good money - but holy fuck was it soul sucking. Wishing you success - just personally can't think of anything more boring than writing about crypto. Also - you never talked projected profits - my guess is in the range of 2-10 cents a word ?


No idea on projected profits. All depends on the curation trail and if it spreads. I really have no idea. 2-10 cents a word is a dream. In the beginning I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s 1 cent every 10 words.


Lol I really appreciate your honesty and for responding.


It's certainly not boring, just that the lack of knowledge to create cryptocurrency content is quite a luxury, I have seen cryptography analyst writing about rises and fall and improvement and building ICO and the rest, I tell you they're the protector of the cryptography future, however I know how it feels not to get these whales respond, it's quite difficult to get their attentions really, but @yallapapi has got an amazing initiatives one that can go to the moon if tended to, in other words I wish I can create crypto contents


It’s really not that hard. Just google crypto currency and click the news tab. Pick any article and rewrite it in your own words. Add a few links and that’s it.


I see writing about crypto as not to far off from writing about stocks - which I've done - there's clearly a market for it. I'm just not into it.

Also - and No disrespect intended - I get the shtick Papi is going for - but it can just be a little off putting when some one starts screaming "I wanna be that guy at the party - thats all I want - well that and money". Especially when they want you to work for them. He's telling you this whole thing will - for the most part only benefit him. You will most likely see some Trickle down interactions - but most likely not much. Not harping on you just giving my opinion.

Like I said wishing you Papi and friends all the success in the world.


Also - and No disrespect intended - I get the shtick Papi is going for - but it can just be a little off putting when some one starts screaming "I wanna be that guy at the party - thats all I want - well that and money". Especially when they want you to work for them. He's telling you this whole thing will - for the most part only benefit him. You will most likely see some Trickle down interactions - but most likely not much. Not harping on you just giving my opinion

I understand completely. Yet here you are, an active steemit user. A hobby that mainly benefits the core steemit team and whales with millions of SP. Why? Because you derive some peripheral benefit from contributing here.

See where I’m going with this?

Sadly I have to be open about my motivations because if I don’t it will open me later to “but you’re just doing it for the money” accusations. Which is true. Just nipping it in the bud


Whoa double replies lol. Like I said - I totally get it dude - transparency is needed when it comes to stuff like this.

To be honest - I'm here as an experiment - $0 invested - other than my time / gas money - What can happen in 6 months with 85 - 97.99% effort. It's a actually going alright. At 6 months if my account is worth $1k or more I'll look at actually investing some moolah.

Been following you a while - totally respect the hustle hope you get that. I've read just about everyone of your long ass articles lol - keep doing you brah!


All you need to do is write a long article once a week and re-invest the payout from your last post into the new one, and hope that SBD and steem don't both go to shit during the payout window, so it'll work as long as prices go up or are stable. Well, I guess you could care just about the raw amount of SBD and steem you get from doing this, not priced in fiat, but at that point would anyone really trust anything you have to say about crypto?


Are you referring to me with this comment? I’m confused.

I don’t write these posts for the money. I don’t even calculate the P/L afterwards. I just assume I lose. Either way I don’t think I’ve ever pulled any money out.

good money steemit blockchain writing post thank for shearing

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i will do same thing in my life. Surely

kire mc tui amre downvote dicoc kn.
why you give me a downvote in my comment.

It s a good way to earn money, someone is living online posiblity:)


agree too!

Buenas tardes muy bueno tu articulo,me gusto la redacción ,creo que lograste el acometido felicitaciones,saludos

Great post i started to follow you hope you
do the same and i also wish i cloud upvote this blog but my SP is very low so am asking any one who read my comment to give me a upvote please and thanks

Itmis a perfect spam machine

Resteemed. May you never have to endure a "real job" again.

Nice post

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A good idea we wish to implement soon, but is this service only related to English

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...I clicked the upvote button because it's really 2am here when I finished reading this.

perfect post.I am very happy with to see this post.

this is cool so how do beginners like me move on in the steem



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I did have something important to say about your post, but I've forgotten what it was.

Nice post dude

I would write for this project.

