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So today I'm on a two-day road trip and for the first time in a really long time I bought some trees off of somebody I met at a bar and it actually came in a bag!

It's pretty shwaggy and cost me about $17 for what you see in the picture (was supposed to be 2 g's). Sure does bring back a lot of memories having weed in a bag tho.

Plus it really puts a smile on my face knowing how much better my herb is than what people around here smoke on the daily.

And that's what's up!

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It wouldn't even be that good after Canadian legalisation haha! Meanwhile underground prices start at $3/g for frosty bud and $20/g for dank shatter.


woooow that is almost free!

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Haha that would have probably been called "good" back in the shwag days lol. I used to be friends with a guy that sold that brick weed back when I was in high school, years ago. Every now and then, he would come across stuff that looked like poorly preserved good weed but it was mostly garbage. One time, I was there when he opened one only to find out that hundreds of dead grasshoppers compressed into the pound.


Is that what the Grasshopper Coffeeshop in Amsterdam is named after?LOL

Grasshoppers damn haha. I used to know some fools that probably would have tried blazing one of those grasshoppers once the weed ran out.

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This seems to be fun with weed .. thought i had never tried weed becz in our culture we don't smoke or do weed ..
Btt we can drink .. there's no restriction on it ..


but you guys drink Bhang sometimes don't you?


Hahaha .. yess buddy 😀😀
U know bhang .. woww how do u get to know ..


I love cannabis and have used it for over 25 years so I have smoked with people from many different places in the world that tell me about how they use cannabis in their culture. Someone told me about Bhang once and then I read some more about it. I want to try it one day if I get the chance.


ya i know lol more like 1.1


haha well if you on the road can not complain too much i guess..