Punk in Drublic: soundtrack of my late teens

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NOFX is an incredible band that I would like to say is one of a kind but i know for a fact they are not. The main thing that makes them unique (and also punk) is that they don't really give a crap if you like their album or not and for the most part, i am guessing, people didn't. However, I think NOFX is awesome to this day and although it was a long time ago, "Punk in Drublic" was one of the best.


So what is it that makes NOFX special? I would say they were a part of the big Cali movement towards modern punk in the late 80's early 90's that never really went mainstream except for a few songs by RANCID.

Believe it or not Green Day was part of this underground movement but I dunno, maybe they were too good at being punk and became not punk and instead became pop. Well anyway, at some point or another, all of these guys were cut from the same rock, NOFX just happened to stay there.

Punk in Drublic is just an awesome name for an album and the fact that the opening track, Linoleum is just so epic speaks volumes. I can still blast that song today, 20 some odd years later, and jam to it. It is that great. NOFX has the usual not-so-difficult riffs (but you still couldn't come up with them on your own) combined with wonderful harmonies.

I never had the luxury of seeing NOFX live but i would like to believe they are able to re-create their album in person to a reasonable degree. The harmonies for me are a big part of what they do so if they can't do that live, well, I suppose the album "I heard they suck live!" (also by them) might actually be true.

NOFX was in my playlist starting around 1994 and they have been there ever since. I know I am likely older than many of the other people on here but there will come a time when you have bands like that as well, only yours will be called "one direction" or something like that.

I highly suggest, if you appreciate punk or metal or just even something that might be different from what you normally listen to, that you check out this album "Punk in Drublic"

I leave you with "Don't call me White" which is a great song from the album. Sorry, but NOFX is so punkrock / not mainstream / doesn't have enough money to make an actual video

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I've been listening to this album from 1995 until... 2018. Brilliant album! The cover of "A perfect government" was solid af. This album is always relevant for me :D

Lol you had me when you compared it to One Direction of those days. I'll definitely listen to it, hell, I'll force myself to like it if I have to

White Trash is almost as good as Punk in Drublic, a little NOFX and a rebellious/anti establishment streak was all you needed! Rock bands today are missing so much attitude & substance. Thank god for growing up in the 90s!

At a point I was laughing but it dawned on me as a singer that I am that I don’t really need to give a damn about criticism, it’d only help me get better.
You see as a singer , my greatest challenge is what people feels about it what they say about it . But I must say , this is an eye opener

It's the first time i hear about them , really love their song " don't call me white " i feelt something special in their music.

Nofx punk in the late 80's early 90's that never really , wow its amazing,bideo watching and then clear all subject and understand this

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Thank you dear for the update.
The title "don't call me a white" sound so interesting already, I will try and listen to it when I get home, be sure of my feedback....smile

Omg i absolutely love NOFX i have these guys on a loop when im driving on long road trips .

NOFX is about as big as you can be and still have credibility with the punk culture. After 35 years they are still snotty and irreverent. They have had many opportunities to "go corporate" but chose to stay independent. I've watched them go from playing to 25 people in my friends basement in '87 to 20,000+ warp tour shows. I reviewed a play here on steemit a couple months ago that Fat Mike wrote. It's pretty damn good. Anyway,...NOFX, they've been around forever, they write good songs, and are actually really good live.