Respect and Positivity Always Wins in the End...

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For years I tried to understand the reasoning behind negativity. Why would some people spend so much time and effort being negative is a question that might never be completely answered, at least in a way that leaves me satisfied.

It's not that I'm against criticism, I understand it's value and as a matter of fact, I believe it to be necessary for the process of growth to really take place. There is no way someone knows everything and it's only when we think we do, that we show our level of ignorance.

Making assertions in absolutes also makes no sense. Life is not so black and white and there are always details missed by such simple thoughts. Because I want to be clear, I'll go as far as to give some examples of absolutes that are not logical.

"Nobody likes your content" - "Everybody is hypocritical" - "You are selfish like the rest"

These comments make a lot of assumptions and cannot be based on the observation of reality. I try to refrain from being negative myself, I won't lie it can be hard at times and I'm not perfect. Just like every other person on this planet I have my own pet peeves, things that sound like nails on a chalkboard to me.


I'm not saying someone won't like my content, I respect that choice. Even musicians like Ray Charles, Hendrix, Clapton have people who don't like their music, and they are considered to be musical Icons. So, Why would I ever think I won't have people who dislike what I do? That is just how life works and I accept it.
However, saying something to me like "Nobody likes your content" assumes that the "critic" knows the will of everyone. The "critic" declares himself an authority over the rest of the people in question and voices their collective opinion?. If we want to be honest about this… How can this be accurate? Was there a poll done I'm not aware of?

I'm posing those questions knowing full well the answer. I'm simply stating that the comment itself is not a critic of value, its an attack, a projection of frustration and nothing more. It has nothing to do with me and as such I should simply ignore it.

I keep on reminding myself that "Positivity and engaging with respect always wins in the end". I'm not saying I can't have a disagreement, some of the people who I have a good working relationship with have disagreed with me, but we have discussed facts, and stripped the conversation of emotional projections.

I'm choosing to talk about this because I'm completely aware these behaviors won't really stop, some of these negative people act as if they are defending the integrity of Steem. If this is the case, if they really care about this platform being successful they could spend more time adding value, supporting users, delegating to good initiatives and not self upvoting themselves on blogs with negative comments that add nothing to the valuation of Steem.

I'm also talking about this because I would like to tell the people who follow this blog that these negative people will always be around and if you intend to work for your own success they will attack you as well. Maybe it's accurate to think of them as a positive sign of growth, maybe without them knowing they validate your relevance.

Some of the "critics" I receive are also not informed, they assume my intentions when using bots is to drain the platform of rewards, when they have not done the math to know that the profits are never there. Maybe they don't understand the math or maybe they don't want to, I'm not entirely sure.

Why would I spend precious time writing on my second language (it takes more effort) and promoting my publications if not to find more people who can benefit from the messages of positivity. I could easily become a self voting farm as they call themselves and actually turn some profits, but as I've said before there is no happiness on being an island and I'm fully aware of this.

I guess this will continue, maybe the negative agents won't stop and will continue to pretend they do this because they care, but I believe I can find enough people of the Tribe of good intent so that the negative voices will be too low for anyone to notice them.

"Respect and Positivity Always Wins in the End" - @chbartist

Until Next time

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These two things are actually one of the basic rules to spend and survive happily in the world. Even in a tough and critical situations positive attitude not only provide you patience but also yes you wins in the end. The title of this blog is very good.

yeah we should always respect others and be positive internal.


That's so true @leftbank. Respecting others is an important external thing to do. 🌼


your opinion is absolutely right.


agree, respect other and other respect you too.


@chbartist another great post you have, despite of flags that won't stop you for lifting people up and preaching self development is very important to individuals. You're quite consistent and brave enough to do the right thing. Thanks :)

Ethics is the most important gift
Great post from you, well done
Thanks for sharing

It's not that I'm against criticism, I understand it's value and as a matter of fact, I believe it to be necessary for the process of growth to really take place.

Constructive criticism is very useful in our growth assuming we are willing to open our minds to the opinions of others.

You speak of a Tribe, I call it a community, but it's all the same thing. My goal is to surround myself with like minded positive people who are willing to give back to the larger steemit community. Those that hoard their wealth can enjoy their loneliness, I prefer to build friendships with those around me. Much more enjoyable and long term hopefully maybe the rewards will

To help build this community of like minded individuals I started a contest that is there to help people have a platform to Pay It Forward to newer members. It's only a couple weeks in and people keep amazing me at their willingness to take the time to seek out newer members and curate their work. It's great to see and is a great reminder why I love Steemit.

We have to be careful who we surround ourselves with. Their attitudes can either uplift us or tear us down.


If you have a few minutes check out the contest and see what you think of what we are doing. Always looking for more like minded positive people to join us.


Well said and great initiative.


Thank you and hope that you can swing by and check out the contest. It's still a baby and lots of room to grow into something really great. More people that get involved the better.


I’m follow you so I will try to contribute in some way.
Big up!

You are one of most positive persons on whole steemit. I encourage everyone to be like you and whole steemit will become place it suppose to be like! Best regards :-)


Agreed. We need more balanced and peacefully content to share the vibe.


