Respect is the Foundation for everything

in life •  9 months ago

Hello my Tribe of good intent

Before posting Building the road to success - Chapter 4 , I decided to write this post to touch up on a very important subject that is very related to achieving your goals, to build success in your life and the word Respect, what it entails, it’s amplitude and how it's fundamental brick for everything in your professional and personal life.


When I first Started here on Steem I was attacked by some users, disrespected by people who don’t know who I am, what I have done in my life, how I conduct myself professionally and how I treat others around me.

I can even understand that when you are new somewhere, you can be perceived as the foreigner and today sadly in the world we live in distrust seems to have prevailed. I think that is a tragic reality of this world, and its specially tragic to those who choose to be dominated by these thoughts.

I’ve been trying via these posts to share my experiences so that maybe other people could have some key pointers to be able to achieve their dreams and I will still continue to do so, despite these attacks.

It’s obvious that there will always be people from different strokes who I attempt to avoid, the ones who only know how to complain, make negative remarks, disrespect people, act arrogantly, among other things. Believe me, these people bring no value to anyone, they don’t even bring value to themselves and their behavior simply closes doors to opportunities.

It’s as I’ve said before in the Chapters I’ve shared on “Building a road to success”

“If you have nothing good to say, to contribute, best keep your thoughts to yourself”

I keep on seeing these people commenting in all my posts without an ounce of respect and to be honest I feel bad for them at times, but it does give me a bad taste in my mouth, I would check their blog and what do I find there? Nothing that helps anyone, nothing to provide value to anyone else. I think them to be people who are frustrated with their situation and try to project on to other people, and that's not even the worst of it. In my home country we say that people have the terrible habit of measuring other people with their own ruler.

In other words, a dishonest person who without knowing someone accuses another of being dishonest, calls them liars are simply projecting. They probably think “That is what I would do” so this person must be doing this.

If you are one of those, I simply would ask you don’t follow this blog. You can rant all you want in your own blog. Talk about your frustrations and maybe you can find people who resonate with that negativity too.

Here on Steemit I want to find people from the Tribe of Good Intent, the ones who want to grow and prosper and for that I need to find them, I need to get out there and work towards that goal.

What am I trying to say? I’m not saying you can’t disagree with me, but doing doing so with respect is key.

Why am I talking about respect on this Post so much?

Save this thought for the rest of your life.

Respect is the foundation to everything, its at the cusp of the behavioral pyramid for people who achieve success in life.

In this word there are others that follow like: honesty, loyalty, character, dignity, humility even ideas of self worth and personal hygiene. Imagine yourself letting go and not taking care of your hygiene and health? That’s disrespecting yourself. So whenever you are about to adopt an attitude ask yourself, does it embody respect or not.

When we bring this word into a community, in your neighborhood, your church or even here on Steem is no different we must constantly be thinking if we are acting according to its ideals, if we are acting with respect.

Thankfully not it’s not the majority of people who act negatively, it's just a small group of people that always are looking to hurt someone, and it can affect us and make us think there are many of them, but I assure you this is not the case.

This last week I had a conversation with @therealwolf and he showed me that he is part of the Tribe of good intent.

For a while he doubted who I was, I was even blacklisted from his service because in his mind my intentions were not positive, and he was acting for the benefit of Steem.

He did get back to me and even told me he apologized for making his decision and not have verified if I was who I said I was. It’s not simply an apology, he showed traits of an honest good person and was able to show humility, I need to say nothing more about this. I simply wanted to say I feel grateful for our respectful conversation and that means a lot to me.

I can say that people like @therealwolf are the ones with the right attitude, and they are the ones that make a difference in a community like Steemit.
I will like to thank you again @therealwolf for the respect and consideration.

It’s people like this that make me believe its possible to be a force of good, to get together a Tribe of good intent which is the term I like to use for people with the right attitude and character.

I sincerely hope I can find thousands of people with this vision here on Steemit and that we can build together a great community that can help each other grow, with the right supportive attitudes and maybe even scaring off those who are here to hurt the platform with scams or even negative disrespectful behaviors.

It should be that Steem becomes a truly democratic platform where everyone can share their opinions, their vision, but we can’t confuse free speech with the right to insult and disrespect others blatantly without consequence.

I would go as far as

“Disrespectful behavior has no fertile place anywhere”

I hope I have this post has contributed to your life, reinforcing this fundamental ingredient that we all need to achieve your goals.

You can follow along @chbartist for the next chapters of the story, but I will leave a links on here to chapters I have published.

See you on the next post

Regards and success to you all


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LOLOL ...I can't wait to see this one promoted to $400+. You know what happens when people start to see bullshit like this day after day on the Trending page? I think you're about to find out quite soon!


I've seen you posts and it's not bad, why would anybody flagging your post if your post had good intention? I also wanna hear those flaggers's side on why? I'm looking forward for your next post, I hope you can also contribute to Dlive and Dtube or any third party to have more details and more convincing to steemians. :)


I think the answers why they are negative are the ones I outline on the post... I have not even shared my whole story and yet they judge...

I appreciate you following, all the best

Thank you for the mention @chbartist.

I want to add, that the apology was about me doubting that you're Christopher Bonella. Which after researching a bit, showed that you are - who you say you are.

You also improved your post-quality and the value you give, which is amazing.

Now - as the CEO of - I do have to say, that you should tone down the amount of global trending spots you are in.

You have just your best intentions in mind - I understand and respect that.

But sometimes, less is more.


