When dealing with Envy

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On your journey to success you are bound to have some unpleasant encounters with people who will be jealous or envious of you. Sometimes you feel find yourself attacked as if you presence and your actions are of a criminal nature.

This might fill your head with doubt, it might make you think back and wonder if you did something to deserve it. More times than not this types of attacks can be projection of what someone else is thinking and not so much something you might deserve.

As I began my career there where plenty of times I was attacked by people who saw me as a bad actor, as a negative force in their life. I would ask myself, What is it that is stopping them, What is it that makes my attacker think that his reality is my fault?

It's practical to admit that many things don't work the way we would want them to. Many systems seem to not be ideal, meaning that if we had to redo them, rebuild them we can imagine with not much effort how it would be more effective and possibly more fair. But one's desire to experience our idea of a fair system does not make it so.

The decision then becomes. Do I learn how things work, what information I may not have or even subconsciously reject, information that is sure to help me grow and progress? Or do I simply have a stance of "this is not fair" and complain to the winds.

We simply can't allow ourselves to be dominated by thoughts of jealousy and envy, we can't look at someone else's success and think with anger "Why not me?", but actually reach inside of us, feel empowered and ask with a sincerity "Why not me?"

Much success to you all
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Envy is killing people for those who are envious. I remember the verse in the bible in Hebrews 13:5

Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

Be content of what you we have. Great post my friend @chbartist


what about the other things people feel? like when people visit steemit for the first time, and see $500 paid out to a post i could write in less than three minutes, which is "worth" about, well, NOTHING [in $ terms].

The bot thing isn't something i worry about financially, but it does make our front page often look like shit still, and that's terrible for any hopes of popular adoption, with competition obviously coming.

There are negatives people experience besides envy.

I wouldn't take a paid for $500 trending post if you PAID ME.

I guess i've just seen too many hugely promoted posts by CHB, which are probably not even profiting, but certainly exposing many more people to posts like this [others i've seen by him are much longer, granted]

IDK. Steemit is incredibly frustrating. 50,000 posts a day still. EVERYONE "raping" the reward "pool".

Great tool. But being used to "TAKE" money [from the steem blockchain]

You can call it MAKING money, but it was really dan and the team that did that.

Yeah, i get it, capitalism etc., but that doesn't mean it's producing anything interesting.

I almost never even visit steemit itself anymore.

Can't spell inVENTING without VENTING.

Love, Alx.


By now we must have come in terms with the fact that we can't control everything. As valid as it might sound it's just your opinion and nothing can be done unless a lot of people agree with you, publicly agree with you.

Are these posts profitable? Why do people spend this much on bots. Is it about making the trending page or making money?


This has nothing to do with envy but need or greed... quess greed sonce who is in need has no money to spend (invest?) In bots. I do not know when Steemit did start, if the intentions were real/pure if it comes to good content but it is not what it is now for sure. Most people over here do not even like to read and many contest look like fb goodmorning greetings


Obviously a lot of people are agreeing with him, there would be no need to bring transparency to undeserving post reaping hundreds of dollar via way of a transparency bot if people weren't complaining about it. As they say....everything in moderation.


Best comment thanks)


happy afternoon @ hiroya, very successful text of the bilblia, which encourages us not to be greedy or envious and be happy with the things we have, thanks for sharing it with us.

Great Post!

Greetings man

I agree with you. I think it's a good thing for you to do so, because to see that, it's necessary maturity. Never in life will no one walk on straight lines. No one has 100% of their plans fully realized or not realized.

The point here is to understand where the error occurred, to reflect on it, and to evolve. With this, new learning and conflict resolution issues will emerge.

Thank you and good night!


No success without problems, these are what makes us strong.


follow me, good

sometimes if you're successful there are always people who are insecure and they will do their best to stop you from getting where are you are now, they cannot mind their own business, but my suggestion is don't mind those people who are jealous of what you are now and be grateful and enjoy the moment of your success. :)

Envy is out of your vocabulary if only you will be contented with what you have and try to be happy for the success of others. Strive to have the best in your life every day, surround yourself with loving people and give kindness and surely you will get inner peace and happiness in return.

I like your guitar I wish you luck in your artistic career


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I liked your work, well done
Thanks for your positive tips
Great post..

good post

This is a great post - topic. I see so much envy in this time of age and its growing, sadly. that is becoming a common thing even among friends. Just the other day I posted this quote down bellow that I think is perfect to share. My advice to you and all of us is that we honestly can't control other peoples opinions and many people should look the good in people that succeeded. Most of them worked hard for what they have. We should take them as role models and not complain about their success. Unfortunately, 99% of people rather complain then move their​ a**.Excuse​ my language. To your success! You earned it. Enjoy it and be proud of it!