Hi @dogimage, thank you very much for your words. You are always very kind. All the best!

Yeah, you have truly come a long way. I could remember when I started gaining a limelight, a devil came and flagged me. I contributed at utopian. I wrote about the Steemit video call, I can't do this, as I'm not a technologist, so I suggested, then he carried out his devilish operation by saying I should have directed the post to another app and not Steemit, as Steemit is not meant for such. Right away, I was discouraged, since then i never used utopian again, since I expected a whale to act proper to his decision, but no one could help this minnow. I was saddened by the injustice. My question was... Was it necessary for him to flag me or correct me to do it better by stating his reasons. Or I'm I being selfish or emotional? Kindly help me out since I've not gone over it. And, you know what? This devil share the same country with me. Painful indeed.....

Now my positive insight is helping me grow again.... As said by you "respect and positivity always win in the end". I testify to your write-up


Keep doing your own an truth will flourish around you.
Take my vote.


Thank You sir, feel free to check my blog too... i've got no security. lol

El respeto debe prevalecer en cualquier relación y circunstancias de la vida. Es la base de una buena comunicación. Buen Post.

I keep reminding myself that "positivity and participation with respect always win in the end". I'm not saying I can't have a disagreement, some of the people I have a good working relationship with have disagreed with me, but we have discussed the facts and stripped the conversation of emotional projections.

I agree with you, most people who think they know everything fall into a deep negativism and create a dark atmosphere in their aura, I understand that each one of us is individual and with a different thought, but no one is perfect and from there we must respect each one with the importance they deserve.
Sharing is a way to be positive and the best way to support others, I like steemit because it breathes (mostly) fresh air, although there will always be some black sheep, sure the desire to progress based on good energy will allow progress in this network advance, I like its content and I am happy to read it, thank you very much for sharing, Happy night.
Forgive my mistakes in English, I use a translator


No problem. English not is my first language too. Thank you for reading! @melvadg


On the contrary, thank you for your kind comment.

Well put. I have aleays believed that you can choose how you react to stimuli. You can react positively or negatively and I choose to always try to react positively no matter how negative the situation. There is infinite healing power in a smile. There are also people out there that are so insecure that they feel the need either consciously or subconsciously to put others down to make themselves feel better. This leaves no room for reflection and improvemnt when you are so caught up in putting someone else down. Nonemtional, intellectual debate is fun and just because you dont agree does not make you enemies, merely people with differing opinions. I disagree with some of my closest friends all the time and live them more for it! There will always be those you dont see eye to eye with and thats ok. We choose how to react and can’t control how the other person presents their argument. Steem on my friend!


Quantum physics are on your side ;)
The way you react to your reality is the way reality reacts to you. But it must be from the heart to avoid cheats to reality (which/who knows better our deep intentions than ourselves)

I love this place with people like you Sir.


I completely agree! You have to be sincere in your choice to positively effect the universe around you otherwise your choice will not have the same effect. People don’t understand how truely powerful the human mind is and its sad. People dont realize that everything is a choice, we have just been conditioned to believe that there is no choice in some situations. I appreciate this discourse as well with you sir!



Positive vibes @chbartist.
What better to start a day with.
Beautiful blog.
I totally agree how the criticism might be hard, but we learn and should not be pessimistic .
Let the positivity bloom🌼

“The "critic" declares himself an authority over the rest of the people in question and voices their collective opinion?. If we want to be honest about this… How can this be accurate? Was there a poll done I'm not aware of?”

I. LOVE. This!

Going to file that one away for later. 🙂 Thank you!


Thank you @heatherthebard. All the best!

Hola @chbartist el respeto es un elemento muy importante en cualquier tipo de situación y con respecto a las personas negativas de alguna u otra forma se toman como ejemplo para no ser así y poder seguir creciendo en forma positiva, en fin la frase “El respeto y la positividad siempre ganan al final”.


Si @primi, Gracias!

You have said it my fiend, your words are very true and sincere, I really think that your post leaves people reflecting, wise words on your part, I congratulate you and my respect for you, it is not only a question of judging but of knowing how to maintain a positive act in our lifes.

You are absolutely right that Respect and Positivity Always Wins in the End but one that clmes in my mind is those peoples who do negative actions or keep negative thoughts are those peoples ehich can't do immpresive things that's why they do negative act to fulfil jealousy not any thing other but thanks for this valuable post @chbartist

wow great article soo impressive

Everyone has free thought, opinion and concept of things dear @chbartist.

But I accept your text, like being able to go ahead and believe as you said that respect and positivity always win in the end.

And even if all those things happen, like not being read by all people, always our talent is valued by someone.

Your feelings are not wrong.

Live the free expression.

Greetings, friends.


Thank you @rosibelsac. All the best!

Everything is on our mind, you become what you think brothers!

You can never find true happiness if you treat other people badly. Treat others with genuine respect, dignity & honor.
Always try to spread goodness and positivity wherever you go and be sincere with everybody!

You are right, my friend,
we should all of us respect.

