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If we stop playing the game, refuse to go through airport scanners (I do).

If we stopped voting or all voted NONE OF THE ABOVE (I never vote as I know its a game, and I not like the rules).

If we stopped shopping in supermarkets (seek out your local farmers market and start sprouting in your home, simple to do and full of real goodness.) as supermarkets only sell factory food which is of no use to your body and actually makes you sick and fat. (I buy toilet rolls and garbage bags only).

If we started using the In-power movement idea , take action against individual government ministers, example where I live the water contains fluoride so people could issue proceedings against all current ministers for endangering their health.

Theses actions carried out on mass would have a huge effect on the world and could well lead to some change in the right direction.

You got to hurt the pockets of companies, airlines, supermarkets, government and thats how you get change as it always ends up back at $$$$$/££££££/€€€€€€€€€€€ no matter what rabbit hole you start down.


that is the whole point... though people are frightened by an utter collapse of society but that is the price to pay for FREEDOM.

Nice topic and effective explanation.. @maxigan
Do not insist that the universe comply
with your understanding of it


many thanks brother

I watch your previous content about life and freedom...@maxigan
I believe that Imagine the consequences if Saddam fails to comply and we fail to act.


Always a treat Max. Thank you again. 👁 resteemed

Wow very interesting video.. Follow you.. I can't watch your complete video as my battery running low,but, for sure i will watch your video till the end. Really very amazing to watch and listen. Resteem it. Thanks.


I love you name.... "The crow house",

Let me upvote and follow you Sir.

limited government is the answer


no government at all, having a gov means to give away one's power of consent


Maybe limited LOCAL government, not Federal/state but I hate all government as its corrupt to the core, worldwide and all part of the global system. I do not feel like I need to be governed by anyone.

"The more light you shine the more darkness is going to come to you. The Darkness is attracted by the light and perhaps there's a clue here as to what's really going on here." Max, you nailed it there and you were talking about my experience here in Vienna. The last 3 months have been stormy and I am contacting you here because I have just today met with a representative of a group of Scientist pushing through an incredible appeal against all 5G activity in the world through the UN. The woman has worked for the UN for 18 years, fighting like a lion against the criminal mind-entrained bunch of psychos there, and we have established complete cooperation with each other today. Here in Vienna we have founded a Gnosis Common Unity, which is cooperating with The Best of the World Network, founded by Maria Petrak who also used to work as an ambassador at the UN, and together we are organizing so many projects right now like a peace party in Egypt in front of the pyramids (already organized) and in Vienna in September and we are looking to expand it as far as possible. I would love to hear from you because I have been inspired so much by your work and your great insights of how to navigate through the matrix and also share with what is happening here right now because it is quite far reaching and yeah, let's see.

Hope you're well, all the best from Vienna.


Steve Whybrow (you might know me under 'Eric Blair' on youtube)

I like this

One cannot be free if not ready to lose everything as any moment.

This is an immutable principle. The One Source never designed/created this reality/world for any takeover of any kind by a group. Only pure evil thinks it can. Those who make us believe that it is possible perfectly know the name of this game that will bring about our destruction

UV resteem


This looks like your logo.

What an article, lovely one.

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Thank you

One cannot decide to become a non citizen as I tried. One must be a slave to some country, no exceptions.