Defrost your steaks the intelligent way. Never struggle with defrosting a steak again!

in life •  7 months ago

The weather has been non stop perfect in the Netherlands.

It's one of the best springs I ever experienced.

Today I felt like cooking up some steaks on the green egg with a potato mash.

Of course, I forgot to take the steaks out on time and they were frozen solid but then I remember a tip from my fellow blockbrother @s3rg3 aka the Brain!

Snapseed 4.jpg

He seen me struggle on some of my posts before about defrosting meat in water and shared with me a much better method.

Instead of dumping the steaks in water in a freezer bag you do somethings else!

You put the steak in a skillet with a little bit of water (not stone cold but cold) and then you place a pan with water on top of the steaks.

Snapseed 10.jpg

Snapseed 3.jpg

I turned the steaks after 7-8 min.

Not sure why this technic works so well (maybe a better conduction?) but the steaks were defrosted within 15min and without the dodgy discolouration I get with my old method (that goes away after a while).


And here they are nice and dry 15 min later.

Snapseed 2.jpg

I grilled them up as usual and they tasted great.

With some potatoes and some grilled pepper.

Snapseed 5.jpg

I'm very happy I learned about this new method.

Never struggling with defrosting a steak again!

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A lot have to do with pressure and all.
Looking good.
You always nailed it right.

Its been more like summer no @exyle ? Wow that's a strange neat trick something I will have to tell my mom as she does it the old way lol, yummy hungry for some mash now.

Thanks for passing on the defrosting tip! I think that this has happened to all of at one time or another, forgot to get the steak out of the freezer...


You are welcome. It really worked well.

Looks yummy! I didnt had mashed potatoes for a while. Good idea for this weekend :)
Enjoy your meal!

That discovery will help me greatly, you need to see how bitter I get whenever I remember I was suppose to have defrozed my steak earlier.

It's a herculean task defrosting your steak using the dumping in the water technique. Sometimes I used knife to seperate them.

I have to relay this technique to my mum. She'll love it!

Thanks @exyle

You put the steak in a skillet with a little bit of water (not stone cold but cold) and then you place a pan with water on top of the steaks.

That’s genius! I’ve always struggled with that when it comes to defrosting. Does the pan have cold water as well? Anyway, I have to try it by purposely forgetting meat in the freezer.


Yes, Water in the pan too!

That is such a cool defrosting trick, and the end result of well grilled meat looked so delicious. It is awesome to learn something new each day- thank you for sharing...

That is simply marvellous. We have an upcoming festival for which we have lots of meat. I ll certainly try this method of yours. Thanks for sharing it will prove really helpful.


I hope it will work well for you.

Steak looks really delicious, good jog @exyle , you are slowly becoming expert Chef!

Very nice! I am going to have to try that out next time I need to defrost something. Those are some nice looking peppers and the meal itself looks fantastic. We have had some great weather here in the North central US too. Not too much rain and pretty reasonable temps for the most part. It has been a great Spring!

wow great tip you shared on today's blog perfect great to learn while cooking and it was looking very delicious : )

A great way to freeze a steak, my friend, and honestly, I have not heard of such a way of freezing, that of course it will be necessary to try with your steaks, it's great that they told me about your method! Well, the steak itself has turned out perfectly in a green egg, especially with potatoes! Thank you Mark.

Really! This is A! Result.

eet smakelijk :D

Sweet I learned something today! We have a lot of meat I forget to properly unthaw and I will definitely try this method next time the opportunity arises..... oh wait I have to do it now!

excellent recommendation friend

I've never heard of that method before @exyle. I've always done what you did in the past - used hot water.

You dinner looked very yummy! 😊

That's incredible

Not really a bad technique to beat off the ice.

I would definitely try it out someday.


  • How long did you grill the steaks?

Also, it looks like you grilled the pepper a little too much.

Nonetheless I am hungry and I think food teleportation is now possible. Hahahahahaha

Wow that's great! I had no idea about this process ,it will help me. I'm also happy to learn from you about this new method and your food make me hungry now. Thanks to share and enjoy this.

I enjoy steak. I like when they are grilled with mesquite wood chips. Gives it a nice taste.

good food

Just like the weather is not perfect in Netherlands, I believe same is the case with crypto currency related issue, as it has met its doom, a lot of down ward in price. I hope you are enjoying your day on there.

Lovely meal! Thanks for the defrosting tip @exyle! I hope you enjoyed your steak very much =)

Hahahahahaha... All hail the brain and the chef.

I wish I could say so much about my meals but hey, this is all about learning and I have at least learnt how to deforest steak easily

Quite a nifty idea! Will have to give it a try. Mmm, tasty looking supper there! Hope it was yummy. :)

@exyle you are always like to sharing your life moment with us love to see this always you are the one who enjoy life and share with friends every moment keep it up we need you healthy and charming brother

its been looking yummy as i am fasting but my mouth is full of water lol nice clicks enjoy the meal bro

How dare you post this right as I'm about to eat a sandwich for lunch! haha

@exyle I am eating a BBQ chicken sandwich for lunch while I am reading this post.