Canadian Housing Markets WILL CRASH! - This Is Why The Bubble Will BURST

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In this video, I talk with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the coming crash of many major Canadian housing markets as Canada is ranked the 3rd most riskiest housing market in the world.

According to the study by Oxford Economics, Canada's 5 year price rise is at 33% while its overvaluation is 173% and housing credit/GDP is 71%. The only two countries beating Canada are Australia in second place and Sweden in first.
As we see the return of the collateralized debt obligations, mortgage backed securities, credit default swaps, reverse mortgages, subprime lending, we are inevitably going to see the results play out over again, but this time likely far worse.

With places like Toronto and Vancouver most notably feeling the results of unthinkably large bubbles as well as Victoria, Hamilton and a few other major cities and towns, there's no doubt that this will not end well, it never has.
People believe their house is an asset, they don't understand the highly speculative markets or where value truly comes from.

Interestingly, Canada was ranked among three countries earlier this year by the BIS most at risk of a banking crisis. As the banks are insolvent/bankrupt and we continue to see vast amounts of currency printing, inflation rising, interest rates rising, regulations piling on top of regulations and an absurd amount of taxes, this is the downfall of a society. It's inevitable. One cannot put a date on the coming crash, we just know it's going to happen and for that reason we must prepare ourselves. We must be self sustainable, independent, decentralized everything and rule ourselves.

See the FULL video report here:

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Great coverage of the housing bubble Guys.


Wait to the sheeple's 5% interest rates go to 18 - 22% under Trudue's watch.

Montreal market still hasn't peaked, has a way to go.

But my personal opinion yes all will correct in due time

I watched your video first to last and gathered some knowledge how to make recovered our housing markets when it down. Thanks bro for sharing it

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Thanks for the heads up . We here in Militia country don’t want any CANADIANS migrants coming down here because of your financial collapse . Get rid of your fucking queen first , then get rid of your communism .