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Nagpur District frames the north-eastern piece of the current situation with Maharashtra.

The area is generally triangular fit as a fiddle and is wealthy in geographical and mineral riches. Alongside minerals, fossils of widely varied vegetation both have been accounted for from this region in huge numbers. It is fascinating to take note of that the veins of semi valuable stones, agate and shake precious stone structures were utilized to make dabs in the ancient circumstances.

The simple accessibility of regular assets and atmosphere may have pulled in human settlement from the pre-notable time. A decent number of lithic devices deserted loan believability to this hypothesis.
Many Megalithic entombments of different kinds have been recorded and imperative remains have additionally been uncovered. An iron-refining heater having a place with the megalithic period was found at Naikund giving vital insights to comprehend the material culture of the megalithic period.

Nagpur is arranged in the territory of Vidarbha Janapada which thus was a piece of the colossal woods generally known as the Dandakaranya in the Ramayana and other traditional Sanskrit sources. The district was along these lines under the Mauryan, Shunga and Satavahana traditions from fourth century BCE to around the second and third century CE. The unearthed locales are declaration to this.!

The Chalukyas of Kalyani broadened their political domain in the north, holding influence over some eastern and southern parts of Vidarbha. The Yadavas likewise managed over this part and amid their rule, masterful and scholarly exercises thrived. A few auxiliary stone sanctuaries were built, some of which still exist. The Kalika Devi Temple at Katol, the Trigarbha (triple holy place) sanctuary and figures of Vishnu and Mahalakshmi of Parseoni, the Karpura and Sendura Bavadis, the Ram sanctuaries, alongside the popular Shiva sanctuary of Adasa Lakshman, and the fortress at Ramtek are a portion of the compositional wonders of the period.


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