I'm envious of some of these big self upvoters. lol ;) "Haters gonna hate" though. Congratulations on a very successful post.

This has happened to me all my life, I am not a famous artist or a genius, it's just me. Even my brothers say that I believe "perfect" and the truth is that I do not think so. I like to do my job as well as possible, even beyond what they expect to get from me, I love helping everyone ... I like to act well even if I do not have a police officer, a teacher or my parents next to me. If that is to believe me perfect, I do not believe it.
I have decided not to let those comments determine that I change my behavior before life. // Esto me ha sucedido toda mi vida, no soy un artista famoso ni una genio, solo soy yo. Incluso mis hermanos dicen que yo me creo "perfecta" y la verdad no pienso ser así. Me gusta hacer mi trabajo lo mejor posible, incluso más alla de lo que esperan obtener de mi, me encanta ayudar a todos... me gusta actuar bien aunque no tenga un policia, un maestro o mis padres al lado. Si eso es creerme perfecta, yo no lo creo.
He decido no dejar que esos comentario determinen que yo cambie mi comportamiento ante la vida.

It's always interesting when these moments happen. I am fightin my way into the Nashville music scene and there have been times that older musicians have looked at me like I was just ruining "their" stage, as I stepped off after soundcheck or the actual set. "Sorry your band doesn't sound as good as us" is what I thought at the time, but I now see that this is a behavior to learn from, and learn to never exhibit. I wish you luck down south playing gigs! I'd love to hear something you play on sometime:)


hello @samvan I know all to well how things are in Nashville, but don't worry too much about that, as long as you do your best you are doing just fine. Never forget that you should only be concerned with the people that truly appreciate what you do and the people with good intentions around you. Those are the ones that want to see you triumph and they will be the ones to help you succeed.

In any area of life, but more so in show business I learned to have a mental switch to safely ignore the people who don't want the best for me. Keep on doing your best, wishing you much success.



Thank you very much for those kind words; they are encouraging to hear, and I appreciate them very much! I would be amazed to hear your personal history with Nashville. Every story I hear about this place from experienced cats like yourself, gives me better bearings on it.


Wow, really good friend this reflection, because you have a lot of reason, because the unsuccessful people only complain and criticize and envy the others because they do not have or did not succeed, but something that they do not see is the effort behind, because when he wants to achieve something, one has to invest something too, and in the case of a musician, they are hours and hours without sleep, also missing out on weekend outings for a tour, or a recording, but all effort is worth it, rewards are worth it, really great your post :D


Thank you @fabian98. All the best!

One important thing (success is on your journey !!) I agree with your words. You have very well explained how the success ladder should rise above. Successful people crossed thousands of boundaries to reach their goal. Your post is motivational and very valuable. Thanks a lot for sharing a post. You are a successful person, I respect you.,, thanks @chbartist


@sampaakter, Thank you for your words! All the best!


Most welcome @chbartist.
You are a successful singer.
Once upon a time, add an audio clip song to your post. I have a great desire to listen to your songs. Thank you


As what the famous saying goes, "People want to see you do good, but never better than them." But all we can do is to ignore this kind of people as much as possible, and work our way to achieving whatever our goals are.

And if there are inevitable times when we feel quite jealous of what others have, maybe it would be a good technique to look back to the many good moments of our lives, let these moments bring us back to an attitude of gratitude, and wish people, including ourselves, all the best.

Life's too short to let envy take us over, when we can just crush it and make it over. 😊


brilliantly said @everydayart thank you for sharing and reading.


You're welcome @chbartist! Wishing you all the best! 😃

@chbartist you have put a great truth so very eloquently. Jealousy, envy, doubt, bitterness and all other similar emotions which follow suit are passions greatest killers. They will rob you of all the true quality in life. It is so important to not let them get the better of you, although in many instances this can be a lot easier said than done...


Hello @jaynie first off thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. I noticed you are a bit of a foodie, I have to confess its one of my passions as well and I dabble in the culinary arts when I can, I simply love cooking for my friends and loved ones who are part of my life.

All the best


hahaha yes @chbartist I am VERY much a foodie hehe :) You should give my #whatscookingchallenge a go then :)

Nice to meet you fellow foodie :)

What we choose to depend on determines how much accomplishment we get at the long run.
We've got to sieve out the rice from the chaff and become better.
Thanks @chbartist for this words this morning.


Thank you @seunnla. All the best!


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You're right. There's no need to envy others because too much envy will you kill you.

When you start meeting envy people on your way it means often that you are on good one. Best regards @chbartist

i love this part ''we can't look at someone else's success and think with anger "Why not me?", but actually reach inside of us, feel empowered and ask with a sincerity "Why not me?" notice the two ''why not me''s are not the same and if you read it like i did they sound different in your head. one being down and gloomy and the other more enlightened, lifting and with a smile ;)

Hi, yes, people are envious of what success others may achieve. Or perhaps, just like to hate on others, because they have more material things. But each of us has choices to make with how we use our time. We must remember that and keep on pushing forward to "get out of life what you put into it". I hope this comment resonates well with someone here.

