LUCKYGAMES.IO ✅ 30,000,000,000th BET GIVEAWAY ✅ 300,000+ ETN PRIZE POOL

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Hello guys!

It's time to announce 300,000+ ETN Giveaway to the upcoming 30,000,000,000th bet.
We would like to say a big thanks to all of you for your support! Luckygames Community is getting bigger each day! Recently we hit 3+ Millions visits a month!

So let's the party begin! :)


1st Event

You need to hit the bets given below. Each winner takes 6000 ETN and 5 Days VIP!,000,000,000,000,100,000,000,200,000,000,300,000,000,400,000,000,500,000,000,600,000,000,700,000,000,800,000,000,900,000,001,000,000,001,100,000,001,200,000,001,300,000,001,400,000,001,500,000,001,600,000,001,700,000,001,800,000,001,900,000,002,000,000,002,100,000,002,200,000,002,300,000,002,400,000,002,500,000,002,600,000,002,700,000,002,800,000,002,900,000,003,000,000,003,100,000,003,200,000,003,300,000,003,400,000,003,500,000,003,600,000,003,700,000,003,800,000,003,900,000,004,000,000,004,100,000,004,200,000,004,300,000,004,400,000,004,500,000,004,600,000,004,700,000,004,800,000,004,900,000


  1. Luckygames account level >= 5.
  2. Electroneum (ETN) can be used only to place bets. Minimum bet amount - 1 ETN.
  3. Each player can score only ONCE. Multi-accounts are prohibited.
  4. Multi-tabs / more than 1 session or JS bots are not allowed.
  5. Next bet id will be taken, if current bet or account not pass the requirements.
  6. Prize will be credited to your Luckygames account.


2nd Event

You need to predict 3 roll numbers from 0 to 99 which you think will be rolled for
30,000,000,000, 30,000,000,001 and 30,000,000,002 bets.

If you hit 1 roll number, you win 2000 ETN and 3 DAYS VIP!
If you hit 2 roll numbers, you win 4000 ETN and 5 DAYS VIP!
If you hit 3 roll numbers, you win 6000 ETN and 7 DAYS VIP!

Post your prediction numbers in this thread


  1. Your account must be registered on Luckygames in order to receive the prize.
  2. Luckygames account level >= 5.
  3. One try per Luckygames account.
  4. It's NOT allowed to edit a message - post new message instead.
  5. Next bet id will be taken, in case of 2 same roll numbers,.
  6. Prize will be credited to your Luckygames account.


3rd Event

Players (Wagering) Contest with 1 BTC Prize Pool will be held on the next day since we hit the 30th billion bet!
1st Place - 0.5 BTC and 30 Days VIP
2nd Place - 0.3 BTC and 30 Days VIP
3rd Place - 0.2 BTC and 30 Days VIP
4th Place - 30 Days VIP



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Love luckygames but steem wallet has been down for weeks. My funds are stuck. Please help. Thanks!

You might want to power up your Steem and use bots with your SBD.

Definitely not for the fainted of hearts.

I say the game is rigged to say the least. With a 11% change i busted two times with over 96 rolls of the dice. Several times the rolls whend to 80+ rolls. Never again will i play on your site.

Wow!!! this is real deal looking into it real good

I upvote and follow you please return back

I dont know....

Awesome bro. I wish I was a betting man. Apparently i'm not afraid of the risk in the Forex and cryptos market, but betting I am. What a coward. hahahaha