Thank you again for your respectful approach to this!

all the best

Beautiful well done ..
I liked it .. respect, yes who owned this value had the happiness of conscience
Thank you for sharing your words with us

very mature and nice @chbartist , thanx for being such a good person in this community , we need more and more people to make such posts so we can have a pure community filled with love and kindness.

My take is that people can only give out what they have and i won't steep to their negative energy level.
Nice post

Thank you for a good post. It's very interesting to read. Good luck in your work.

Great post. Yes, I also believe that respect is the foundation of every relationship rather it’s a brief encounter or a long time friend.


Thank you. All the best!

Your values and outlook are absolutely correct. Good Luck

Its clear that you see the value in Steemit and you spend time developing quality content. I went back and read a few of your blogs and I think you are off to an awesome start here. There is always going to be a learning curve on a new platform and especially a completely new dynamic like Steemit. I think you are doing great considering your short time here. Welcome to Steemit!!

hi, if you like art, go through my block, I'm from venezuela and I like realist art

Well spoken my friend

I agree! Respect is something that wouldn't hurt if it were to be increased a little in the community. We'd only be benefitting ourselves and each other! Thank you @chbartist for continuing, despite the bad attention you've recieved these weeks.

In life we will always meet toxic people, even through them life teaches us. I have always said we must treat others as we would like to be treated. and never let those people change our essence. Continue doing what you do with so much love. A lot of success for you...

yes every beginning has some criticisers and one should not lose hope as i believe that you didn't lose hope and courage and bold enough to reach this level. You have shown some great courage and braveness and i appreciate that. You are great fighter. Steem is a platform where everyone can express their visions.


Thank you for reading, and for your positivity! cheers


cheers! And dont lose hope because ups and downs are part of life.

People with negative personalities cannot give / say positive things; they see negative in people because they have limitations in their own personalities. Keep moving forward, while avoiding toxic people.

a very great post ... thanks for sharing ... you are very extraordinary @chbartist 😍😍😍

This is a very important topic.
Respect they say is reciprocal.
If we all can learn to respect the opinions, views, ideas and intentions of others, the world will surely be a better place to be.
As for me, I will continue to be a part of the Tribe of good intent.

Thanks for sharing @chbartist.

I really love every word. I am new here in steemit and without a doubt this has been one of the best posts I've read so far... respect, forgive are values ​​that few understand and apply correctly. How nice to know that here is someone able to remember it with the best intention. Thank you, many blessings!

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@chbartist I think you hit the nail on the head when you said, you check some of there pages and they bring nothing to the table. In my years on social media in many different platforms one thing I've always noticed.

The one's with the biggest mouths aren't saying much because they are talking with their mouths full.

Kinda reminds me of this

Your posts are really amazing and are very motivating.
I believe such stuff should not be downvoted.
I like your content.
Looking forward to your next post.
I think you should also try dtube or dlive, it could be a great platform, I would love to see that.

Most of the time, they’re hating on themselves and taking it out on you. Calling them on it might make them realize there’s a human on the receiving end of harsh words.

Without respect and building community, there will be nothing in Steemit, and also in life. ıf you don't shoy respect, you'll not see too. Find or build a good community with respect here and grow together with your friends.

Thnaks for this post i love it..upvoted followed and resteem

This is fantastic! Negativity doesn't help anyone, including the person that is being negative. And sharing positivity requires respect from the whole community. you hit the nail on the head when you said “If you have nothing good to say, to contribute, best keep your thoughts to yourself”. It's something most of us were taught when we were small kids but there are plenty of people forget how important this simple instruction can be.

Being disrespectful doesn't help in any situation and just further spreads negativity! With what is going on in the world today we could all respect each other just a bit more :)

Love this! :)

as you say: Respect must be earned; Pity is free. Or formulated otherwise. First they laugh at you, then they fight you and in the end you win!
Greetings from the carribean. mikeCee$_72 rot3.png

hey man.
i was on your blog profile and i saw how you get more and more votes on your posts in a short period. would you be so kindful and explain to me how do you do that. do you use any bots or something?
if you would to do that i will be very thankful and i would resteem your posts as a thank you if you want.

Download (1).jpg

To me, you're just another bullshit artist flaunting wafer-thin secondary-school-level life philosophettes while buying votes and rewards in the face of a misguided audience. Your plea for respect actually made me laugh out loud, thanks for that.

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Respect is the biggest asset of a man.

I respect your comment however sadly I don't agree. I simply have shared experiences that I had on my journey.

I'm glad you're thinking that what I do isn't sensible for folks as a result of it means you're already a really palmy person in life wherever you already understand everything concerning everything. i'd a bit like to inform you that there square measure newer, inexperienced folks and that they don't have your good data as a result of as you aforesaid, what you scan here is of no use to anyone.

Friend, any info can invariably be useful to somebody. palmy folks don't say things like: nobody needs to shop for, nobody likes this song or everybody likes it, everybody buys it.

But I repeat with all due respect that I'm happy that you simply square measure a really palmy person, however, I don't keep in mind that in my flight I even have noted a palmy person to pay their time with unhelpful criticism of somebody UN agency tries to try to one thing. I want you to continue along with your palmy journey. I've ne'er given a flag to someone in steemit as a result of if the post doesn't add something to MEI simply don't waste my time.

It's like on TV, if you are doing not need to observe one thing simply switch channels or higher than that, build your own channel and have a good audience with those who can love your diversion grid.

All my respect and every one the most effective for you!