Jealousy and envy are really annoying @chbartist for us to achieve success in an honest way. But that is the reality in this life and we must be wise in interpreting it and facing it so that our business can succeed @chbartist

As they say ''survival of the fittest'' so everyone around us is trying to fit in and trying to prove themselves everyday.
When people get envious that moment we should not let their negativity get into us instead we should be happy celebrating our success. People who can't see others successful often do nothing to harm them but their target gets so affected just by their thoughts that they start harming themselves.

once you're successful there will be people who would envy you because they don't have what you have so treat such people as part of life and rather than getting affected we should move on with ours :)

I will try my level best.
Thanks for your motivision.
Though we knew this but we never care.for this reason we can't reach our goal.but from now we obey your advise.
Thanks again

Once again an amazing post with knowledge jewels. Thanks @chbartist
Also reading comments from gentle steemians worth the effort 100%.
Glad to be part of this “success” ;)

In the World, how many people, as many opinions!
I believe that if there is a dream and a goal, then one must go to her and not listen to anyone!
Success to you!

Thank you for your motivational message, this has explained some things when you're climbing to success or already successful, there are those who are envious of you and your progress they'd do anything to stop you and when they can't they start physical attacks and start saying lots of bad things at your back. I've experienced such though and i have also felt envious of some people's progress too, it's just a thing we can't stop ourselves from feeling we just have to control how we feel and like you said "we can't allow ourselves to be dominated by thoughts of jealousy and envy".


Thank You! Best Regards


woow friend please give me upvote

Hello friend @chbartist, I have been following your posts for a while and it is really interesting your work, I congratulate you friend @chbartist, God bless you.


Thank you @cesarmvm. God bless you....

Wow, awesome and accurate post!! Envy and jealousy is a long term sickness that slowly kills one persons from inside to outside. Sure I will follow you.

Kind Regards.


You've got a point there, not only having a point but true experience coming fro you beginning. Even though it came from you as an individual, it serves as a lesson to many others. You never achieve anything through envy but hurt

congrats bro! :)

Envy is like a termite. It gradualy eats up the strength of the carrier.

Hello @chbartist, I agree with you sometimes I have felt and they have made me feel like I did not deserve this good thing that is happening to me, and I have even faltered, but I always look for the way to motivate myself and now more with the phrase that you put in. I learn how they work Things, what information can I not have or even reject unconsciously, information that will surely help me grow and progress? , upvoto y reesteem, thanks for sharing.

"Avoid loud and aggressive persons,
they are vexations to the spirit.
If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain and bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. "

(Max Ehrmann, Desiderata)

I've always held the words in Desiderata to heart, especially the stanza above. It has helped me from a lot of stress from envy. There are always people who's going to be better or worse than you, but that isn't what life should be about. You shouldn't envy those who are better, and put down those who are worse. We just need to revel in our time and plans. Good luck with your journey!

happy late my faithful follower @chbartist, as always once again with a prominent and significant issue, envy, all human beings have a bit of it, and many times we do not know or do not get where we want and we are angry that people around you are victorious. It is a matter of which we must be careful, because that poison called "envy" can even be fatal.
your talent is a gift, with which you were born, many even though they want to imitate you, they will be better or worse but never equal to you, you are unique
a cordial greeting....

What a great post. We should evaluate ourselves and learn from the misconceptions we had.

As they said, there’s no cure for insecurity and jealous people. They’ll hit you hard and find even the smallest mistake. However, the attitude towards that behavior is the basis if you are defeated by them or not. WHY MOT ME means you win. 😊


Hello @applieskie you are correct of course, thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. I hope you have a beautiful weekend.


wow swesome comment please pleaae please give me

Envy is something that we fight against every day, inside and outside. We must not fall into it. Thank you, good night!


Thank you! Night! @joshrone

I'll have to admit that envy is not somthing I can't easily keep at bay in my daily life... not a great feeling to harbour, but it must have a purpose....

I like this post so much, because your right. So many people will envy you for the things you do to yourself and when you get success. We don't need negative energy in our lifes.

People who are greedy for success dont get faded with others words....we just have to focus on what we have to achieve and not ever take the words who can negatively affect us

Hi there! God bless you! This is something that I would love to eradicate from existence if I could. All the time dealing with that. It is probably to keep reminding us to fight the good fight and no regrets... who knows.


Thanks for sharing. Upvoted.😊
We must do what we must and pay less attention to nonconstructive criticism people throw at us.

