Crypto Gaming: The Best Projects out there.

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Hello Everyone.

Today I want to talk about some of my favorite Crypto gaming projects out there.


There are a lot of Dapps and Crypto games coming out. But these are in my opinion leaps a bounds ahead of the pack.

My number one most anticipated project out there may not come at any shock, if you have been following me.

Crypto Space Commander:

Crypto Space Commander or CSC is a 2.5d top down real time space game running on the ethereum blockchain.

CSC really brings a lot to the table with game play.

  • A robust crafting system that has many different aspects. From resource gathering, resource refinement, undiscovered recipes, complicated blueprints, and personal crafting skill. Just the crafting system alone gets the hardcore gamer in me very excited.

  • Real time combat I think this is definitely one of the things a lot of the Crypto games out there are lacking. Now not a lot has been shown as in the way of in game combat footage. I expect something like EVE or elite dangerous in combat, as in one commander controlling one ship not like a fleet thing. there will be PVE and PVP combat in CSC.

  • Ship customization, Modules play a big part in how effective your ship can be at certain actions. For example if you want to be heavy into combat you are definitely need some shield and weapon modules equipped in your ship. Want to be a miner then your going to want mining lasers and cargo expansions, and if that is not you thing maybe you want to explore the most dangerous areas in the universe... well for that I would highly recommend cloaking modules. With over 100 different modules the load out combinations feel endless.

  • Player driven economy which is a huge deal in a game like this. Ships will pretty much only be obtainable/buyable from players, as well as pretty much every item in the game.

  • Most importantly the shear openness of the Development team. They are very forthcoming and interactive with the community which is a breath of fresh air when it comes to game developers.

I can not recommend CSC enough.. if you are interested in gaming with a crypto economy you should check it out.

CSC Website


HashRush is a awesome Real Time Strategy game with amazing graphics that is set to coming out in Q3 of 2018. HashRush make their own Token called RushCoin.

In fact the Public Alpha is getting ready to start on July 31, so don't miss you chance to take part. So pop on over and sign up.

Lets talk HashRush gameplay.

  • There are 3 races to choose from. The Ernacks, The Highborn of Eldaria, and Rick's Ravagers. Each race has their own building graphics and racial bonuses. In the alpha only the Ernacks will be playable.

  • Hashrush is mostly a single player game. I hear that some aspects of the game will take into account multiple players. such as the reward pool, but the game is mostly a single player base building/defending game. I see the update on the HashRush website states that PVP is planned for the future. But all and all I believe that each world is its own instance, thus limiting the interaction between players.

  • Crypto intergration comes in two forms in HashRush. First the RushCoin which is traded and usable in the HashRush marketplace and by mining within the game for a percentage of the prize pool. Not a ton of information has been give on the prize pool ect. but it is my current understanding that ETH will be payed out based on performance each cycle.

  • Resource management will be a big factor in the game, resources like all RTS games will be limited. Though I did see some replenish over time so over harvesting and allocating the resources you have will play a big part in the difficulty and game experience you will have playing HashRush.

  • Combat which is a newer feature that I have not tested out yet during the pre-alpha. But has been included in main alpha. We have gotten a preview of two combat units which I am super excited to try out and I currently know of just one enemy "The Fisher", though as described.. there will be more then one enemy and you will want to defend your base against attacks which the Fisher did not do...Implying a more robust and complicated management and unit allocation system then I previously expected, which is very exciting.

Hashrush is a very exciting project, providing a casual gaming experience. but do not be mistaken this is not some idle clicker but a fully fleshed out RTS title.

If you are interested in HashRush or RTS games this is one to want out for.
HashRush Website

Parsec Frontiers:

Parsec Frontiers is a full 3d real time space game running on their own token called Parsec Credits.
This is a beautiful game with a wildly successful ICO going on right now. This is one of the most extensive and ambitious projects I support.

OK lets talk Parsec Frontiers gameplay.

  • Parsec Frontiers is a beautiful science fiction MMO blockchain game. With a immersive story. Parsec will start from Earth, with a persistent game universe meaning it will be a mad dash to explore/expand to other star systems, to acquire resources and colonize planets.

  • A fully player driven economy, mining and refining elements, building advanced starships and defense systems, and/or trading resources at a profit on the planetary exchanges.

  • Parsec has a lot going on. are far as combat, trading, management.... This is in my eyes a more advanced game on par with EVE or Entropia in complexity. Which I personally really enjoy.

  • Parsec and Crypto intergration. Parsec has its own token in which everything will be valued off of. is it my understanding that all most if not everything will be on this chain. The crowd sale is currently happening both for the token and for the first available ships. Though they use KYC (know your customer) meaning that if you are in the USA and want to participate you will have to be an accredited investor (I am not sure of other countries regulations on this matter) , which does make it difficult for me personally to get into this game.. Only because I can not buy into the project right now, with out outside help.

  • The Parsec full release is slated for December 2019 (though they will be releasing in a modular fashion) so there is a bit of a wait for the full game.

This is definitely one to watch with already a huge following and a passionate team... Parsec Frontiers is going to be one of my most anticipated 2019 titles. Don't miss your chance to get into this project early if you can, this one is worth the wait.

If you are interested Parsec Frontiers check out it out for yourself.
Parsec Frontiers Website

Beyond The Void

Beyond the Void is a space theme 1v1 MOBA game with Crypto Assets. The game is currently in early access on Steam.

Beyond the void gameplay

  • But this game is beautiful.. The graphics are great, smooth, and great ship designs.

  • I am not personally a huge fan of the MOBA play style.. but the game itself is very strategic and well thought out. the controls are not hard to grasp and the gameplay is very fulfilling. If you enjoy MOBAs this is the game for you.

  • Beyond the Void and Crypto intergration. Beyond the Void has its own token called Nexium, which they held a ICO for a while back. it was successful and the ingame items such as motherships and the like are attached to the token.

  • Beyond the void incorporates a few different aspects of strategy beyond actual combat and skills, Planets : each player will start with a mother planet and during the game will have the opportunity to gain control of neutral planets that will give the player various bonuses and Events in the game. They appear progressively in the game. They allow players to obtain different kind of bonuses (ressources, buffs etc).

Beyond the void is a very good game that you can play right now. I recommend that anyone that enjoys the genre check it out, it will not disappoint.

If you are interested Beyond the Void check out it out for yourself.
Beyond the Void Website

Well that is it for now. These are my favorite projects, These are real games not collectibles and offer a wide range of gameplay experiences.

Thank you for reading my post everyone. Until next time.

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I think those are some awesome games to look for. I have been hearing about Parsec and Hashrush, but the other 2 are new for me. Thanks for the info!


No problem! love these projects. I am happy that I could show you a couple you didn't know about yet.

Oh awesome! Bookmarked this. I've been so busy I am going to need to come back to this one.

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Great to see Hash Rush make this list. Thanks for the mention, @taaveti!


Hashrush is an amazing project. I am super excited to try the Alpha. The Pre-Alpha was great.

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I have neever heard of these games before. They look interesting. Will have to look into them some more, thanks. Keep up the good work and original content, everyone appreciates it!

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CSC and Parsec both look interesting to me, but wow some of those CSC ships are selling for 10+ ETH! (Unless those sales are in another token and I missed it). Nice post :)


CSC is on the ETH blockchain so yes a few of the unique items were sold above the 10 ETH mark.

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It's too bad that the parsec frontiers ICO failed, it sounded like a good game