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Had so much garbage from moving, whole bunch of boxes in my garage. Had to go look for a dumpster late at night. Garbage pick up only comes once a week, and you’re only allowed to fill up 1 garbage can.

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Well, while I disagree with the use of bidbots and repeatedly find myself wondering if these posts are worth 1000 dollars, they are actually pretty well written. It's posts like these which meet the eyes of potential users and investors checking out the platform for the first time. While they don't necessarily bring much new to the table, they are easly comprehensible and can make new users think "Hmm, that's a pretty decent post, but with some practice, I could do just as good and make 1000 bucks myself". I like reading They are a lot better than the posts which were featured on the first page last year when I joined Steemit.

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