Most of the people that are jealous or envious of an others success, never look at what the person did to achieve their success. There are no so called overnight successes, they learned and improved through their efforts.

Success is not an overnight journey. Most times it takes blood sweat and tears. There are times you feel tired, sad, and overwhelmed but you are not quitting because you have a goal and success will come. Most times those who look on with envy are not thinking about your struggles that you have had to go through but about what should happen to them now. Today we are living in a world of instant gratification . All the 'envyors' want is the ready product now. Just pray for them and continue to play your part and wish the best for them

Envy felt when you think what you have is not enough. I am guilty of this, sometimes, I envy people who have more than me, then reality hits me
I am making my life miserable. Thank you for the empowerment.

Negative feelings are around us all the time and as we are developing our skills and growing as professionals some people think that we are the enemies. That is sad because people who are working in order to reach their goals deserve their success.

i think i found picture for envy =) donno black or white
because its b&w lol!

How to deal with Jealous people?

You have to make them more jealous and let them keep talking about you, just means youre worth talking about.

Great words......... was fun to read ! :)


thank you for reading @armincopp and for the resteems, thats awfully nice of you!



worth a resteem imao :)


bro please upvote my friend @chbartist

envy leads a way to downstairs

Success Quotes. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts"

jealousy is a kind of sickness, I agree

Really friends.

For the lovers of the classics of the 80s, they will not stop listening to it

Really friends.

Upvote and rsteemit

Hello, very nice post, congratulation.

We all agree so how come we all envy? Still envy can also be a drive to improve ourselves to a higher level, a better life. It is not that black/bad as they say it is

Thank you for sharing!! Upvote :)

Lovely weekend :)

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All the best friend

Everyone in life operates based on their own timezone. You simply keep off envy and jealousy, it doesn't pay!

Great Piece ! 👍

Great post.

Vote back my friend
I @syanaa hehehe

Wow awesome post. I really like your post. Stay with me. Voted & followed Thanks @chbartist

Really nice post, we need to guard our minds at all times

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Nice thought, this life is word and opposite. You have to keep your head straight.

Instead of envying, people should instead learn from those who are more successful.

i like your statement!!, i hope i can be better in the future

Self-love gives u a healthy mindset..God my maker is rich towards all..Just believe you are Heavens representative on earth.. U say daily "Am fearfully and wonderfully made.Be happy,it drives people crazy

good post congratulations

Very interesting posts, @chbartista.

551277_10150327215249950_495848840_n.jpg (480×360)
A Young christopher walken

Yoyr life stile is vary great your giter so nice vary greatfull life.

Yoyr life stile is vary great your giter so nice vary greatfull life.

Yoyr life stile is vary great your giter so nice vary greatfull life.

I have learned that the best thing to do is to avoid people who envy you or jealous of you. They will come and go.

Life is definitely a journey not a competition with each man on his own path. Be happy for the success of others, work hard and soon others will be happy for you. Things definitely won't always work out for you but you gotta keep moving from one failed attempt to the other till you get it right. In the words of Winston Churchill

Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm

Let's also think less of ourselves today no matter how difficult that may be and think about growing others. A lot of people draw motivation from the positive comments and words they get from those around them. Zig Ziglar once said

A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could

Really great post @chbartist

Great post!

It makes sense and it is very deep. I want to help me in my future life. A newcomer from China, @ocean

I love your contribution congratulations for such a good contribution <3

I would not call using vote bots "success". No one wants to hear your success stories.


Hello there @havok777 I don't think you speak for everyone, are you really that important? do you represent the billions of people on this planet, is everyone your clone?

I don't think I will be able to sleep now that I know I'm not you... All the best to all the people in the world, you.

I think you should do this because life is not a smooth way. No success came without problems

Wawu! What a fantastic writeup;You just made my day.

Sometimes even a friendly smile can save a life. People often forget others and become very engrossed in their own problems. This leads to a negative downward spiral and a chain reaction of selfishness. A generation of selfish people is the last thing we need today. Imagine if everybody was willing to be kind and compassionate to each other. If it was not forced, but a habit. This would change the world.

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i like this post, excellent post

I am a guitar player and I've been envy of other people for a few years, for me, was hard to stop being envyous or jealous when I saw someone being better musician than me, but last year I commit to improve myself and work to be a better person.

I was toxic, when I was watching to someone playing on a stage I was permanently looking for mistakes or start to criticize his tone or posture etc, just because I couldn't stand that person doing things that I cant.

This year I'm studying harmony and practice a lot more, I want to be better and someday be a musician that can play with other musicians. Now I can see another musicians and instead of feeling envy I feel inspired by that person.

That is a beautiful thinline tele! I'm envious! Hahaha

Really friends.

Really friends.

Amazing, You are incredible, just browse the articles of friends