Remembering an Inspirational Film

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I was talking to a good friend of mine last night about one of my favorite movies. I'm sure most of you have probably seen it, and were inspired by the story. Its curious to me how many people don't know its a biography and not just a drama film portrayed brilliantly by Will Smith.

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An inspiring film no doubt, that teaches the power of perseverance. I realize that there are a few people out there who don't like these types of film and I can respect that fact, but I would still insist in the importance of the lesson its attempting to teach. Regardless of our background, our upbringing every single one of us is working towards our version of that goal, every single one of us is attempting to be happy.

How we define being happy, how we get there, that is a personal question that no one can answer for us. I say this because as someone who has mentored many leaders of a big organization I've had to learn to recognize the individual goals, and help those who I'm attempting to teach achieve them in the best way that I can.

A lesson that might not be too apparent when watching the film or just hearing about the story, is one of humility. No doubt we can't achieve anything if we don't believe that we can, but also we can't learn anything if we believe we already know it all.

I think that is why the story resonates with me so much, because every single time I've tried to improve I've had to recognize that there was still work to be done first. It's the same for every single one of us, if we think we know it all, if we think that the world just is, these are the cards we have and that's it. We can't effectively be ready to grow, to receive the lesson and move past the things holding us back.

To be honest, this story as inspiring as it may be, its quite extreme. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen, of course I'm sure it does, but most of us feel as if we are living something just as difficult, while we are enjoying the comforts of a bed, of a pillow, of a meal.

I guess my point, or the message of this unusual reflection is that it does no matter where you are today. It does not matter how hard things seem to be. If you are willing to learn, if you are willing to grow, you can always find a way to do so.

It just starts with that strong decision, conviction...

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That is a great movie. Really really good.


Yea, i think the same


Hello, I wanna watch the movie.
Can u share your experiences ........why did you feel the movie so good?

Hi @chbartist
I mist admit that I also love this movie and the storyline. If you set a goal, stay determine and continue to try without giving up no Mather how many setbacks you get. You are the only one limiting yourself.
Another great movie about humanity is Pay it forward. This also shows another part of being human and how small effects can make big changes.
I want to shear a short video I have posted earlier, but this is also about humanity and not giving up. I think a boy with a mindset like this will reach the sky if he wants to.

Best regards @EveryDayCoach

These are all great movies .. portraits of corrupted individuals :). I would suggest that potential viewers spend at least as much time considering the ethical failings of the characters in each as they do getting excited about the fleeting success they enjoy. I remember watching "Wall Street" as a youthful chap and being very motivated by it .. entirely missed the whole selling of the soul aspect. :


I get your point, I think to me the important message is not that his path is the one to take, but that one should fight for what we want.

At least that is my take away from the movie..


First of all, not all stock brokers partake in insider trading. In fact, the notion that they are all insider traders would mean there being a much more level playing field than in reality exists, unfortunately. Secondly, after a few years of being a stock broker, Chris Gardner founded his own activist investing firm and is now a motivational speaker and philanthropist. A Gordon Geko, I think not. A great movie about a great human, period.

Wonderful post man!

It sounds as if your post was a good hearted and interesting man. It is great that you have those letters to hold on to.

That's the beauty with writing. You're leaving a part of you behind and perhaps one day, our own children can find some solice in the words we write :)


thank you for reading... cheers

I saw that movie and I find it hard to see it again, the suffering the protagonist goes through is so overwhelming, and Smith's performance is great, his face shows every situation that transmits everything that is happening.
Venezuelans are protagonists at this time of the misadventures of this man, we could take hold of that conviction and that strength to get ahead. Thank you.

Like someone once said, if you think you can or if you think you can't. You right either way. The main block from achieving anything isn't what you do, but the space between your ears. How often do we tell ourselves we can and can't and how often are we right? I love that movie and I think most people can think of a time in their life when they were just as motivated.

Informative my sweet friend choose one category and then make your article on it in this way you make active followers

wwwooo this impact my life, is very beatiful, the life of Chris garner is amazing, inspirational. Dont s stop

Very good list indeed. I have to say Primer is my favorite., he's so different fro any other film.