I was just grazing through steemit when I saw this post, apparently I had to check out the post of five days ago, in other to get to know the project you were projecting to cancel, In other words, this is amazing it's actually an opportunity for very good and intuitive writers to earn an get exposure in a very unfriendly and clogged state of steemit nowadays, it's however surprising that you're not keeping any rewards for yourself, since you are the pulley that wheels the machine, nevertheless it's really sad for me, I was thinking it's the right break for me, until you said it was just strictly posts on crypto currencies, and I'm just a fiction and poetry writer.
In other words i will be willing to do anything or if need be, if in anyway an otherwise initiative comes up, thank you


For now it’s crypto because it ties into other stuff I’m doing. Maybe it’s time to expand your range as a writer and learn to write in another style?


Haha, well it's going to be very herculean you know

Shut up and take my money!

Dats good

Hello friend, excellent publication, I liked it a lot. Count on me, I invite you to visit my profile and count on you too, Regards

I love it bro 🤞🏾📈🚀♻️

Looks like a great idea and love the Dbook thing and reminds me when I was a kid when I was trying to make my own newspaper or magazine or comic strip thing or money thing when I was about twelve.

nice post!

Very good post,
very useful for those who read it. thank you

From #Venezuela support your work friend, greetings and keep it up, showing good quality in your posts ...

I Like it so match

I think it is immaterial how many words the post should have it is the quality that matters if you can explain things in simple words I think that important

Nice post


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Although not happening in the near future, but if the main plan is to create a large network of independent marketers who offer for my partners and me.

this will be very much anticipated by everyone, especially those who love crypto money.

I can not wait for this big thing.

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Haha! I like the last message you have @yallapapi! I will resteem this post so that you don't have to get a real job! It really made me smile teeth wide open =D

Great post! I love seeing such ambitious people getting things done together! Keep up the good work

I got more and more convinced after reading the post that steemit is destined for success!

Now I am not surprised, that after I actually discovered ( although opened account in the beginning of the year ) this website ten-twelve days ago, I forgot about Facebook... I am sure that soon all my friends accounts will be here, because Steemit is the Future, already IN!!!

Thanks @yallapapi for sharing this information with us!!!

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That's great news for us thanks buddy

lovely idea, it will really maximize greation of good content.

Great to see that the @yallapapi train is about to finally leave the station. Congrats man! Very much looking forward to seeing, and perhaps participating in how it all works out.

A few of quick questions if I may?
1) are all articles submitted to your editor then considered the permanent property of your magazine, whether they're used or not? Or how will that work?

2) with no offense or desire whatsoever to take anything away from @flashfiction, if he's going to be making 30% off of 8-10 articles day, just by spending a little time editing them, doesn't that seem a little unbalanced compared to how much the writers themselves will be making for each article?

3) How the frig do you find the time to do all of this?? Write these blogs, reply to all these comments, handle all your other biz, diss hot chicks you're on dates with for taking selfies?? I mean, it's probably because I have a Family which takes up a vast majority of my time, but I can barely comprehend where and how you find enough hours in the day to do all this shit man! Frankly, it's pretty frickin' impressive. Cheers dude.


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Just pray to god nobody actually gets scammed by these emails.

Because every people that get scammed.

Gives more reason for the scammers to scam


Are you saying I’m going to scam people or the other way around?

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So why haven't you done it? Because you don't know how? No. Because you just don't feel like doing the work.

I've tried something kinda similar last year. I failed. Maybe I didn't put enough effort into it. Maybe I quit too early.

Steem World Journal #1
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Steem World Journal #4
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You're gonna make it brah!

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you made me go back to your project publication, very interesting, do not give up

Very good post!
Very Informative!
Makes me want to HodL, HodL, HodL myself...

Christ, why do people even bother with shit replies like that? Wastes my time fookin' reading them to get to the decent comments. :-\

I still think Steemit is a toxic waste of time, but way to step up and try to improve things. This is a step in the right direction. Not just this mag, but giving people a template to mimic positive behavior.

I read a comment above about a guy complaining your mag was going to only be about crypto, when he was a writer/poet. I can't be bothered to look for it, but you should have told him to gather up some writers and poets and start a separate writer poetry mag of their own. (But then, most writers don't understand the need for a good editor. Most writers are retards too.)

Anyway, I hope your idea goes viral. Steemit could use some people (unlike me) taking it seriously.

Am I looks like an idiot

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