Hidden Attractions Of Nakaneupseong In Suncheon

in history •  8 months ago

When I wandering around the village, the sound of the traditional instrument was heard.
So I got to there, there was a woman playing the instrument, Gayageum.
Gayageum is korean traditional instrument.


The entertainers in Choson dynasty should’ve learned how to play.
Gayageum must’ve been one of the most attractive instrument in Korea.

The sound of Gayageum hearing in this unexpected place was very clear and elegant.
I had heard for a while on the playing ground of the house.

After sitting and hearing the sound of healing, I was wondering along the alleys of this castle village.

There were lots of beautiful and nice place for photos

Walls along the alleys and the moth on the wall were so awesome.





A dog was sitting on the Kiln, it hated to be on the wet ground.
It reminded me of the cat sitting on the thatched roof in previous posting.
Why people tie up dogs, while cats enjoy free ?



There was a Water mill, so I got to there closer. But it was not real. Water was poured by electricity. But it was nice to see.



Bellow are the photos I'd like to introduce you.




As finishing looking over Nakaneupseong, I headed for Songgwangsa temple.

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Dog is a faithful animal. It should not be tied up. Also appreciate your good work for producing such a wonderful blog. Nice place as well.

Gayageum probably is a very relaxing instrument to listen to while it is being played by a musician in the picturesque place at Nakaneupseong @slowwalker. Lovely dog sitting on the kiln and the mill is nicely built too even just to serve as an attraction for people to see.


Thank you so much

That was a nice series of introduction into old tradition of Korean culture. How many days you spend in Nakaneupseong, I love water mill it is a pity that it is not driven by power of water but even though it is nice to see that it is working. Beautiful little houses and those large ceramic pots. That pond on the last photographs are people fishing or just enjoying view?

Really enjoyable photo tour and you have combined your thoughts and impressions with beautiful shots.


Thank you for your comment

WOW great pics! I was in Korea for 40 days and loved it. You really captured the beauty of Korea. Great job


Thank you so much

very nice information

i hope to be able to visit korea one day

A peaceful reflection today, @slowwalker.

On a quiet day two things can create a tranquil mood - the sound of running water or some calm, peaceful music. In some way, they are both the same - a pleasant flowing sound.

I love bamboo water features but also like the more subtle effect created by rain chains that channel run off water from a roof usually into a small pool.

The photos were beautiful, particularly the moss-covered wall.

It very relaxing walking with you today, my friend.


I'm learning how to take photos from my friend
It is amazing


My wife, @countrygirl, is always learning from other people - like her, you have a natural talent and an eye for a good photo

That dog is so cute! Its a beautiful place!

very nice history information @ @ slowwalker.com. I am very happy with all the historical posts from you.success is always for you.

the best life is that of his people we all have that passion

Incredible Scenery!!
i always wonder how people live in the other part of the world. I want visit these places and see things with my own eyes.

Are these pottery on second to last photo refered somehow to funeral contest? Are they urns?

The picture of the scenes shows a beautiful view of photography. The picture that can be painted with color of human imagination seems to be more natural. The painting is no longer in color and color. Photography is also limited to camera frames. Like technology and rich imagination of human imagination.
How beautiful is the nature of our surroundings Our nature looks more beautiful than the sky, which only birds can see. Birds enjoy this beautiful nature every day.


Thank you for your comment

You always have great posts with interesting content or great photos and you ar always on the hot list with your post. Great job , you have great ideas a lot of friends and many followers.

I also like the sound of this instrument. I even listen to often and watch video.

Korean culture is very attractive. The sounds are sensual and tender, exciting and fast.
Thank you for the interesting photos. Thanks to your publications, I learn more about the culture and customs of your country @slowwalker


Thank you for your video.
It sounds great

traditional musical instruments are indeed unique and melodious sound, photographi there is also amazing, still looks natural.

Oh my god, wow .. very nice sir @slowwalker, Photos of the photos you show are really very beautiful. It's amazing to see .. the Nakaneupseong region does have an incredible view..like the paradise of the world .. it's comfortable we're there.

Moreover, there is a Gayageum instrument.
Which is a traditional Korean instrument. Maybe his voice will add to the joy of staying there.

Thanks a lot sir @ slowwalker. Your post is very beautiful and interesting.

I pray that your success is always and easy in all your affairs.

See you again in your next post.

Yours sincerely. @rijalaronaceh


You are welcome sir @slowwalker.. thank very much for your reply and your vote for me. I always follow your post, Upvote and resteem it, because i think every post from you it is so beautiful and interesting, may be with the story , nature and building..so i think many people mustbto know Your post. So i resteem it.

Oke sir ..be Success always..

Meet again later on the next your post .

By Your loyal fans: @rijalaronaceh from Indonesia

낙안 읍성 아직도 못 가 보았는데 이곳에서 보니 신비로울 따름이네요.
성안에 읍이 있는 즐겁고 편안한 집의 천국이군요.
덕분에 즐거웠어요.


한번 가보시면 좋아 하실 겁니다


꼭 가보고 싶은곳이라서 갈거에요.
그래도 소개해주셔서 어렵지 않게 구석구석 둘러볼수 있을거 같아요.
늘 고맙습니다.

It looks graceful. I've lived in Seoul since 2001.
I miss nature.


thank you

beautiful Korea, I have been to Seoul, Jeju island and Busan.
It was very nice time when I went to those places.
The people and the country are nice.
Your images reminds me of those times I was there.

Lovely post @slowwalker

Amazing photos, especially the water wheel close-up. Good luck to you and Love.

Изумительные фото, особенно водяное колесо крупным планом. Удачи Вам и Любви.

Hats off sir!You are travelling all the historical places.