Great List Some movie are true lesson in life and how you can do what you really want

I super love this movie. I will always cry the same depth no matter how many times i have watched. The love of a father is beyond you can never imagine. This is timely for Fathers Day!


it does get you all emotional, but in a good way! ;)


Yes truly, brings back a lot of childhood memoties

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Great movie .. loved it!

wonderful post, Will Smith is good at it.

Thanks for posting it Sir! I think I'll be watching it later, I'm a fan of Will's movies. But I haven't watched this one yet. What's the title of the movie by the way?

i was actually inspired by this movie so much ,that i breakthrough my safe zone and start my entrepreneur journey.well wont say im success but i grown a lot

This movie and the 1st Rocky movie inspire me.

Yes, that is a so so inspirational movie, i don't know how many times a have seen it, but the movie has a message for every person who thinks that things are unattainable. Personally i think if i know what is my purpose in my life i'm able to make it really. God every moment is whit us, and he knows that we are able to overcome all dificulties.

I guess my point, or the message of this unusual reflection is that it does no matter where you are today. It does not matter how hard things seem to be. If you are willing to learn, if you are willing to grow, you can always find a way to do so.

love you this movie, it is a example of love, courage, values, honesty.... the best movie definitely

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How to forget it, excellent movie, it still inspires me.

Amazing post, these are great movies to change people for good

Excellent reflection, I always say that to want is power ... No matter how difficult the obstacles are, everything in life has a solution except death! I love this movie! Whenever I see her I cry ... ;(

It was one of the best films I've seen, and I think the message is that there is always hope and possibilities never give up. thanks for writte about this

Beautiful Film.

I liked when I wathed

Upvoted and followed

what a movie! excellent message!

Oh I remember this movie!, Now I want to see it again. Thanks for this, maybe this movie have something to tell me.

Nice Post. that was an awesome movie. :)

@chbartist greetings great friend post that of you today. and without mentioning the image that is very good and according to the theme

When I search in a google for a movie to watch I always find this movie in between other movies. I always think that this movie is not good because of the looks of will smith. But I found IMDB rating is 8 so I must watch. Look what I found. I found myself crying at the end of the scene when will smith got success at the end. LONG LIVE HIS PATIENCE

One of the best movie! Everyone should watch..:))

Thats very interesting film about life. Whatever problems and misfortunes we are not preparing for destiny, we must always go to our goal as the main characters of this film.

pursuit of happiness..Very inspiring movie.

Thank you. I'm watching it right now! I didn't know about this film till your post. And now it's one of the best films I've ever seen ). Especially I've remembered this:
"What would you say of a guy walked in for an interview without a shirt and I hired him?
He must've had on some really nice pants."

Also recently I've seen "Gifted (2017)" ( It belongs to the same genre. Maybe you'll enjoy it too )

that is awsome movie tnx for share this post

Yep very nice movie that inspired me.

A beautiful movie made even more beautiful by an extra ordinary performance from Will Smith.

I specifically like the very last part when he get the job and he runs back to his son and hug him.

And then this particular seen, That's the attitude we all need in our life.

nice movie, i have seen this movie.really nice. Will Smith my main man

This movie is very positive.... we inspired from this movie ...

its absolutely inspiring film....when someone feels down or is at low in life should watch this film to bring some positivity into their life....@chbartist

That is a great movie sir. Really really good.

My support from Venezuela, I've certainly seen the film for some time and I'm still certain that perseverance is the only antidote we have to tear down the arrogance that has a lot of oppressors, yesterday I heard something that caught my attention, people who did not they have had the opportunity to study by other people's circles are very educated and those who have had the privilege of going to a university, do postgraduate studies among others are usually arrogant and poorly educated. when you can, go through my post and support me, thanks.

U are my master, what you share I feel by heart, Can you please give me the link to watch the movie or tell me how do I can?

Mr chbartist
You have quoted a line "there are a few people out there who don't like these types of film "
I personally feel that those are the people who are rich by birth, have got everything without struggle, they might have not tasted the hunger water, working for long hours in different places.

I really thank you and appreciate you for remembering me the

Really this ..

very good the movie when I saw it I liked it a lot, I felt very identified with that movie, it leaves you a great lesson of life that things are not easy but neither impossible it only costs a little more of one's effort and never surrender for that everything with passion can go very far.

Can remember .this movie was really touching

excellent film. i love it! it has a lot of teaching!