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Drinking green tea has many benefits which are unknown to many people. People think that it only helps in losing fat but it has much more benefits which are very essential for good health.


Here are some of the unknown benefits :

  • Some compounds such as caffeine which is present in the green tea helps in proper brain functioning. Drinking green tea helps in improved moods, reaction time, etc.
  • Green tea improves physical performance. You can even drink green tea 30 minutes before gym to have a heavy workout.
  • Antioxidants in green tea helps in lowering chances of many types of cancer.
  • It also helps in improving the dental condition and even helps in lowering the risks of infections.
  • Drinking green tea regularly reduces the risk of diabetes Type II.
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Green tea is fabulous, but you have to make sure to get the right kind of green tea. I've heard a lot of brands, especially the ones from China, have a lot of pesticides and contain a lot of other harmful things. The best tea to get is from Japan, really matcha green tea.

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You may practice with some of the best available brands in the market :

  1. Tetley
  2. Tazo
  3. Organic India
  4. Twinning Jasmine
  5. Taj Mahal Green Tea.

My favorite which I like the most is Tetley green tea & lemon.


Thanks, I was looking for some good brands.

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@technews666 wow a helpful post

You are right . green tea is very essential for our good health.


Sir it also helps in clearing constipation issue as well.


Useful information about green tea. I like your information.

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assam green tea product is best

That's true, there are more benefits of drinking green tea.
Thank you for sharing such great article.


Thanks a lot for you upvote!

Thank you for this very good information, about the benefits of green tea, it is a food that we must consume daily, besides it is tasty.

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Don't forget matcha tea! It's even better.

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Drinking greet tea is much more helpful than people think

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I drink green tea and it's very useful for our health. thanks for sharing

Thank god this is in my daily routine. @technews666 thankyou for your positive vibes.


ya everyone should start drinking it daily.


Looks like I need to start doing this. Thanks for the update. Even I didn't know this.

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It's certainly a wonderful alternative to coffee. We've made green tea kombucha before which is pretty wonderful too!

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