Don't wait for any Result just keep doing your Best !!!

in life •  8 months ago

Each day you see is a result of your past efforts just like as we are here on steemit we see the rewards gets in account after 7 days if we don't do anything nothing will be there As simply the rule applies to our life the work we will do today its result will came out later.

it may or may not be as good as we would want to but if we have given our 100% it will be good without any worry for sure and it results will be cherished forever.

Don't see the past results and get dishearten today because the more effort you put in its reward will came later if you want to learn in steemit language it works and applies the same in life just for simple understanding do all the hard work in life too and don't wait for any result just keep doing your best and everything will be great :)

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The one thing I do not like is that the seeds posted here only have a life of 7 days then they are terminated. They should be like heirloom seeds and perpetuate indefinitely.

Well said @blazing.
This realy made my morning over here, good morning

Yeah doing best always pays.

Your absolutely right, give 100% plants different seeds and results will come in time.. 🎯

definitely - small gains everyday. Even a temporary step back is a step in the direction for you make your next leap frog forward.

More effort you put in ....more rewards that come....keep doing your best and everything will be great :)

  • 100%

thanks, best advice :)

Yes exactly @blazing ! This is exactly that !!! Just do it. And do it at your best.

i can't agree less my friend @blazing! Always try your best, even if you fail keep trying. God sees your work, your passion and persistence.

Great post and attitude, @blazing! So true too. Thanks for the encouragement. It goes a long way feeling a bit overwhelmed on my second active day here on steemit. This merits an upvote, follow and resteem for sure. All the best

Awesome to meet someone that also tag with "opportunity".

What an awesome positive comment! I wish there were more positive people like yourself! Great post..🤘