Important trifles

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Hello everyone! Have you thought about how many simple things we have around us, that we don't appreciate? And we do not appreciate them simply, because we perceive them as something mandatory. These are things like air, water, our health, close people, friends... Once we get sick, we immediately remember how good it is to be healthy, when you do not have a headache, there is no cough and runny nose, not to mention other serious diseases. We get tired of our children, their activity and irrepressible energy, we tell them to "Calm down! Sit still! Do something!" But the time will come and the children will grow up. First they will have friends, hobbies, new interests, and then they will leave the parental home. Then we will understand, how we miss their hugs, laughter, pranks. It is difficult to appreciate such simple things at a frantic pace of modern life, it seems to us that we still have a lot of time that we all have time. But if we do not stop and breathe out, enjoy the company of our loved ones and friends, the laughter of our children, clean air, we can quickly lose everything. Appreciate what you have. Every moment.


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Yes, we have to appreciate good things which are part of our life, no matter if it's small or big. And many don't do that because they take it for granted because for them it's an view of daily life. But, unfortunately when they lack that thing then they come to know about the true importance of that particular thing. So, don't compare what you have with others, just appreciate and enjoy what you have, that inturn will make your life very easy. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂


You're saying the right thing. Thanks for the response)


Thank you so much and welcome. 🙂

Totally agreed with your thoughts.
We don't value simple things but they deserve a lot more attention and value