You and I should meet one day. I'd love to interview you! I'm in Korea right now!

traditional musical instruments that are almost extinct, and deserve to be preserved, successful for @slowwalker

Very interesting, you change it with a very perfect friend, but I am very afraid when I have to deal with a dog and I am afraid to bite different from the sweet cat in your previous post @slowwalker

very interesting and amazing korean country, i like to be there with nice people and beautiful women. the ramen noodles are also very tasty and the rice cakes. I want to go there someday.

Natural Photos, It inspire to go to there

I see this as a very natural and very peaceful village. I am also very interested in waterwheels, they still use grinding from hydro power. Thanks for sharing the amazingly amazing place information for us @slowwalker.

So beautiful! This dark sky looks just perfect with luscious leaves and water. Very beautiful scenery.

Beautiful photography, and a very beautiful area. The architecture is interesting... I like how the roofs in that last image make the structures almost look like mushrooms.

In the second-to-last image, what is the purpose of the place, especially the pots? It looks important.

As for the dog... We have to keep ours tied up, because he won't stay close enough to home. He chases delivery trucks and deer, and barks in peoples' windows. He used to run freely.


Yes, it is a kiln for ceramics

Great post sir


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What an amazing place with the traditional feel ,i first thought that the water mill was real and producing electricity for that place 😅 but it is not,thanks for telling that.

@slowwalker, that was a very good and natural pleasant environment there, i love such environment, couple with the sweet sound of the music by the woman, you got healed automatically.


Again thank you. These posts are a treasure. And your support!

A very beautiful combination: light straw and green moss-covered stones!

Great photos. Get Upvote for you :)

옛날 분위기가 물씬 풍깁니다ㅎㅎ

excellent photos that reflect what was the culture of the Korean people and still maintains its tradition makes me remember the indigenous guayu in my country venezuela, who live in the Venezuelan Amazon, how they built their house with straw and they were called bohio, how nice the photograph of the clay oven is reflected, that at that time there was no concern for gas, nor electricity, which, as beautiful as a town, maintains its artisan tradition and its customs. Thanks for showing me another part of the world and other cultures. I follow you

increible la cultura china.

Nice captures! This place is surely captivating.

Another bunch of amazing photos. And it is awesome to learn more about different places. Love it. Keep them coming. I thought i was following you for ages. But i guess it is because i always see your posts being shared and on trends. But i have changed that now. Eheheh

Love that photo with the unusual and beautiful tree in the corner. And the last one with the houses' reflection in the pond.

Also is that instrument a string type one ?? I also notice a percussive instrument in the same picture.

Thanks for sharing @slowwalker

Reesteem master

this is very fun, I want to be like you @slowwarkel, hope you are always successful yes, thanks for sharing the cool photography, i will upvote and restem.

I am curious how you can listen to the gayageum in the village.
Are you korean!? Thank you for letting some people know a lot of good things in Korea.

Here just to show my love for your posts :)

Gayageum is a Korean traditional musical instrument that boasts so beautiful melody. So I really want to listen to the sound of Gayageum in NakanEupseong. If I have time, I should go to Suncheon and look around Nak An Eup Seong. As I have spelled English, I think it will be hard to read it through Nak An Eup Seong, so cut every syllable according to my pronunciation. Thank you for the good article and good picture.

this is a beautiful place ,while reading your post and looking at fascinating pictures i am feeling nature in its depth and simplicity..last picture of hut is attracting me ,wish to be there once in my life
Outstanding work sir

Now I want to hear the sound of the Gayageum instrument. Never heard of that 😊 thx. What a cute dog by the way.

Your photos are very peaceful.

이끼가낀 돌담길이 무척 인상 깊네요
사진 전시회 하셔도 될듯 합니다.

**Resimlerdeki gibi bir yerde yaşamak insanı streesden uzaklaştırır

I hope we can work together. vote my blog and direct me reply @zuhrafriska

great publication! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always good to see good content her

I wouldn't mind to vist this place

really great photographer. awesome place. nice history. have a great day. thanks for @slowwalker

This posting is very nice photo and experience story (ㅅ´ ˘ `)♡

The life here is peaceful. I will come to this place in the future.

Interesting the information that you share.

Congratulations @slowwalker!
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wow, very beautiful scenery and, have a very nice place, i am very glad if i go to korea, because country korea country full of beautiful scenery, and extraordinary holiday, good luck always @slowwalker, its good.


Thank you so much

Amazing, beautiful place, I loved your photographs, and the dog is too cute. You see a peaceful and peaceful place, perfect for meditation and relaxation, thank you for sharing this beautiful place. I am a graphic artist and I think it is a beautiful place of inspiration, I would like to continue seeing more of those beautiful places and I hope you follow me and share my art and give me your opinion. Kisses

wow...it realy amazing

Saya suka sekali dengan tempat- tempat yang anda kirim seandainya saya bisa kesana begitu damai pemandangannya dan membuat hati tenang. Terus kirim gambar yang bagus ya

Beautiful picture

Chonson Dynasty has rich history

Wow.. Such a beautiful village. Where is it located? North Korea or South Korea?

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i love this soo much
waiting for coming amazing posts
keep sharing we are alive to comments , upvote as well as share

This instrument is the same as Japanese instrument!


Yes it's similar, but sound is different


Yes! Indeed! The sound is very different.


Thank you @slowwalker, sir.

Someday I would like to visit Korea.😍
Great post.👍🏽

Your photos are really inspiring, a greeting to you, my friend, I invite you to see mine so that you give me your opinion https://steemit.com/spanish/@chuchoafonso/flotando-entre-mariposas-fotografias

Really, really love the photos. The dog on the kiln is a great shot. I look forward to seeing more from your travels!

This is good. I've been here many times. Your pictures are nice.

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