Really very cool words
Respect is the most important thing that makes the community stronger and better
I love people who respect each other

I loved this post because is not about selling postivity like it was some kind of magic product, love and respect should be the base always.

It is a great work that you share positivity with people through your posts. I'm also an advocate of positivity as we need this to keep up in an ever-changing society full of qualms and negativity. Keep it up!

When I come across someone negative...I try not to take it personally. I assume that person treats everyone the same way and that I'm simply another example of that person's poor character.

If I'm having difficulty communicating with someone, I attempt to determine the intent on what they are conveying. Is it positive or this person trying to help me or hurt me? Often times we'll find that negative people are projecting their own insecurities.

The only thing we can control is our perceptions and reactions...we can sink to a lower level or rise above.

Criticisms; whether positive or negative, for those who overcome them, help to make us stronger and that is what you have also pointed out. Some people may even write things without knowing the actual implications which is very bad but I want to see it that without opposition; whether constructive or otherwise, we'll get too comfortable where we are and there won't be any justifications for us to improve. I suggest that you analyse their criticisms and see if perhaps there something of value to pick from them not withstanding their method of stating them. It will only be for the better. You're doing a great job.


You're welcome

Critics has it’s value... it keep you honest about yourself. But, some criticism could be due to jealousy. You just need to learn to roll with the punches. No one is perfect. Challenges are part of the game toward success.


@chbartist dear morning with a positive articl made a positive feel in me ..
love and care is a factor that if you give others automatic or naturally positive change came in your personality

@chbartista, recuerda que siempre existirán personas negativas dispuestas a entorpecer el camino de los que buscan el éxito, considero que tus post siempre han sido muy interesantes y útiles, mis respetos y saludos!

I totally get what you mean @chbartist. It's always a struggle for people to look on the bright side. Sometimes I find myself spiralling down, but I'm aware enough to pick myself up and continue my journey. Not easy but it's the things I do every day that keeps me positive and sane.

I guess the only way is to know where you put your energy to. I myself will always invest my energy wisely - be it in people, situation or projects.

And that has helped me even though along the way, I've stopped hanging out with certain people. And that's ok. I know it's because I love me, myself and I! To me that's respect! And more positivity for me! :)

Keep up the great posts!

You have to be a fake. There's no way I'm willing to accept that you're legitimately this stupid.

The people commenting also have to be your alt accounts. I refuse to believe all these people have the right to vote in society.


I respect your opinion @schattenjaeger, but trying read the post! Maybe can be useful because has a good message! All the best for you

Negative comment and feedback are always there. Not everyone will like what you do. That's reality. But how you react on it, that's important.

You have total control on you. So, focus on positive things and do your things. Thank you @chbartist for sharing this!

For being positive first you need to remove the negative words from your dictionary like tension, stress, etc. I am inspired by your post!!

A wonderful write-up you have here
I have been following you for sometime now and I must say, your consistency on this platform is great.
I am new here and I look forward to learning from you.

Check this out :

A motivating article!

Motivational post, being positive is profit, any problem has two faces and only we can make it more difficult with negativity or see it from the positive side.

We must always be aware and realistic, but we must face everything with positive energy, it is not an alternative, it is a way of life.

Best regards

I am sitting on the memory window. Today, one day, I am opening my memory page. Honey is more than a dream it's my life,,@chartist thanks for post

Yea and Respect is Reciprocal

We should always be positive minded to led a happy and peaceful life.

You have discussed a very nice topic.
People need to know about it.
Great contribution. Like the topic.

Happy Steeming.

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The first think usually we learn from our parents is Respect, and once we start gaining knowledge around the world Positivity helps! The combination of both is always a winner!

very good thinking.. give respect and get respect

wow!! beautiful ....Thank you very much for sharing many beautiful posts....God believe you brother

Vote and reply to my comments . ..... thanks ....

Think positive and be happy everyday, just don't think too much 😊

I like your photo !!

Follow @ziapase

Some of the "critics" I receive are also not informed, they assume my intentions when using bots is to drain the platform of rewards, when they have not done the math to know that the profits are never there. Maybe they don't understand the math or maybe they don't want to, I'm not entirely sure.

Right nice post

To remain in harmony with others is a must. Patience and understanding are tools for us to be able to respect others. With that, you can also live a life positively. I pray that your life will be filled with positivity.

you right man, a positive mindset attract positive things

There is always a logical, mostly selfish reason for people to gossip and to be negative. Nevertheless you have to ignor it. Do what you do and continue with your positivity.

Ray #lifeisforliving

On ne peut plaire à tout le monde.
Et on ne le doit absolument pas d'ailleurs.

Bien assez de place pour tout monde sur Terre. :)
Chouette article !

I say treat others as you expect to be treated back. Pay attention to those who are desperate to use you for what you have and then leave you behind with out one look back at you.. Be aware that no matter what you do there will be those who are sad or angry with themselves, who will respond to you by projecting how they feel upon you. Ignore that, move on, and you will be a better person for it. Karma work for both good deeds and the bad ones.

such a thoughtful content. keep it up!